Wiring 2 Honeywell Alarm Bell Boxes to 1 Panel (Accenta Mini G4)

10 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
Hey Everyone,

I'm on the last part of replacing my old accenta 6 with the new Accenta Mini G4, pirs working, panel working, all tampers fine and lastly, just had to mount up and install 2 new sirens as the Accenta Mini G4 kept freezing with my old sirens.

The issue I have now is with the new sirens i'm confused about the wiring as the old bell boxes had completely different labels to the new bell boxes, so how would I go about wiring 2 Honeywell alarm bell boxes (RESON8) to the Accenta Mini G4.

Note: The bell boxes do NOT interconnect each other.
One bellbox is located at the front of the property wired directly to the panel
One bellbox is located at the back of the property wired directly to the panel.

Here's the current situation I have at the moment


Now, I know this is WRONG because if one bell box is tampered with, it wont go off as the tamper circuit is still joined because of the other bell box.

How do I sort this issue out (in simple terms; i'm no expert).
Do I just connect the -RTN from one bell box and connect it to the Hold Off - of the other with the rest of the wiring kept the same

Kind Regards,
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