1. C

    Nest 3 / Easicom 28

    Hello, I’ve been going round in circles on this and could really do with some help! I have a Glowworm Easicom 28 Boiler which connects to a Glowworm thermostat in my hall. I would like to instal a Nest 3 to improve efficiency (and because the controls on the thermostat are very clunky). I think...
  2. GamerGypps

    Hive Heating with Logic Combi ESP1 35

    Hi all, I’m looking to replace my current thermostats with Hive. I have ESI ESRTP4+ thermostats in the bedroom and hallway of my flat. With a Logic ESP1 35 combi boiler. When looking at the wiring needed my current thermostats only have 2 wires. NO/ON and COM. Hive obviously needs more...
  3. A

    Unvented cylinder thermostat constantly on\off

    Hi, I have an old unvented cylinder in my flat and I've only ever used\needed the topup heater (top thermostat). I've tried the bottom one which supposedly heats up more water as it's lower, but doesn't seem to. As a comparison the top heater will get the water up to temperature then switch off...
  4. J

    Smart thermostat mts200

    I have a refoss mts200 smart thermostat, ive wired it in and now the voltage keeps dropping every three seconds or so, therfore the thermostat keep coming on and off, ive put my multimeter on the terminals and the voltage is up and down but its steady with the old thermostat connected.
  5. ScottLee07

    Danfoss TP4000 Temperature Limits

    Hi all, I seem to be having issues with my thermostat (temperature limits). basically when im trying to change the temperature it only allows me to go as low as 19c before off and as high as 20.5c this isnt ideal. other wise the heating comes on fine but i would like it hotter and colder than...
  6. Z

    Replacing Drayton digistat scr with smart thermostat

    Hi all, I've looked at quite a few post on this topic, but still unsure and obviously being wiring very cautious. Hope it is ok to post here on this. I have an old digistat scr connected to a baxi boiler 105e or 80e i think. Most likely 105e. It has a mundane switch and the boiler wiring...
  7. GeorgeOC

    Hive to control existing motorized valves

    Hi, I’ve gotten a Hive system, just 1 thermostat/receiver/hub. The house already has 2 timers, 1 for each floor and 2 motorised valves that are controlled by 2 old thermostats(that are not accurate at all). I was wondering, is there a way to wire the receiver in such a way for it to control...
  8. M

    Danfoss FP715 Si >> Drayton Wiser Kit 2

    Hi, I have recently moved into a 3 story terraced house built in 2011. When I moved in, the house utilised a danfoss heating system that I wasnt familiar with. Inside the airing cupboard (which is situated on the top floor) was a danfoss FP715 Si 2 channel programmer for heating and hot water...
  9. RhysM96

    Thermostat change

    I am currently redecorating and the thermostat in my property looks ancient and yellowed. I found a nicer looking one, not too expensive on Amazon and wondered if the current wiring( Black,Brown,Grey and Ground) are compatible and in which way it should be wired. Thanks
  10. K

    Thermostat wiring confusion

    Hi all, I became a home owner in March of this year, and after a manic rest of the year I am just starting to get around to some DIY bits and pieces. One of the things on my to do list is replace the old Honeywell ST9100A unit with something like a Hive or Nest replacement. From what I have...
  11. A

    ESWA Ceiling heating thermostat - replacement - wiring question

    Hi all, house came with this old fancy type of heating and one thermostat stopped working. I had a spare one of these: that simply takes three wires - red, black and yellow/green. But the existing one has 6 wires: a) one...
  12. C

    Replacing old heating thermostat receiver with Honeywell DT92E receiver

    Hi there, We have recently replaced our central heating programmer with a Honeywell ST9400C. We now want to replace our old wireless room thermostat with a compatible one. We've purchased Honeywell DT92E (with receiver and controller). Next to the boiler, underneath the programmer, is an...
  13. HenryGregory

    What wiring are my thermostats using?

    Hi there, I have two thermostats, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. They go back to my Baxi combi boiler. As such, I only need smart thermostats that control the heating as there is no need for hot water control with the boiler being a combi. This is the wiring behind my...
  14. S

    Central Heating Not Kicking in at night

    Hi All, Having a couple of issues with the central heating which I want to clear up before the temperatures drop. I run the CH via a thermostat. It’s set for 18.5 degrees and in the day it runs absolutely fine, if it drops below, the flame symbol comes on on the thermostat and the boiler fires...
  15. Jdonn

    British Gas RC plus / WR1 wireless receiver issue

    Hi, newbie here and looking for some advice. The house I have moved into has a British Gas RC plus thermostat/WR1 receiver as pictured below. The thermostat is linked to the boiler etc and the only issue seems to be the display on the thermostat doesn’t work. Can see a couple of faded black...
  16. M

    Replacing a Drayton CombiStat Thermostat to Meross MTS200B WiFi Thermostat

    Hi, Need a little guidance, trying to replace my analogue Drayton CombiStat to a Meross MTS200B, however I can’t get it to work, fires the boiler up then cuts off and cycles on and off. This is how I’ve wired it; N (neutral) wire to Terminal 1 on MTS200B; L (live) wire to Terminal 2...
  17. W

    Hive wiring Vaillant boiler

    I’ve just wired up a hive thermostat to my Vaillant ecotec plus 824 boiler. The hub, thermostat and receiver are all paired. The receiver clicks on when turning thermostat up or using via app on iPhone but the heating itself isn’t turning on. It’s like it’s not getting the signal from the...
  18. Glitchedduck

    Boiler won’t activate with Nest

    Hi all, Having some issues with Nest or boiler not sure what one is causing the issue. It’s a Biasi advanced 25c boiler with Nest 3rd gen thermostat. Basically been working fine for the 4 years it’s been installed, went to test it out a few weeks ago and it wouldn’t fire up in manual mode but...
  19. A

    No HW OFF Y Plan

    Hi all, I currently have a Y plan heating system that previously had a Hive dual channel system installed. I had Nest installed recently but it has been giving me problems so I wanted to revert back and as the old wiring was there, I thought it might be straight forward. The Hive receiver was...
  20. Sebastian Demian

    Dishwasher Candy CDI 1010 problem

    Hello Everyone, I'm new with all of this, my Candy CDI 1010 dishwasher was not working for some years and I started this week to check on it and find out that my heating element was not working, and the safety pressure switch also was burned, I had replaced them, and started the machine...