1. M

    Honeywell T3R anyone know how to change language?

    Had a look but can’t fathom out to change language, mine is in German for some reason. there is nothing on Honeywell website. if I do factory reset, will it need re-pairing to base unit? Tia
  2. J

    PIR signal strength Honeywell Flex

    Please could somebody verify I got this right. On keypad menu 21 display zones. For my RF zone I get Sig 10 low 08. I take sig is current signal which is "excelent" Low refers to the lowest it has ever been? Meaning 10 excelent and 0 crap?
  3. C

    Honeywell galaxy flex final zone issue

    Hello looking for some guidance and help if I may I have just started a project to try install a Honeywell galaxy flex I completely understand it’s probably over kill for a house and someone will tell me it’s not for a DIYer but am having a go never the less I have it all set up and working...
  4. Ala5dair

    How to replace a Honeywell ST9400C Controlller?

    Hi. Whilst stripping wallpaper in our utility room, I think I may have damaged our ST9400C controller. The clock is currently “stuck” at 3:30 Sun, with the override on the heating on. Pressing “ok” and “minus” for 8 seconds doesn’t do anything and I can’t find a reset option. I’m planning on...
  5. W

    Honeywell Galaxy Dimension mystery (moved)

    Hi Last night my keypad sounded (alarm off at the time) and it showed a fault of +RF Entrance Hall It emitted a tone a few times before I entered my code to see the fault. It did it again this morning. Cant find this fault code in the manual. I think it relates to the wireless door sensor I...
  6. J

    Flex Direct mount RF Portal A073-00-01

    Hi, I have just got my hands on Honeywell RF Portal A073-00-01. In the flex maual it shows it comes with a directional antenna but mine came with out one. Does this mean it mean I am missing one or is it built in? Many thanks in advance. Jeramy
  7. GalaxyExplorer

    "Facility Code" Honeywell Galaxy Flex DCM

    @GalaxyGuy have you ever programmed a "facility code" into a Honeywell Galaxy Flex panel with a DCM module and HID iClass reader? Can't seem to find an option for configuring it anywhere.
  8. F

    Honeywell problem baffled plumber

    Hi, I hope somebody can assist. I recently had a service on my lpg boiler. We have a Viseman fitted with a wireless Honeywell Dt9e and CS92A unit. The plumber who installed the boiler and Honeywell kit came for the annual service. Whilst the boiler seems ok, we no longer have heating. Not a...
  9. B

    Honeywell To Hive Dual Receiver Help Please!

    Hi all, I hope someone can help. I recently purchased a hive dual channel receiver for my Worcester boiler which works alongside an immersion tank. The existing system was a Honeywell setup consisting of: - Wireless thermostat (battery powered in hallway) - BDR91 Wireless relay box (in cupboard...
  10. Lucid

    Honeywell ST9400C programmer - component faults or something else

    I'm not a heating engineer so please forgive if I get some of the terminology wrong. There's a problem I'm trying to troubleshoot. I have a CH/Water system with a conventional boiler, hot water cylinder, pump, 3-way motorised valve, and a gas boiler. The boiler is an Ideal Icos HE18 (18HE?)...
  11. L

    Galaxy flex adding additional keyprox and speaker

    Hi. Would like to add an additional keyprox and internal speaker. Am I ok to run the cables back to the panel like for like as the other pad just ensuring each pad and a different address on the rotary switch. As for the internal speaker it seems unclear where I wire that? Is it wired with the...
  12. M

    Honeywell ADE G4 Alarm - sounding on closed zones

    Hi all, I have recently fitted a honeywell G4 system and it keeps tripping reporting zone 4 and sometimes zone 4 and 5. BUT both these zones are terminated with no sensors. The alarm sets fine but then sounds an hour later for no apparent reason. Could the panel be faulty fresh out of the...
  13. W

    Honeywell programmer program

    Hi all, Sorry the title should have said problem not program! My Honeywell ST6400C central heating and hot water programmer has just gone wrong. I took it off the base plate and cleaned out the dust then put it back and pressed reset.Now I can set the date and time and programme in the heating...
  14. Y

    Honeywell 42005748-001

    I need to pick up a mains (UK) permanent feed (will be fused) from inside a Honeywell 42005748-001 junction box. Please can any member tell me the where I can pick up the feed, the drawing shows terminal feed just below the fuse, but I get 0 voltage read on my Avo Thanks
  15. J

    ADE G4 Accenta Engineer code has become invalid

    Hi I recently replaced 4 PIRs on my system for Pet Friendly ones. I put the system in to Engineer mode to prevent any tamper alarms. When I removed the first PIR (Zone 4), I accidentally touched some of the wires together which triggered the alarm. I stopped the alarm by entering User Code...
  16. D.Kett

    Replacing Honeywell CM707 with HIVE

    Hey all, I've read many threads with others having issues with installing HIVE in place of Honeywell programmers. So following questions asked by others and investigating the behind of my programmer and the switch by the boiler i would just like to clarify I'm on the right path before ordering...
  17. M

    I'm stuck! Boiler wont start up.

    So, oil ran out, found out (from you guys) how to bleed it, couldnt release the pressure gauge value (kept bending Allen keys), This point boiler firing up then locking out, Pressed the reset button while system turned off and now with the boiler turned on the button still depressed!, all ready...
  18. D

    Galaxy Flex Final Zone Issue

    Hi all, I'm hoping somebody can help with a strange issue I have? My setup is a Galaxy Flex 50 v3.37 with multiple wireless and wired zones. Everything works as you'd expect except at times when I try part-set or full-set the alarm on the mk8 keypad, I get "check zone - final" and I need to...
  19. Neil T

    Honeywell t6r hw

    I’m looking to change a Honeywell T45 to a Honeywell T6R HW. Y plan system boiler with existing thermostat in the hallway and control box next to the boiler. Can anyone tell me which wires go where and which ones will become obsolete when I take out the old rotating thermostat from the hallway...
  20. S

    Replacing Honeywell wireless with Nest

    I currently have a Honeywell wireless thermostat and wired in timer. I want to change to a Nest thermostat. I’ve provided a photo. My question is, when I remove the cover from the blue box do I simply disconnect the timer and wireless receiver wires and then wire in the nest receiver or is it...