bathroom extractor fan.

  1. ukmercenary

    Problem with Bathroom Extractor Fan

    So about 2 years ago I paid an electrician to install a new fan. I am a landlord and he installed it whilst I wasn't there. The fan was a Airflow iCon 15S - SELV and the sparky fitted a transformed. outside the bathroom. The problem was that the fan was permanently on and I never got around to...
  2. C

    Replacing airbrick with extractor fan

    Hi all, New to this site but have a question .... We had our separate toilet and bathroom which have been knocked into one and therefore have two airbricks and two windows (with openings), I'm looking at installing an extractor fan Option a) is to replace one of the air bricks with an...
  3. A

    PIR for Bathroom extractor fan

    I'm wanting to fit a manrose mf100s extractor fan in a new bathroom but have it activate from a occupancy sensor. I know that manrose make one but at £100 it's a bit too expensive. Would something like this work instead 360° Ceiling Flush Mount PIR Occupancy Switch?
  4. S

    Bathroom extractor

    Hi all looking for some advice. We have a bathroom fan wall mounted and recently extended out bathroom. I upgraded the fan to cope with bigger room but my problem is where the room is extended in the centre where the support beam is is slightly lower than ceilings either side and where the...
  5. Y

    Bathroom extractor fan not working

    Hey all. I installed a new light switch for the bathroom but after a few days noticed the extractor fan wasn't working. I had noted all the wires etc and took pics but deleted it all afterwards as I thought everything was working fine. Yep. I didn' check the extractor fan. I had an electrician...