Leaking Radiator

18 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom

I have a leaking radiator. The leak is from the screw that is tightened/loosened to bleed the radiator. The water doesnt seem to be coming from the same hole as when the radiator is bled, but seems to come from along the actual screw.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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You will have to change it I'm afraid. :(

Turn off the rad valves and then loosen the large nut on the side of the rad valve to empty the rad into a bowl.

Take to your plumbers merchant who will sort you one out.

hang on!

This appears to be the bleed plug that is leaking

no need to empty the radiator
and you do not need to take the old one out until you are ready with the new one

As long as you have turned off the valves tightly at each end of the rad, less than a pint of water should dribble out when you take out the old one. Have a basin and old towel underneath and roll back the carpet if you can. Undo the bleed screw and it should stop squirting if you have done up the valves tightly.

The bleed screw (usually) fits into a metal plug that screws into a hole at the top of the radiator side. You can buy a complete new plug with screw.

Is the old screw set into a square recess, or does the plug have a hex that you could put a spanner on?
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Im not entirely sure how to answer your question. The screw has a square head - I just bleedthe radiator by inserting a screw driver and turning it.

As for getting the screw out, how would I go about this? The screw just turns round and round without ever seeming to come out totally.
John, I have now taken the bolt off the end of the rad (the bleed valve i think) About a pint of water came out.

The bolt has a smooth disc base, rubber coated threads, a metal washer and hexagonal bolt, with the screw inside a plastic mounting.
OK... that sort.

What you are calling a bolt I call a plug. the bleed screw goes into the middle of it, right?

The ones with a square socket are older and need a different wrench. The ones that come off with a spanner, like yours, are quite modern.

You can get a new one at the plumbers merchant or DIY shed. Also buy some PTFE tape to wrap round the threads of the new plug.

Check your others just in case you have any more that are starting to leak.

You can put the old plug back until you have the new one, to reduce the risk of leakage.
Popped into the plumbers merchant today. He gave me two plugs for free, ive fitted one and the rad is working perfectly now.

Thanks for the help.

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