1. H

    ASHP and "Normal" Hot Water Cylinder

    Hi All, I'm currently pulling the components together for new heating and DHW plant in my property. I'm proposing a Bivalent system for various reason, Gas boiler and ASHP combo. My question is on the DHW generation. I currently have a PHX and DHW cylinder (no coil) to get the most from the...
  2. hellopaul2

    Reliability of online demand / kVA calculator

    Hello, I'm in the process of getting a new electrical supply from UK Power Networks for my 4-bed, ~200sq.m barn conversion (not started yet!) and they're asking for a kVA rating. I'm planning to use an air source heat pump (maybe 12kW - 16kW output) and probably also one car charging point...
  3. T

    Have I killed my 'boiler'? Help please.

    I have air source heat pump (ashp) system, model Yutaki S . Recently I replaced the wired thermostat (a relay one) with a Tado wired thermostat. I turned the ashp system off at the kill switch. Swappef the thermostat, and it wouldn't turn back on. I have check the switch board and the circuit...
  4. A

    ASHP buffer tank options

    Hi, I'm about to order a 12kw Air Source Heat Pump for my new home. For various reasons, I already have an electric boiler and a 2000 litre Akvatherm heat bank. On approaching a Daikin installer, they said I need a mains pressure buffer tank, otherwise Daikin won't support the warranty. I...
  5. Chris Vaughan

    Glow Worm Systempro Fault 36

    Hi, my son has an air source heat pump (Vaillant will attend for £300!), connected to a Glow Worm SystemPro. A Fault is showing on the SystemPro - Code 36: Communication with the outdoor sensor is out. Any ideas out there please? Replace sensor??? They are low waged and we are hopeful to avoid...