1. ohmagain

    What the heck is this all about?

    Found these four units (3 are live). My guess that they may be voltage regulator or some kind of supply regulation!
  2. N

    Boxing in a Catnic box lintel

    Hi all, I have recently completed a doorway widening project with a Catnic box lintel: It has lots of pre-drilled 5mm holes, presumably for fixing stuff to: What is the best way to attach plasterboard/fireboard to box it in? Should I use fixings? What fixings should I use? They would...
  3. D

    Is there a white plastic switched 3 gang that will go straight on the old 4 gang back box?

    Converted car port to domestic use, it had a single light, switched at a 4 gang just inside previous front door. This new room has a new supply arrangement, and new light switch inside the room, the previous switched supply is obsolete. I'd like a 3 gang 2 way switch to replace the old 4 gang...
  4. J

    How to install and box out a beam under extension roof. (1)

    I`m going to remove an internal partition between my extension and need to stick a 152x89 beam to help support the flat joist roof. Engineers confirmed that 152x89 is more than enough. Do I need some sort of spreading plate or grout? How do I install it? when the beam is in place how I will...
  5. D

    Will wood primer cause surface delamination in ply pipe boxing?

    5.5mm and 9mm hardwood ply services boxing in a kitchen. Will wood primer cause delamination? I'd like to end up with the same paint on the box and adjacent walls, not too worried about cracking between varying substrates as there's already breeze and stud walls so plenty of corner cracking...
  6. D

    Boxing in waste/copper pipes - is there a modular option?

    It's been many years since I last sorted a bathroom but, sadly, the bullet must be bitten. Obviously, in the interim it's been realised that the faffing about with custom built boxing-in option is laughable, and a versatile off-the-shelf modular option for hiding the pipework away has become...
  7. p1otrek

    Please help What's this box? Part of alarm?

    Hi everyone Can someone help work out what's this box! It keeps beeping all the time, it's located above front door to my apartment 35888213_1755393327872986_6679753749734359040_n by p1otrek posted 3 Jul 2018 at 1:26 PM I got Scantronic 9930 alarm fitted, is this part of the alarm? Can I open...
  8. J

    Wiring 2 Honeywell Alarm Bell Boxes to 1 Panel (Accenta Mini G4)

    Hey Everyone, I'm on the last part of replacing my old accenta 6 with the new Accenta Mini G4, pirs working, panel working, all tampers fine and lastly, just had to mount up and install 2 new sirens as the Accenta Mini G4 kept freezing with my old sirens. The issue I have now is with the new...
  9. J

    Replacing Accenta 6 Panel without external sirens going off

    Hey Everyone, I hope someone out there can help me, basically I have an old Accenta 6 (with LED keypad alarm system) with 2 external sirens. Recently the alarm system has been triggering off randomly and has been playing up lately (keypad not responding at times, different zones triggering off...