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    Radiator valves leak when turned on

    Hi all, I've just moved in to a rented 3 storey house which has 12 radiators run from a Baxi 80e combi boiler. When we moved in the plumber said that the boiler or the pump wasn't good enough to heat all 12 radiators so we decided to turn off all the radiators apart from those on the ground...
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    3 new radiators installation quote

    Hello plumbers Can someone let me know if a quote i have received is reasonable, i am located in the West of Scotland. I am wanting to replace 3 radiators in my house, 2 large old single ones and a small double from 80/s early 90s. Having them replaced with Kudox 22 doubles. New radiators...
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    Why does Combi boiler delay heat delivery to radiators but not to hot water taps?

    Hi I have a Grant Vortex Pro 36 Electronic Condensing Combi Oil Boiler (PDF Manual is here). For the taps the hot water delivery is immediate and as soon as the hot water tap comes on. It's hot as soon as the length of pipe is flushed out. Radiators are sometimes almost instantly hot, as soon...
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    Leaking TRV - HELP!

    Hi I was hoping for some help and advice. I recently undertook a decorating project in my two bedrooms upstairs. I removed the radiator in each room, closing the TRVs to isolate them both. All was going fine until about a week later (with the radiators still removed) one of the TRVs had started...