1. A

    Aqualisa Quartz Shower - Red Flashing Light

    We have been away and come back to find our shower isn't working We have cleaned the filters and reset the electric power to the shower BUT the control button is flashing red and doesnt go off We have tried leaving it switched off for several days then switching it back on but still the red...
  2. Rp88

    Can I fit a pump to Aqualisa Visage?

    Hi there, any help appreciated! We've bought a Aqualisa Visage shower to replace our old one, however, have realised it's one without a pump! Can we just buy a shower pump and attach separately, and if so, does it need to go before or after the digital unit? We have a cylinder boiler in an...
  3. J

    Aqualisa Cartridge 022801 Repair/Service

    I have had three Aqualisa showers in our house for many years and have found that there is a lack of information/advice on servicing the cartridge part number 022801 and the other similar cartridges. However, having tackled several cartridges my experience is documented below. There are three...
  4. R

    Deck Mounted Thermostatic Shower/Bath Mixer Questions

    Hi I have a couple of questions that I’d appreciate some advice on. 1) My Mira Sprint electric shower has packed up yet again. Rather than replace it a 4th time I’m considering swapping out the bath mixer tap for a deck mounted thermostatic mixer unit. The Aqualisa Midas 100 & 200 seem to be...
  5. W

    Running Two Aqualisa Showers Simultaneously

    Hi, I have purchased two Aqualisa Quartz Gravity Pumped showers (older version). Links: Aqualisa Screwfix...
  6. G

    Aqualisa shower - Model name?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for model of this Aqualisa shower model (pics attached). Based on search I think this is Aqualisa colt concealed shower. It is leaking continuously in main vent and dripping water from the open close knob as well. The shiwer is fed from Combi boiler. I presume...
  7. C

    Help retrofitting new thermostatic shower

    Hi there. I’m looking to replace our existing Aqualisa Colt shower with a new shower from IKEA. I thought it was going to be a simple replacement job but I’ve discovered they’re fitted in different ways. Our existing shower fits on with its own bracket and plastic ends just slip directly on to...
  8. B

    Aqualisa Quartz 9.5 sounds like a kettle!

    Hi. Had a bit of trouble with this shower where the water was either red hot or freezing col, now when I turn it on it makes the sound of a kettle boiling, splutters a bit but doesn't actually have any proper water flow after that. Any ideas greatfully appreciated!!
  9. L

    Shower gradually loses flow while other outlets unaffected

    We have a unvented system that was installed about 18 months ago. Everything works fine except for the shower - it has always been weaker than I had wanted, and has got worse in the last year or so. The main problem is that the shower flow rate slows to a dribble over the course of 10 minutes...
  10. P

    Help - No hot water to shower

    Hi Can anyone help. Lived here for 7 years, hot water pressure all over the house has always been fine but to the shower in the ensuite it's always been low (cold pressure is fine). Last couple of days the shower has only run cold, have took the shower off the wall (aqualisa aquarium mixer)...
  11. M

    Bathroom installer cock up? Shower pump plumbed into mains

    Hi all, We had a new bathroom fitted about 6 months ago. The company who did the work sent a bathroom fitter who had spent most of his life living and working in the Netherlands. He was a brilliant tiler and meticulous in his work (the job took 4 weeks instead of the quoted 2 weeks!) but we...
  12. pollyerrington

    Aqualisa Quartz Digital shower - no hot water

    Hi, I've had no shower for 2 weeks now... Aqualisa can't come out for another week, so I'm hoping someone here can help me fix it myself! The shower came on as usual, but wouldn't get hot (a tiny bit warm) then it just cut off. But the power light on the control was still red. I've tried...
  13. H

    Emergency - Aqualisa shower not turning off

    Hi After using our shower, the on/off control on our has stopped working. The water is still flowing, even when it’s turned fully off. I’ve had to turn off the water supply at at the stop cock for the shower in order to stop the flow. I’ve read that they have an O ring at the back. I think...