1. P

    Generator to supply domestic boiler

    I have a 2kw sine wave generator and I want to get the gas boiler working during a power cut. I plan to replace the fused spur for the boiler with a standard socket and fit a three pin plug to the boiler (with 3A fuse), during a power cut I can unplug the boiler from the mains and via an...
  2. R

    Worcester Bosch bolier low pressure

    I have a 7 year old Worcester Bosch boiler (not combi). I have recently bleed radiator which has meant a loss of pressure meaning that the hot water now won't heat up. I looked up various YouTube videos and mine doesn't have the have the same filling mechanism as all of the videos watched. Some...
  3. G

    WIFI room thermostat – have I done the cable bit correct?

    Good afternoon. I’m after some confirmation. Just changed over from an old rotating Honeywell room thermostat to a new WIFI digital one. It’s connected to my Potterton gas boiler via the switch unit underneath. (see pics). I’m aware that I have to leave the ‘CH’ slider to constant ‘ON’ to...
  4. Anstiss Ltd

    Boiler for joule horizontal cylinder

    Looking at fitting the joule 200L horizontal cylinder in the house Refurb I'm doing. I have a bungalow that will be three bed, main bath and shower room. The tank is going in the eaves hence being horizontal. The joule offers the best size for this and has the fittings in the right place as...