black and decker

  1. S

    Black & Decker 14.4v Drill/Driver

    I have a KC14XC Drill/Driver that has done stirling service for many years. However, it had been relegated to the 2nd division by a later acquisition and eventually the battery died. B&D discontinued them years ago but I bought a Vintsky clone NiMh 3.0Ahr that seems to be fine Since I have only...
  2. D

    Black & Decker BD155 drill

    I was given a very solid B&D BD155RT electronic hammer drill. It only worked intermittently, for a rotation or two at most, and does not even do that now. Have cleaned commutator and replaced brushes to no avail. All visible wiring and mechanicals look in good shape and the trigger switch seems...
  3. M

    Black & decker gs1600 garden shredder

    I’ve had to replace the blades on the shredder, but also I need new bolts to attach the blades. All the site I’ve visited show the screw/bolt required, but as it’s discontinued there’s no info on the size. Is anyone familiar with this shredder and do you know the screw size. Thanks in advance
  4. eveares

    Unusual Electrical Stuff

    First, a old plug that I got with a Nikon Labophot 2A microscope. As seen from the picture below, the pins on it are stamped/pressed! Has anyone seen this before, and did it comply with BS1363 when it was made? The plug is a two part sealed and non serviceable hard plastic plug. (Yes I cleaned...