1. R

    boiler timer

    we have a combi boiler with a timer that is always on. we then use a wireless thermostat around the house to control when the boiler fires up. if we don't want the heating on, we simply drop the temperature on the thermostat to a point lower than the current room temperature, which ensures the...
  2. T


    Hi About 2 months ago we had a neat fitted and UFH with its own thermostat. The CH did work when it was first installed but with it being summer it was left unused. Now the Nest does not appear to be firing up the boiler. The green dot is on the heat link which means they're connected. The UFH...
  3. C

    What is the best way to heat an individual room?

    I've got a what I think is called a multi zone heating system in my home, one for the main bedroom, and one for the remainder of the house, each with a wired in Honeywell thermostat. I've recently had a little one and will be looking to heat their bedroom at night while the rest of that system...
  4. S

    Should I have room thermostats as well as a weather compensator

    Hi, I have conflicting information from 2 different plumbers/Viessmann itself and not sure what is correct. My system is a Viessmann vitodens 222-f which powers UFH downstairs and rads upstairs. We have no internal thermostats anywhere in the house and just work off of the weather compensator...
  5. bettz1

    Nest 2nd gen thermostat help

    Hi I've been changing our kitchen socket switches to brushed metal ones and on Sunday I changed the fuse switch for the boiler. Turned off the main fuse board took a picture of the wiring and went and changed the socket. Now we've noticed the nest thermostat has gone off at the wall and the...
  6. M

    Help with Nest E Heat Link Wiring

    Morning all I'm walking through moving to a nest e from a neomitis and I was hoping someone could let me know if I've made the right assumptions about the wiring please? On the photos below am I right in thinking I need the brown live as the C wire on the nest and the black as the NO?
  7. 0

    Help with Honeywell DT2 Thermostat install

    I'm replacing my thermostat with a digital one as the old one always overheats the house. The old one has three wires: The new Honeywell has a few options for wiring in the manual: I connected live (brown) to A and 3 (grey) to B, leaving the other two wires unconnected. When doing this...
  8. E

    Wiring Hive V3 on a Y plan system

    I have pumped hot water and CH on a three port valve, a Y plan I believe The wiring seems standard to many Y plan diagrams, where there is no wire to terminal 2 (Heating off) on the controller My guess is I need this wired up for the hive to function fully, but where should it be wired to? The...
  9. M

    Another Nest Themorstat (3rd gen) question

    Hi all, I want to replace my current thermostat (pictures below) with the Nest Thermostat, but wire labels don't match. My boiler is Worcester Greenstar 24i Junior combi boiler, which is on the back of the wall where the thermostat is. Any help is massively appreciated on how to set it...
  10. GoodOne

    Swap thermostat

    Hiya, is this old thermostat could be replace easily with the Drayton wireless system as pictures below .? thanks
  11. M

    Honeywell T3R thermostat keeps increasing the temp.

    Hi, over the last couple of days we’ve come home and found our house at 26 to 27 degrees. But our thermostats are set to factory settings which whilst during the day should be 16 degrees. I’ve looked through the settings and nothings changed and have no idea why the house is randomly heating...
  12. C

    Replace Honeywell Wireless with Nest

    Hello, I've got a quote for a tradesman to do this but I'd like to see how much of a direct swap out it is, as I'm happy to do it if it's as simple as I expect. So I have a Honeywell thermostat and programmer (it's a single wireless unit in the hall) with a control box just next to the boiler...
  13. S

    Danfoss TP5000Si Programmable Room Thermostat

    I was hoping someone can tell me how to change the thermostat so we can programme six events per day instead of four? I have tried installer advanced programming but there isn't an option 40 when I scroll through. I would be very grateful for any ideas. I believe it's an old thermostat from...
  14. H

    Identify a thermostat

    Hello all, I can't identify this thermostat(?) in my new place. Anyone got any ideas?
  15. T

    Advice on replacing Thermostat Controls

    Hi all, we recently move house and the central heating controls need replacing as there is no thermostat and only way to control HW or CH is manually on or off and the the 1-5 dial on the boiler. I bought a Hive Active Heating kit for the system, which is a traditional vented tank system...
  16. S

    Installing Nest Thermostats

    Hi I would like to install 2 nest thermostats to replace the 2 thermostats I currently have in my home. My boiler is an Ideal Logic ES38 and it's controlled by 2 Honeywell CM707 thermostats. One for upstairs and one down. I've watched loads of videos and read tons and seems pretty...
  17. B

    Central Heating always on boiler won’t shut down (Ideal Logic 15)

    Hi, last night our central heating system seems to have developed a problem. Our boiler is an Ideal Logic 15. It appears that the thermostat is working fine (?) but somehow the boiler thinks there is a constant demand to supply heating. For example, thermostat currently at 20c and the flame...
  18. C

    Replacing Wireless Thermostat

    Hi, I currently have a wireless Center thermostat and receiver connected to my boiler, over the past month it keeps switching on and off and resetting itself I have tried to replace the batteries but no luck I have a feeling it was dropped and has damaged it. I would like to replace it with...
  19. P

    Replacing Drayton LP111 with Center BDR91 - HELP!

    I'm looking to replace my fixed boiler control unit with a wireless thermostat (so that i don't manually have to switch boiler on & off). Need some help in understanding how to rewire my existing control unit (Drayton LP111) with the wireless thermostat (Center BDR91). I've added all the images...
  20. W

    Installation of Drayton wiser smart thermostat

    Hello all, Looking for some advice. I currently have a Drayton digistat thermostat and I want to replace it with a Drayton wiser Smart thermostat kit 1 (combi boiler). The current setup is like this: so the black wire is the 230V live and the brown wire is the C-wire. the wiser kit one...