beko dishwasher

  1. D

    Beko DS1265APW Dishwasher

    Washer is tripping the RCD on the board . problem stops when the dishwasher is isolated. On opening up there is some dampness and crystalisation on a small clear plastic insert in the bottom of the pump. There is a small board with 3 wires pushed into it.# I s this the salt sensor...
  2. rIchthespoof

    Beko DW686 Dishwasher overfilling

    Beko DW686 Dishwasher Our Dishwasher didn't drain so I took of the lower panel and saw a blocked pipe from the sump. I cleared the block and the dishwasher worked again for 2 or 3 washes. It then got stuck on drain again. I took the lower panel off and it had some water in it causing the...
  3. A

    Beko dishwasher Di1254ap filling and emptying but not starting a cycle

    Hi, gave up on this before lockdown and work been so busy since March this is the first time able to look at again. The dishwasher starts by emptying any water inside (if there is any) then proceeds to fill up (vibrating motor sound heard). Then there is a heating noise like a coffee machine...
  4. S

    BEKO DIN1530 Dishwasher not turning on

    Hi all, I have a BEKO DIN1530 integrated dishwasher that wont turn on. Power to the machine is okay. I turn the switch on and the dishwasher beeps once, lights up and then turns off and wont turn back on again. Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. R

    BEKO DW603 dishwasher - continuous humming noise (cycle doesn't end)

    Sorry - seems to be a lot of similar posts but not a lot of detail provided. Beko dw603 diswasher - 3.5 years old and ran fine until yesterday. Ran usual cycle but noted unusual/continuous sound of (drain) pump. Switched off and inspected. Dishes were mostly clean but water found in sump...
  6. G

    Beko DW603 Won't fill with water - obvious culprits ruled out

    Hi fellow DIY-ers, I have a Beko DW603 that is acting up. The machine drains perfectly well but the cycle never starts. The drain just keeps running. I have replaced the water inlet valve I have replaced the main control board I have tested the anti-flood device for continuity in the tray...
  7. P

    Replacing Beko Dishwasher Hose. How the heck... ?

    Can anyone please help a damsel in distress (not to mention bad temper!). By "help" I pretty much mean please can you explain in idiot terms, in words of two syllables or less and with diagrams. I have a Beko DSFN 1530B dishwasher which has a leaking drain hose. Thinking I was clever I ordered...
  8. A

    beko dishwasher

    Hi everyone I have a beko dishwasher model number : DSFS 1531S The problem is it won't run a cycle it fills up then won't run any cycle? Any ideas?