1. J

    Compatibility DO8EZS - DO8EZ on Galaxy G2-44+?

    Hi all, My supplier sent me DO8EZ magnetic door sensors instead of DO8EZS that I had ordered as expansion for my Galaxy G2-44+ with RF C079-2 portal. It appears that DO8EZS have gone out of stock. I have found documentation that DO8EZ is not compatible with G2-44+ and indeed they were not...
  2. T

    Galaxy G2 question re Master and Engineer codes

    Hi I have an old Galaxy G2 setup that is serviceable. It is the usual story, installed by ADT by last house owner and when I moved in I didnt want to pay the decomissioning fee - I therefore managed to reset the engineer code and disconnect telephone etc so it is stand alone. I did this 10 years...
  3. J

    Honeywell Galaxy - Stuck in engineer mode & RIO 102 AC fail

    Hi all, I have some experience with Texecom but none with Honeywell and have just inherited a Galaxy system in a property that I have taken over. The alarm seems to be stuck in engineer mode. The error shown when trying to exit engineer mode is RIO 102 AC FAIL. There does seem to be an...
  4. H

    Help with wiring NEST Thermostat from Honeywell ST9120C

    Hi All! I've bought a NEST learning thermostat 3rd Gen with a wireless controller. When I opened up my Honeywell thermostat on the boiler, it was wired with Live, Neutral, Earth, and the 1 and 4 wires: I followed the advice of a thread online which said to wire everything the same on the...
  5. N

    Accenta G4 - no power to Keypad

    Hi all, I had a cupboard fitted recently and the chaps had to disconnect the control panel. I powered down the system, alarm went off, code entered etc, then carefully took the pad off. It's all back in place and the tamper alarm works, sets off the speech dialler and the external siren is...
  6. W

    Honeywell zone valve and auto mode

    Please help me! My building manager is losing patience and I don’t blame her. The plumber came to make sure my thermostat was working which he said it was and so i would not longer have to keep turning on my heating manually. He got it working via the thermostat again and closed up the...
  7. D

    Replacing a Honeywell ML1 5SB, UK with a Hive Mini (Single channel)

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my current Honeywell thermostat with a Hive Mini, looking at the original wiring and then the wiring guide for the Hive Mini, I'm a bit lost. For reference, when the thermostat is turned up high, it clicks, and the combi boiler fires up and turns the heating on. (I...
  8. C

    Replacing old heating thermostat receiver with Honeywell DT92E receiver

    Hi there, We have recently replaced our central heating programmer with a Honeywell ST9400C. We now want to replace our old wireless room thermostat with a compatible one. We've purchased Honeywell DT92E (with receiver and controller). Next to the boiler, underneath the programmer, is an...
  9. S

    Swapping out an old Honeywell thermostat for a new one

    What seemed like a good idea at the time has turned into a real problem! We have an old Honeywell room thermostat - not sure of the actual model but this is a picture: It was working ok - we are just about to decorate the room and decided it would be good to replace it with a more modern...
  10. K

    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I have just brought a hive and need help with how to wire it up to my existing system can someone please tell me where to transfer the wires in the image attached : N L L A B Many Thanks
  11. H

    Honeywell galaxy G2 RF_FAIL

    Hello, could someone help me? I have a Honeywell Galaxy G2 20 (non ADT) system and I keep getting an RF fail. I have already replaced the G2 20 with a spare, but the error keeps coming back. The RF portal is old and there is no address potentiometer yet. the system has 2 keypads 2 wired zones 16...
  12. F

    Upgrade to room controlled thermostats

    Hi All, Just moved into my new build home and have been looking at moving towards a smarter heating system, essentially my attempt to evolve into a smart home over time. It's a 5 bed (need the space), with a living, dining and sitting room ..... The way I've figured it out to be working (home...
  13. C

    Honeywell T4R thermostat and st9400c programmer - who's the boss?

    Hi, Mum had a new conventional central heating system fitted last year, all working superbly but I have a couple of questions. There is one Honeywell T4R wireless thermostat, and a Honeywell st9400c programmer in the airing cupboard. The hot water is set to 'Auto' on the programmer, and comes...
  14. I

    Honeywell to Wiser Drayton

    Hello, moved into a place that has Honeywell for heating fitted (don't know model number) - there is 2 zones for heating... I am trying to find out how to map from this to Wiser Drayton... Would really appreciate your inputs, planning to switch over Friday this week.
  15. P

    Honeywell Galaxy Ethernet Problem Comm Fail Com 4 running with SelfMon

    Good morning, Am hoping that someone can help me to get to the bottom of an issue with my Honeywell Galaxy 96 G3 V6.5 Alarm. The panel has a E080-10 ethernet module V4.14, However every time i connect this module everything works however he alarm repeatedly goes into "Comm Fail Com 4" alarm and...
  16. lateintheday

    Honeywell CM927 thermostat ~ Faulty button.

    Hello, I've had this Honeywell CM927 thermostat for a few years from new. The temperature up button has gradually become less and less responsive over the years. I now have to press it really hard and at a very specific angle to turn the temperature up. All other buttons are fine. I've taken...
  17. M

    Recommendations to replace HCW80 wireless thermostat

    Hello, I have the HCW 80 thermostat installed with the HC60NG (relay module). They are both working fine but I would like to replace the thermostat with a programmable version to set a day and night temperature, but keep the same relay without needing to call in an electrician to replace both...
  18. O

    Honeywell CM927 room thermostat and “System Synchronisation”

    Hello, My gas central heating system boiler has two main heating circuits, one for the upstairs and another for the downstairs. Each of the heating circuits are independently controlled using motorised valves which are opened and closed under the control of two Honeywell CM927 room thermostats...
  19. D

    Honeywell ST9400S1001 to Hive SLRC1

    The boiler is a WB GreenStar 38CDi Classic. We bought the Hive Thermostat Receiver and Hub for Combi boiler. The Honeywell had cabling to its Earth, Live, Neutral 3 and 4 terminals (terminals 1 and 2 not connect/wired). The Hive Receiver was wired the same. All paired and Hub set up...
  20. newbie2022

    Replacing old Honeywell thermostat with Meross MTS200

    I need some help with figuring out how to wire the new thermostat. The old one has 3 wires (red, blue and yellow) as soon on image "old_wires.jpg" I have attached the wiring diagram of the old thermostat "old_wiring_diagram.jpg" and the wiring diagram of the new thermostat...