1. Sunjat

    Boss/Soil rubber grommets kit?

    Hello all forum members, I've taken bathroom panel this morning and discovered water stain/patch under short boss connector and the bath waste. I've taken it out in order to try and sit it properly and discovered that inbuilt rubber ring has hardened, so it's leaking water. It's one of those...
  2. Michael Cosgrove

    Removing bricks from an external wall

    Please find image 1 below of a vertical soil pipe (aka stack), a rainwater downpipe, 2 boss connectors and their connecting waste pipes. Please also find on this image arrows pointing to the bricks would like to remove. The issue is that boss connector 1's connection to the stack is leaking...
  3. cwhaley

    40mm to 68mm Pipe Connection?

    Appreciate I've posted a few topics recently, but the help I've had while I've been working on my extension has been really very helpful. This time I'm trying to get my head around the best way to connect the rainwater downpipe and the washing machine waste pipe together (68mm and 40mm...
  4. A

    Boss BR1 to Hive Active Heating wiring

    Hi all, Just get someone to double check my research into the wiring as planning to move to Hive (single channel). I have a Worcester 28i junior boiler with BR1) receiver (wall mounted - picture 1&2) & remote thermostat (BPS242RF) which is not working hence the heating system but still have...
  5. D

    Soil pipe boss connector strap seal and replacement

    Hi all! Got my dad down this weekend to help me sort out a leaking boss strap, and potentially make another one redundant. The bottom one used to be used for the washing machine waste, but a new layout will mean that I either put a sharp corner straight out of the connector, or I connect it to...
  6. Daniel Catterwell

    Boss wireless thermostat

    Hi we’ve had a new wireless thermostat fitted to our combi boiler. we have it on manual temp mode and most of the day it appears to keep it within 2 or 3c of what we set. Not great but will do however in the evenings we will have it set to say 20c but the boiler just keeps firing the heating...