Bathroom extractor fan not working

1 May 2018
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United Kingdom
Hey all.
I installed a new light switch for the bathroom but after a few days noticed the extractor fan wasn't working. I had noted all the wires etc and took pics but deleted it all afterwards as I thought everything was working fine. Yep. I didn' check the extractor fan. I had an electrician out today. He tried a few different ways to wire it and concluded the fan was broken, wasn't my fault and just a coincidence.
I purchased a new fan and wired it up as it was on the diagram. Pretty easy cos all wires were marked.
It' still not working. Anyone got any thoughts on what can be wrong and how I can fix this with the limited knowledge I have which isn't much.
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He wasn't much of an electrician then!

Post pictures of the switch wiring before and after you messed with it. We MAY be able to assist.

Otherwise you are going to need a two pole voltage tester (and learn how to use it) or
get a proper electrician
Yeah i dont rate him after thus morning. He was out to repair a storage heater which worked every now abd then and then just stopped working altogether. He tightened a couple of screws then asked me to send him text in the morning if it worked. I messaged him about fitting a new fan which still didn' work but funnily enough there was no reply.
I recall when I fitted the new switch for the bathroom lights and fan that the new one didn' have the same slots as the old. There wasn' any ports for the neutral. I kinda slotted them in the similar space the others went. Yep. Total budge job.
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If I take out the neutral and right hand side yellow, I believe thats the live switch then nothing happens and lights still work the same.
I don't know why but that switch wiring doesn't look right to me and its just done badly, too much copper exposed and too many reds stuffed in that one terminal! It looks like you have two switches there, what do they each control? Also can you take a picture from the front so we can see the cables coming into the box? If you can identify which ones goes where (feed in, fan, lights etc.) even better!
I can' identify one from the other to be honest. And those wires stuffed in to that one port were the same as what I had taken out as I kept all wires joined.
The neutral blue wire was if I remember right the one I didn' know where it went as the old switch had a different marking for that one.
The wires are really tight in the box and more confusing than the pic above.
If the blue is connected to the switch then it's NOT a neutral.

The ones in the terminal block are neutrals.

Neutral is the name of the conductor in ac which completes the circuit from the load back to the supply.
It is not a name for any blue (or black) wire.
Wires can be anything we want them to be. They do not know what colour they are.
It' a double switch just outside the bathroom. There is another switch at the other end of the hall which also controls the lights but this is just a single switch. The right had side switch on the one with the issue controls the bathroom lights and used to also turn the fan on. It doesn't any more.
So could this blue be connected to the ports with the red wire ?
On the fan inside the bathroom, there is a blue wire connected to the neutral port which is why I assumed this was a neutral wire.
Is it possible that that blue wire has come out of the terminal block?

I'm just asking. Don't go putting it in the terminal block.
What is the terminal block ? Im not an electrician so terminology is beyond me and would that be the case if all the lights in the bathroom and hall are working fine ?
Youll see from the photo above that theres a small plastic connector with a blue wire in it. I tried the blue wire to the switch in there but again, nothing happened.
I also disconnected the yellow wire to the right and again, all lights in the hall and bathroom worked fine.
Is it possible the blue wire to the switch is in the wrong place? If I wired it like this then it' because that blue wire was in a port by itself in the first place.

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