Compatibility DO8EZS - DO8EZ on Galaxy G2-44+?

22 Feb 2024
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Hi all,
My supplier sent me DO8EZ magnetic door sensors instead of DO8EZS that I had ordered as expansion for my Galaxy G2-44+ with RF C079-2 portal. It appears that DO8EZS have gone out of stock. I have found documentation that DO8EZ is not compatible with G2-44+ and indeed they were not recognised when I followed the keypad on-screen self-learning command to open sabotage on a sensor (which did work on the DO8EZS sensors I already have). I then decided to try and re-install the battery isolation tab with the sensor closed, go into the self-learning mode of the G2 again and pull the tab. Now the G2 did pick up the code and the sensor became functional, sort-of: The G2 goes into alarm on moving the magnet away from the unit. However, two issues remained: 1) The G2 does not go into alarm upon tamper, so indeed opening the sensor remains fully unnoticed. Not good!; 2) The G2 goes into an RF check warning after a while. Apparently there is no communication within 20 min as required by the G2 in (default) mode of option 51.50.6. Of course I could by-pass this issue by setting option 51.50.6 to off, but this would not make my installation more robust. As a last check, I verified whether a low-battery condition on a DO8EZ would be seen by my G2 and this did work OK.
My question: in the absence of new DO8EZS sensors, has anyone an idea on how I can make DO8EZ sensors compatible with my installation? A software update may be? My G2-44+ is on v1.50. Is it possible to update/modify a DO8EZ sensor?
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The 8Z was released for the evohome. It doesn't support tamper, as it was designed for the heating system to know when a window or door is open. It's the same functionality and frequency wise other than that, so can be used in domestic installs with the Galaxy range and C079 portals. The 8ZS was added when the switchover to Resideo took place. So, in short, these work on Galaxy. The RF check warning must be another issue - perhaps out of range or the sensor left open.
Many thanks for your very informative reply! I will run another test on the RF check warning and get back on that.
As for the tamper functionality: I did notice a tamper switch on the PCB, that is why I believed it had to be operative. Would you think it is not functional due to software design or would it be due to a PCB trace left open or shorted in the hardware design? I have some experience with PCB repair and such. I could attach a photo of the inner works if that would be helpful.
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Software for the ez version. The hardware is the same as the do8M
Thanks for the information.
Meanwhile as promised: I have checked the conditions for the RF Check warning running several tests with the sensor closed. It appears that there is communication between the sensor and the RF portal every 62 minutes or so (in all tests definitely just over 60 minutes). This then removes the RF Check warning on the panel, which was triggered by the absence of communication within 20 mins required as per menu option 51.50.6 set to ON. This explains why there are no errors if I set menu option 51.50.6 to Off and leave option 51.50.2 (RF supervision) to its default at 2 hrs.
I noticed that the RF portal has an option (jumper) to choose between (V2+alpha1) and (alpha1+alpha2). Could (alpha1+alpha2) help me to honour the 20 min timespan of 51.50.6 when set to its default ON? Is the RF check under the alpha protocols initiated by the portal or by the sensor?
I'm unsure if the ZS sensors are polling less. The V2/Alpha setting is from the sensors themselves, and the portal is supporting both. I'm pretty sure the door contacts only support V2 anyway. I think the old firmware on G2 series is a bit different than Flex. I need to check if changes were made between V1.50 and V1.56 to support variable stop set timing.
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My first sensors are all EZS and have no issue with the 20 min limit.
On another note, after some more tests today I can now confirm that the EZ door contacts do use the alpha protocol: I moved the jumper in the RF portal away from (V2+alpha1) to activate (alpha1+alpha2) and the EZ contacts remained functional in reporting Close/Open to the panel. The 20 min issue remained, which went away after 62 odd mins as before. Apparently, the sensor initiates the communication at its fixed-set protocol to which the G2 reacts.
I also looked for menu option 51.60.6 which would support variable stop setting (as indeed is possible on Flex, I see), but regretfully my G2 V1.50 does not have any 51.60 options at all. It looks I am stuck. I will take this up with my supplier, but would appreciate your information on support yes/no for 51.60 options in V1.56.
My supplier now offers to exchange the wrongly sent DO8EZ sensors with DO8M magnetic door sensors. Has anyone experience using these with Galaxy 2-44+? Do these have the same functionality as my DO8EZS, notably tamper function and low battery warning? Would these respect the fixed 20 min comm requirement that my panel has? My panel is still at v1.50

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