1. W

    radiator swap but unsure of trv and lockshield sizes

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction please. Struggling a bit financially at the moment and that's why I'm trying to do this myself, I have no experience of plumbing but mechanically minded, sorry for silly questions. I had it in my mind how to carry this out but I saw...
  2. danstine13

    Drayton Wiser smart trv's causing exit pipes on radiators to make noise

    Hi all, recently replaced all of our normal trvs to smart trvs, except one radiator to allow it to always flow if the others shut off. I am experiencing an issue on all radiators when one of the TRVs hits temp and closes the valve, there is a tapping noise on the exit pipe of that specific...
  3. P

    How to fit Drayton Wiser smart TRVs on to old radiator valves?

    I moved into a new house and bought a Wiser Hub & smart TRVs, having use them before. I had the hub connected to the boiler but when I tried to fit the TRVs they don't fit to the existing valves- the metal ring nut is a mm or two too big. I contacted Wiser with photos who said they didn't know...
  4. M

    vaillant System boiler in s plan, sensocomfort vrc720f with ambisense TRV

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone had any experience with vaillant System boiler in s plan, sensocomfort vrc720f with ambisense TRVs as i was using an old WB combi boiler with Tado at my house but my builder said he wont be able to make tado work with the viesmann 100 in s plan so I am really looking...
  5. S

    Radiator TRV

    Hi Radiator in utility is missing part of the TRV, the radiator used to get hot but no longer does-I can remember one being on there so it might of got damaged when we had our boiler and system changed to a combi, perhaps plumber locked off lock shield valve and then as turning TRV it broke off...
  6. R

    Replacing lockshield on bathroom heat leak radiator

    Hi all, I need to replace a 3/4" union valve lockshield with a 1/2" on a bathroom heat leak radiator. Usually I bung the header tank, release pressure, and quickly swap the valves over. However, as its an old school heat leak setup I'm unsure if I need to adopt a different approach due to the...
  7. pud74

    Hive TRV leaks when unscrewing

    Hive TRV leaks when unscrewing Hi this is the issue, I can't take the M30 attachment off without water leaking, when I try to unscrew it the black valve inside also turns and water starts leaking out. I managed to get the adapter off using a dremel to carefully cut it off, and this is...
  8. pappoo

    Trv's not working

    Hi all, I just moved into my home and realised that none of the TRVs in the home are working. I turn the valve but the temp isn't adjusting nor will the radiator turn off. I have a hive thermostat which is working fine. The rads do turn based on the timer. But the individual TRVs don't work...
  9. S

    TRV Identification

    Hi all, One of my TRV heads has broken and I only want to replace the head and not the valve. After a quick google I think I will need to use the exact same head to ensure the calibration is correct. It is a Boss with no part number on it and it is quite old so I am hoping that someone can...
  10. B

    Potential problem adding TRVs ?

    Hi... I am currently getting quotes to have my boiler replaced and have been informed that adding TRV's is now mandatory when replacing a boiler, but the engineer seemed to think he might have problems installing them because of how the radiators are fitted (pipes coming out of wall at an angle...
  11. W

    TRV valve Help

    Hi I live in a rental and only two of my radiators have TRV heads. There are valves with no heads I am hoping someone will recognise what they are and I can just buy a head and not a whole new valve If anyone can help that would be amazing
  12. C

    Compatible TRV heads for ancient British Gas/Celsia TRVs

    Hello, I’m wondering if you clever people can help me track down some compatible TRV heads. I now have three that don’t work. The valves and pins work fine so I was optimistically hoping to be able to just replace the heads. They have British Gas or Celsia branding written on the top and I...
  13. R

    noob question about how water flows through a rad!

    i've recently balanced my system and learned a bit about inlet/outlet flow, TRVs and lockshields, but something is still bugging me. assuming a system is well balanced, and you're using the TRVs on a towel rail, if you set the TRV to 1 (therefore limiting flow) does this mean that the top rung...
  14. S

    Can I turn down the central heating temperature on combi boiler if I have TRVs?

    Hi, I've got a combi boiler. I was thinking of turning down the temperature of the heating on the boiler (i.e. on the boiler itself not the temperature on the thermostat). Reading up on this it sounds like setting this as low as possible is the best option in terms of reducing gas usage - to try...
  15. F

    Looking for advice on setting up bypass radiators

    I was wondering what an efficient way of setting up bypass radiators is? I have 9 rads in total, including 2 bathroom towel radiators - the non-bathroom ones are all fitted with a Tado SRV. My boiler (Vitodens 100-W B1KF) will provide a min output of 3.2kw when heating. So I'm assuming a bypass...
  16. eveares

    Hive Thermostatic Radiator Valve Won't manually change!?

    I have a problem with one of my new Hive Heating thermostatic radiator valves that I got last month, it has stopped responding to manual temperature changes via the valve it's self, but the valve still wakes up when you go to manually adjust it as shown in the video. Have I accidentally enabled...
  17. eveares

    Can you group Hive TRV's together where there is more than one radiator in a room?

    Hi all, for a long time I have just had three Hive TRV's. One in my bedroom, one in my bathroom and one in the spare bedroom. I have just installed 6 more Hive TRV's for the remaining radiators in the house (except the main bathroom rad what intentionally does not have a TRV) and wanted to know...
  18. R

    Boss TRV replace to Smart TRV zigbee generic brand

    Hi Everyone, I wondered if anyone might be able to help or throw some light on this. I thought this was going to be a really simple project, replace my existing TRV heads for a smart home TRV one - looks simple enough, unscrew and then screw on the new, they even supply mutlple adaptors to...
  19. R

    What make of TRV valve

    Hi, could anyone tell me what make of trv valve this is from the photos? The threaded area is 28mm. Thanks
  20. C

    Balancing a system with lock shield on outlet

    I need some help, having real difficulty balancing my radiators. Got modern slim rads upstairs, columns downstairs. Downstairs the rads are all on the right way. Upstairs, TRVs and lock shields are mostly on the wrong way. I understand they are bidirectional, but when trying to balance the...