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    What gap to allow between Aquapanel boards, for joint adhesive?

    What gap should I allow when cutting the boards, given that adhesive is being used instead of scrim etc. I gather the adhesive expands? Is this right? Or do I just butt them up tight after glueing, and get the screws in rapid?
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    Which face of Aquapanel Interior boards faces out (takes the tiles) ?

    One side is rough, the other is smooth, with the brand name, batch No. printed on. I've put up stud to enclose a new bath on 3 sides, time to put the Knauf boards on. The obvs is that the rough face will grip the cls better. So which face takes the tiles?
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    Sitting stud tilebacker & bath on same horiz CLS

    Talking to a general builder doing some dry lining in my place, says he mostly does bathrooms these days, because "everything has dropped and needs reworking". Is tilebackers/bath sat on the same horiz CLS/batten a good solution?
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    Why does 1800 bath actually measure 1790

    Is it to allow fitting in an 1800 recess/alcove with 5mm tolerance at each end? I'm putting a bath alcove together (stud/Aquapanel) and was wondering anyway, what gap to set at the ends between bath & Aquapanels (panels to drop 10mm below rim). The bath showed up 10mm shorter than expected...
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    Glue tile backers to stud?

    To help prevent panels dropping later, I was thinking of glueing aquapanels to the stud (additional to screwing & edge glueing panels with proprietary glue). Any thoughts? Panels to be supported on horiz. rail anyway, so just run some Gorilla up the stud before fixing them?
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    Does bath rim go underneath tilebacker/Aquapanel?

    Does aquapanel go above the bath with the bath rim slid underneath it, or does it extend below the rim with the bath pushed up to it (plus sealant)? Asking because existing bath rim is 45mm wide but new bath side rim is 90mm wide, which seems a lot. Thank you.
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    Batten or grout internal masonry wall to take Aquapanel?

    I was going to grout 6mm Aquapanels to a single leaf rendered breeze wall behind a new bath, I really don't have much space (not enough for CLS) but I might just squeeze some planed in if preferred. Thank you.
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    Bathroom project questions

    Hello, I'm going to completely gut the bathroom we have downstairs, it's damp and rotten and I want to go back to scratch in the room to know it's all been done right. The bathroom is downstairs and built into a timber framed extension the previous owner put in. As is, I am planning on...
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    Ditra over Aquapanel in wetroom??

    Lots of forums on this stuff but not the exact question. I have 3 wetrooms, 2 on ply and 1 on concrete. The plan was to sink a section for the shower area 1500 x 900 and envelope tiles into it but need to waterproof the rest of the room. The tiler has quoted to use Ditra mat with a section of...
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    Aquapanel in shower enclosures

    Im building a three sided timber stud wall to create a shower enclosure and using aquapanel cement board over the studs. Theres a lot of conflicting advice online re whether to install a vapour control barrier behind the aquapanel or tank the surface before tiling (or both!) to ensure its...
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    Painting aquapanel

    hi, I am installing aquapanel along a wall in my bathroom where two thirds of the wall will be a shower area and tiled and the other third will be painted with a towel rad. Can you paint directly onto aquapanel? Do you have to prime it or anything first? What is the best way to disguise the...
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    Can you overboard with Aquapanel

    Hi, I am currently renovating my bathroom and will be having tiles on two of the walls, where a shower will sit in the corner and a bath along the same wall. The shower is going where the door currently is. We are planning on using 30x60x10mm porcelain tiles. Currently one of the walls is...
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    Stud wall with 'aquapanel'

    Hi, Rennovating a bathroom and I will be fitting an electric shower...etc on the one side wall. Will have to get 15mm copper piped water supply and 45amp ...10mm electric cable power supply, to the unit, which my local registered electrician + plumber will do. So - i am wanting to ceate a very...