bath fitting

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    Impact on water pressure with a shower head/Tap combo

    Hello, Does anyone have any info or advice on if/how much of an effect having one of the bath tap set ups that comes with a built in shower head attachment will have on the overall pressure? I have previously been advised that my current boiler might struggle with pressure and maintaining heat...
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    Extra support for steel bath?

    Just had a new steel bath installed but despite the description saying it is the same thickness as the old one it seems to flex a tiny bit when I stand in it. I'm wondering if I should find a way to add a bit of support in the middle, but the plumbing under it is somewhat complicated. I swapped...
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    Tips for fitting a bath that is flush on 3 sides

    Hello. My tiny ex council bathroom came with a walk in shower unit but no bath. the previous owner was elderly and I assume the bath was swapped out for ease of access. ive managed to get hold of a bath of exact proportions as my bathroom that will fit wall to wall against one wall in place of...
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    35mm Copper Waste for Bath - Connection Help/Advice?

    I am in the middle of fitting a new bathroom. The current waste pipe for the bath is 35mm copper, which I know is below the minimum requirement of 40mm for building requirements. The house is really old and was built in the 60’s and hasn’t been touched since so the current system has worked up...
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    Bath dropping when filled

    Evening all! When we fill our bath and get in, it drops by at least half a CM. The silicone has consequently been damaged, and while it needs replacing, I am concerned it is just going to keep happening and where it keeps coming away I worry water from the shower will get behind the bath...
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    Bath and Thermalite Render

    Hi I have a wall built out of theramlite against which a bathtub will be placed. The plumber has fixed the bath in-place and siliconed the edge of the bath to the Thermalite Blocks. Will this be OK? The wall will be rendered with hardwall and then tiled but I'm not sure if that should have...