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    padstone less than 150mm for over 3m lintel

    As you can see the pad stone bearing (in yellow box) for lintel is 115mm instead of the minimal 150mm required. However, this is structural engineer's calculation, building inspector is happy with it. So maybe the rule isn't quite "150mm" length of the bearing but the actual area, maybe 15,000...
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    Nissan Micra Wheel Bearing Dust Cap

    Hi Forum, The hub cap on the front near side wheel has come off whilst I was driving. I have noticed that the Wheel Bearing Dust Cap is also missing. I have looked on the web to find one. I can find one to fit other cars on Ebay (a Peugeot 206 etc..). Does anybody have any suggestions as to...
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    Rsj bearing help???

    Recently had an rsj installed as dinning wall has been removed. Rsj sits on internal skin on a pass time, but only has 80mm bearing on each side? Will this be okay?? Thanks in advance
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    Drum bearings wearing out on 6yo washing machine?

    Hi - I've got a feeling the drum bearings are wearing out on a 6-year-old Indesit washing machine as it makes a loud rattling noise on spin cycle. Before I look into replacing them, just wondered anyone in the know thought the noise could be something else? (see video clip). There's no obvious...
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    Ecoflam Minor 4 electric motor bearing replacement

    Hi - happy 2019 & I know this boiler (Iona 90) is old - but so am I! Problem Ecoflam Minor 4 electric motor -Simil - bearing on fan side - noisy. From posts by @oilman - "The bearings are 6206-2RS and 6206-2Z" No disrespect intended, posts were from 10 years ago, but is this still accurate...
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    Dispute between SE and Builder

    Hi all, We have had an extension done and have recently knocked through and put in a large steel. The builder (and project manager) has put the steel on a padstone and the padstone is suspended across the two leaves of the cavity wall. The cavity wall that it is sat on used to have a closed...
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    LG washing machine bearing removal

    Hi, I'm changing the bearings on my machine as the inner bearing had collapsed. I'm having trouble getting the old ones out. I'm left with the outer race of the larger inner bearing, and the whole of the smaller outer bearing. I've been hammering away at the outer one through from the inside...