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    Switching Honeywell R6660D with BDR91 wireless relay box

    Combi boiler was connected to a Honeywell R6660D wireless relay box: N - Blue L - Empty L - Brown A - Empty B - White C - Black D - Empty E - Empty This has been swapped out and replaced with a Honeywell BDR91 wireless relay: N - Blue L - Empty L - Brown A - Empty B - White C - Black The...
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    Honeywell Y87RF upgrading from Sunvic TXL2000

    Hi, currently have a Sunvic TLX2000 series stat which i've been informed does not have a permanent live. Honeywell BDR91 requires a permanent live. Is it possible to get a permanent(ish) live if the old programmer behind is placed on cont? I'm just in place upgrading the old stat to was...
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    Hive wiring advice please

    My current CH setup is a pressured sealed-system with a hot water tank and Worcester boiler. It has a Honeywell ST9400C programmer and a wireless Honeywell thermostat. Unfortunately the programmer is starting to fail (it keeps powercycling) so I'm looking to install the new Hive instead. This...