1. J

    Danfoss RMT230 or RMT230T room thermostat - technical question

    Hi Everyone, I have a Danfoss thermostat, unfortunately I am not sure of the specific type but I think it might be either an RMT 230 or RMT 230T. Photos attached. A door was heavily slammed several times on the thermostat during a rather crazy playtime. When I realised what was happening I...
  2. M

    Installing Google Nest with Worcester Bosh 30CDi

    I am looking at replacing my basic thermostat with a google Hive. I am competent with wiring, but I cannot see how to get into the wiring terminals on the Worcester Bosh 30CDi combo boiler. Any tips?
  3. K

    Need some help trying to wire a zigbee thermostat to a danfoss wiring center

    I am trying to swap a danfoss icon thermostat that connect to my wiring center to another that has zigbee support. I tried t wire it up but at first it seems to power up although when trying to put LOAD as in starting to heat the wiring center doesn't detect anything and is not opening the...
  4. M

    converting old honeywell controller to wiser controller

    Hi, I'm trying to convert my current heating system to use the wiser thermostat and controller kit 1. Here is my current controller I have the indstry standard backplate underneath which is what I intend on replacing the above with. Here is the diagram The diagram is confusing me...
  5. Hheer

    Salus to Drayton Wiser

    Hi, I have just bought a Drayton Wiser kit 1. I have a Salus and trying to replace with the Drayton Wiser. Please could you help me switch the two over?
  6. lmatt44

    Advice on wiring hive mini single channel

    Hello, I've recently got a hive mini to replace a Siemens RDJ10RF. I'm not the most electrically skilled person, however I thought I'd do my best and see if its possible for me to do. Any help you could provide would be great! I've attached the picture of the Siemens receiver, which looks as...
  7. R

    Moved into first home, wireless thermostat missing

    Hello all, Moved into my first home a few days ago and discovered quickly that the thermostat is missing. We have the ‘receiver’ (connected to boiler) but no adjustable thermostat. I have pictured what is in the house, to turn the boiler on we have to use the override button. Am I right in...
  8. G

    Vaillant VRT370f losing settings

    I have a Vaillant ecotec plus VMW 346/5-5 with a VRT370f thermostat. I had set the thermostat to a low temperature before going on holiday, when I returned the heating was on, date and time in the thermostat were wrong. There had been an interruption in the mains and the thermostat had...
  9. T

    Suspect Pipe-Contact Thermostat

    Hi there Our underfloor heating system has a Tiemme thermostat strapped to the pipes near the manifold which I assume is there as a safety ‘stat. Has been working fine until recently….and now it seems to only allow the heating to come on when I turn it down to the temperature that the pipe is...
  10. B

    What system is this? Combi with extra thermostats?

    Hi all My parents have just moved into a bungalow and the gas combi boiler is in the garage. Any idea why it has an extra stat in there linked to the RF controller and another valve/stat on one of the pipes? I was thinking it’s done form of frost protection/low setting but boilers have this...
  11. newbie2022

    Replacing old Honeywell thermostat with Meross MTS200

    I need some help with figuring out how to wire the new thermostat. The old one has 3 wires (red, blue and yellow) as soon on image "old_wires.jpg" I have attached the wiring diagram of the old thermostat "old_wiring_diagram.jpg" and the wiring diagram of the new thermostat...
  12. G

    Vokera gas boiler possible boiler/controls issue

    Hoping someone familiar with Vokera controls and boilers can help. I have a Vokera Mynute i20 gas boiler and recently noticed that some of the time the room thermostat is calling for heat but the boiler doesn't come on. It doesn't happen all the time just intermittently, any idea what the...
  13. S

    Installing an OpenTherm boiler control / thermostat - Gas Safe?

    My heating engineer is going to install a new combi boiler for me (Ideal Logic 2 Max), which I think he will fit with a standard thermostat / control. This boiler seems to support OpenTherm, and I'm wondering about fitting a smart thermostat and radiator valves at a later date to improve...
  14. W

    Replacement cylinder thermostat

    Our builders have installed a 250L horizontal Everflo cylinder with a thermostat that shuts off the hot water when the cylinder is up to temperature. With the thermostat set to 45 and the boiler flow temp set to 65, the thermostat never switches off, even though the water in the cylinder is over...
  15. R

    Ecofit pure 825 and hive wiring

    Hi I have just switched an old thermostat to hive. I am not sure the old thermostat ever worked. Essentially the boiler is not responding to hive and the heating is constantly on. I have used the same wiring configuration on the old thermostat and havent touched the wiring on the boiler. Do I...
  16. Z

    Thermostat exchange to Timeguard Booster FBT4 (mains eco compact boiler)

    Quick bit of advice i have a mains eco compact combi. Currently how i activate it for the heating is by turning the old thermostat to the temperature i want-not via the actual boiler which seems to be how the boiler functions. Im intending on swapping it to the Timeguard 2 hour booster as...
  17. G

    Beko oven fan blade stops turning after 10 minutes

    Hello everyone Our Beko oven fan started to stop running after a dozen of minutes when the heat is on I tried to see if it was coming from the motor so did the same experiment without turning on the heat and the fan blade does not stop even after 20-30 min Do you think it is just a thermostat...
  18. J

    Honeywell programmer / wireless thermostat problem

    So I've used a wireless thermostat to activate my heating since installation, but it's just stopped working (Blank screen, no new battery's fixed fixed it) The wall mounted programmer screen flash's no signal, like it's searching for the wireless thermostat, I cannot turn the heating on at all...
  19. L

    Vaillant Turbomax Pro 28E - Hot water, No Heating, No Thermostat???

    Hi, I have a Turbomax Pro 28E that is not turning on the heating, I am assuming that this is a wiring is as recently I removed an old thermostat receiver as when we moved into the house there were no controls for it, as such I tried to install a Nest E that I could not get to work. Since then...
  20. LaurelLeaf

    Drayton Digistat+3 to Google Nest E

    ….Solved…. Complete newbie here! I am wanting to change my Drayton Digistat+3 to a Google Nest E. Confused with the wires, can anyone advise or is it incompatible? The boiler is a Logic Combi ES30. Thanks so much in advance!