Replacing Accenta 6 Panel without external sirens going off

10 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
Hey Everyone,

I hope someone out there can help me, basically I have an old Accenta 6 (with LED keypad alarm system) with 2 external sirens. Recently the alarm system has been triggering off randomly and has been playing up lately (keypad not responding at times, different zones triggering off at the early hours of the morning....etc. After a full check, the only conclusion I came across is the panel (it's donkeys years old). I've opened up the panel box and long behold something's blown as part of its all black on the top right of the PCB (and on top of that, the battery is flat/completely corroded)

I want to upgrade the system so had purchased an Accenta G4 Panel with an LCD keypad, everything looks ok and i'm guessing it will just be a quick swap and connect the existing wires to the same terminals.

The question I have is, how do I replace the panel (in the most quiet way) so the external bell boxes doesn't sound (or at least doesn't keep going off till the bell box battery dies)

From reading some of the topics on here, i'm confused - so which option is best?

Option 1:
  1. Unscrew the bell box (Alarm Triggers)
  2. Run and enter code on keypad (Alarm stops)
  3. Take out the battery from bell box
  4. Disconnect the fused spur which powers down the whole system (panel battery already dead)
  5. Start Panel Replacement
Option 2:
  1. Disconnect the fused spur (panel battery already dead)
  2. Unscrew the bell box (Alarm Triggers)
  3. Bear the loud pain and disconnect the bell box battery
  4. Start Panel Replacement
Option 3 (not sure if this works?):
  1. Enter engineer mode
  2. Unscrew the bell box (Alarm shouldn't trigger??)
  3. Take out the battery from bell box
  4. Disconnect the fused spur which powers down the whole system (panel battery already dead)
  5. Start Panel Replacement

I'd prefer option 1 as the sound is unbearable (probably going to have to purchase some ear defenders) but is it safe to do it this way?

I've already had a slap of the wrist by 2 neighbours as they're fed up too and I don't want to cause them any more grief. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
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The correct way will be to disconnect both live bell boxes and stop them ringing.
Another option could help you?
Take a note of the bell box wiring in the control panel for the 2 bell boxes,remove the bell wire and connect the + and - wires onto your new battery this will stop the bell boxes ringing outside.While the bell boxes are connected to the battery you could replace the control panel.When new control panel connected back up,take the bell wire off the battery and connect to new control panel.
This way you do not need to go up to the bell boxes and the only noise will be the time it take you to connect to battery and disconnect from battery.
Other wise its ladders out up to both bell boxes and disconnect.
Fantastic, Thanks Handymanjo!

This sounds like a good idea, I've purchased a new battery to use with the new G4 system, just hope its got enough charge already in it to keep them from ringing.

Kind Regards,
Just make a note of the colours of the wire to the bell and strobe connection on the control panel and or take a photo.
Are both bell boxes wired back to the control panel ?
Or do they go from bell box 1 to bell box 2 ?
Panel should be a straight swap over
The new battery will ok to hold the boxes off ringing for a while,long enough for you to change panel
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Thanks for your reply Handymanjo,

Will definitely take a photo of the control panel as it looks like a spaghetti junction! Wish they were all labelled up but I guess i'll just have to do it.
I'm pretty sure each bell box comes back to the control panel (as there are 2 pairs of wires in each terminal). Fingers crossed everything will go well.
Thanks for confirming that the battery should hold of the boxes for a while, so stressed out with the neighbours onto my tail at the moment :mad:

Kind Regards,

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