1. P

    Regular Type 20 Radiator supplier

    Can anyone recommend a supplier for Type 20 steel radiators? I've had my property 26 years now, a condensing boiler was installed a few years ago so now I'm thinking it's about time I changed the radiators. I'm not sure how old they are but they weren't new when I got the place. Unfortunately...
  2. T

    Not all radiators working. Running out of ideas

    Hello, I have been scouring the forums for help with my issue. With nothing working I thought I had better post to see what else people can come up with. We moved into a large house in the summer. It was built in 1901 with stone walls. The CH system is likly to have been installed in the late...
  3. M

    Both rad valves look the same

    I have a house full of traditional style radiators but valves on either side are normal valves (not TRv). How do I know which is inlet and which is lockshield? Should I assume the inlet is always the same side as the bleed valve? Thanks in advance..
  4. shingles47

    One-pipe Radiator Connection

    Hello, After living in my 1970s house for 6 years I decided to move one of the radiators in the living room and add a feed out to the conservatory for future connection. I was surprised to find that both radiators have both ends connected to the same pipe (see Fig 1 in the diagram). Never seen...
  5. T

    Cost of relocating radiators

    Hi folks, I'm weighing up the cost of relocating 5 radiators in a 3 bed semi-detached house. Presently, for each room, the radiators are on walls that are either adjacent or opposite to the window. The house does have double-glazing, but even so, conventional placement would have these...
  6. L

    New Valves, inhibitor & balance yet 1 radiator needs constant bleeding..why?

    We have a megaflow cylinder and boiler on the ground floor and have recently had new thermostatic valves fitted on all radiators (apart from the towel rail), radiators balanced, system drained and inhibitor put through. For the first couple of days all was well but we've noticed a bubbling...
  7. A

    Running water sound in CH pipes after radiator valve change

    We have a system/conventional boiler (Viessmann Vitedens 100W) with a feeder tank in the loft. A leaking radiator valve upstairs was changed, which involved draining quite a bit of water from the system. After fitting the valve, the engineer refilled the system and mentioned we may need to...
  8. R

    Balancing/lockshield question

    We're having a kitchen extension and our plumber has fitted 2 x vertical radiators. They don't have any cold spots but they aren't getting hot. After doing a bit of research on here, I think the system needs balancing (as some of our radiators are incredibly hot!) The issue is, none of our old...
  9. S

    2 rads teed off one feed (combi)

    Edit: apologies, think this should be in the plumbing thread, have reposted - mods please delete this
  10. V

    High Pressure - Is there air trapped in the system?

    Hello I have a Worcester condensing boiler and recently changed the towel rail in the bathroom. I filled up the new towel rail and then topped up the boiler a little to return the pressure to normal. However, now when I run the boiler the pressure goes up high to 3 bar. So I bled the...
  11. S

    new boiler and powerflush

    Finally decided to get a new boiler fitted - going for an external combi boiler. Old boiler/pipework was fitted in 2005. Plumber attended today to power flush prior to fitting the boiler tomorrow. He said the water wasn't too bad, a greyish color. He was here for around 90 mins and as far as I...
  12. S

    Help needed with pipework for oil-fired central heating!

    Hi there, we're hoping to install oil-fired central heating in our house but just needing a bit of help/advice with the pipework. We want to open the floors and get the worst of the runs in ourselves as our budget is limited with a baby on the way!! We have the boiler, oil tank and radiators...
  13. S

    Hot water on - Radiators heat up from return leg

    Hi, I think we have had this issue since we moved into our house about 6 years ago. I've adapted how we heat our hot water (set to short periods and times of day) so it hasn't effected us much but after looking into this further I think there is seriously something wrong with our system. Basic...
  14. H

    Ferroli Modena 80E Lots of Hot Water but only Warm Radiators

    Hi folks, Basic set up no timer or external components. No issues whatsoever with hot water which got a new thermistor from me recently due to its having failed. Previous owner had boiler regularly serviced and seems otherwise in good shape. Switch on boiler at mains for heat, burner runs for...
  15. D

    What bolts/screws for hanging a column rad

    Hi All, Just been going round in circles with Screwfix. We bought a column radiator from them, but it didn't come with the screws and wall plugs. They are telling me they can't advise on what size the bolts/screws should be because of insurance and we need to consult an expert (slightly...
  16. O

    Double Trouble Radiators

    Hello, I’m after some advice. I swapped 5 radiators in our home, 3 upstairs to new single panel ones and 2 downstairs to double panel ones. The rads upstairs and downstairs get very hot except the 2 new double panel rads. The flow pipe gets very hot but the return pipes are just cold. The...
  17. A

    Radiator Sizing

    How accurate are the online guides for sizing a radiator and are there any which are more accurate. I've moved into an ex-rental house which has a relatively new Main boiler but the rads are older than God and take up so much wall space, I want to replace them with new more efficient radiators...
  18. Gman13

    Moving radiator pipes without soldering

    Hi, just a quick question from me today. I don't have the tools or the know-how to solder and I don't have the tools to bend copper I want to change a couple of radiators which means shorter pipes than what is currently there for the current radiators. Al the pipework is surface mounted and...
  19. J

    Speedfit BPEX or Speedfit Polybutylene

    Hello all, I plan to move my radiator to the other side of the room and existing piping is in speedfit under the floor. When looking to buy additional pipe I am presented with two options. Which one would the better choice and why? The Polybutylene is the layflat version is that easier to...
  20. P

    Close off all radiators

    I had a quick look at the FAQ but could not see anything related to this. I have not used the central heating in my house for about three years. The immersion heater provides hot water and that is it. The boiler is switched off, the pump that services the radiators is switched off and the...