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14 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
Hello there,

I'd be grateful for some help with an alarm issue. My house has an Accenta 8 Mini control panel with LED keypad and Flashguard bell box. A couple of days ago, the bell box sounder started going off randomly but the strobe stayed off. Panicking to make it stop, I disconnected the two bell wires and, for good measure, the strobe (-) wire in the control panel. This worked and stopped the sounder. While I had the lid off the control panel, I took the back-up battery out and, after a few minutes, checked the terminal voltage and it was 5V, so assume it's bad.

Some years ago, I had occasion to access the bell box and took a picture for posterity of the wiring connections.

I then decided to replace the bell box, control panel, back up battery and RKP with new Honewell/Accenta items, to be told by my local electrical factors that these were now obsolete but they could supply Texecom equivalents.

Accenta G4 Mini panels and Reson8 bell boxes seem widely available still from online factors, so is it true they're obsolete and no longer made?

I'm going to ponder a bit whether to buy a Texecom, maybe one where I can control it via a phone app, but in the meantime I'd like to restore some basic functionality to my current system, ideally without going up a ladder to the bell box.

I assume the bell box NiCad battery set is probably duff by now, so can anyone advise how to wire the control panel so the bell box works as SAB rather than SCB. And can I just leave the duff control panel battery out or will a power cut when we're out trigger a full alarm state?

Many thanks in advance!
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My distributor is showing them in stock but not many to be fair.

I don't fit these but had heard rumours that they maybe being phased out. Flashguard certainly are no more as Texecom dropped the flashguard (klaxon) range as they already had the odyssey.

The panel could be kaput but difficult to say for certain, the back up battery failing on these panels can cause problems
Thanks for the reply, secureiam. I've wired it as follows and it seems to be working. At the panel, I disconnected the black and yellow SCB wires and refitted the factory link across SCB + and -. The red wire that is connected to Supply + in the bell box, I've connected to Bell + (D) on the panel and the blue wire that is connected to Trigger in the bell box, I've connected to Bell - (B) on the panel. I also connected the yellow wire that is connected to supply - in the bell box to Bell - (B) on the panel.

I completely removed the duff panel 12v battery and a power cut with the alarm in either day or set mode seems to trigger a full alarm condition, so I'll fit a new battery.

Does my wiring make any sense?


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