1. J

    Looking for advice on replacing blown panes in a timber frame

    We are about to move into a house with original timber frames that are 27 years old. Many panes have blown, and all will likely follow in time. Our current thinking is to keep the timber frame and just replace the panes (and not replace everything with uPVC). But we are struggling to get a...
  2. W

    UPVC window espag broken, trying to find replacement

    I went to close my kitchen window this evening and the handle closed but the window didn’t lock. It felt loose so I took the espag off and realised that the spindle cog had split in half so the spindle can no longer grip to move the mechanism. The espag is 600mm 20mm with the mushroom cams...
  3. bettz1

    Replacement Tile help

    I don't suppose anyone knows where I can get another pack of these tiles?
  4. B

    Need to replace a hansgrohe mixer cartridge,

    The hansgrohe mixer is 20 years old and I don't even know the model, so I know it's optimistic to expect to find the thermostatic cartridge, but I thought I would ask here on the offchance that someone could advise. I believe that the alternative is very involved work, with broken tiles etc...
  5. ExtraSouthWill

    Exterior Window Trim Question

    Hi there - I am new to the channel. Wanted to run a question by some of you experts out there. I am replacing windows in my home with replacement windows and am trying to figure out the best way to put trim on the exterior. As a side note, my neighbor hired a contractor to install his windows...
  6. S

    Advice on replacing old light switch (2 way)

    Hi everyone I am updating the light switches and wall sockets in my house but I'm unsure how to go about replacing an existing light switch. Existing wiring (I've added in L1 and L2 in green as the labelling is not visible from the angle I took the photo). There are 2 switches, one to turn...
  7. C

    Replace Honeywell Wireless with Nest

    Hello, I've got a quote for a tradesman to do this but I'd like to see how much of a direct swap out it is, as I'm happy to do it if it's as simple as I expect. So I have a Honeywell thermostat and programmer (it's a single wireless unit in the hall) with a control box just next to the boiler...
  8. S

    Broken bathroom cabinet pivot hinge

    Hi guys Does anyone have an idea on how I can repair this broken bathroom cabinet bracket/hinge which snapped off yesterday? (The pivot pin snapped off). I cannot find a replacement anywhere on Google as nobody seems to make the part. It’s a pivot hinge which screws on to a bracket on the...
  9. ohmagain

    Replacing a Howden AA714 Element

    Hi All, Ok so as most of you know by now parts are getting increasingly difficult to get and am in need of two Howden AA714 15" 3kW IMMERSION HEATER 20A @ 72°C – 16A @ 95°C – AA714 (2 1/4″ Thread) elements. The supplier (only one by the looks of things) has a lead time of up to 4 weeks and a...
  10. JD2012

    Help needed in finding door handle replacement (exact) if possible.

    Help needed in finding door handle replacement (exact) if possible. I am looking for a replacement door handle like the one in my picture if possible. It also needs to have the door mechanism with it. Does anyone have any idea where i can get one? Thanks
  11. T

    Toilet Button Flush help

    Hi all, The button on our toilet has essentially locked up so we're having to push the plunger manually. Are these fairly easy to replace? I'm not sure of the brand so any help identifying a suitable replacement part/s would be appreciated (and any fitting advice). Thanks in advance!
  12. C

    Scantronic 9800 house alarm Cooper 9651 replacement

    Hi all, I hope and trust you’re well during these difficult times. An elderly neighbour has an old Scantronic 9800 alarm which, due to worn digits on the keypad, has probably had its day. Her son has done a bit of research and ordered a Cooper/Scantronic 9651 system as a replacement – he...
  13. H

    Supalite Roof Replacement

    Hi, We have an Edwardian orangery (walled both sides) and a double-glazed roof (4.5m x 3m). We have been looking at a roof replacement as a DIY job but we are way out of our depth! Can anyone suggest the cost we would be looking at for the following instead? Supalite roof installation...
  14. L

    Replacing siphon in old high level cistern

    When I want to flush the toilet multiple pulls of the chain is required and it is getting worse over the past few months. I was told that I need a new siphon. But as I know nothing about plumbing I don't know if this is true either so please excuse my ignorance. I do know it is old, I am...
  15. V

    Replacing a double socket

    I need to replace this double socket, but the replacement is slightly different to the old one and not sure if I need to add a new earth cable going to the box please? Here is a picture of the existing socket that needs replacing: and here is the new socket:
  16. J

    TITAN TTB598MSW blade bolt

    Hi. First post. When the time came to replace the blade in my Titan TTB598MSW I didn't expect any issues. I knew it was a reverse thread. Try as I might with a variety of Allen keys and socket sets it wouldn't budge. My only option was to drill it out. My issue now it to find a replacement. Does...
  17. G

    Use of Combi but with HWC for bathroom.

    We have a large 4 bed, 1 bath, 1 showerroom bungalow. Ideal Mexico rs65, yes that old!, has run faithfully since 1987 when the house was built. It provides more than adequate heating and hot water and most of the year the boiler thermostat sits at 1. Only over the very coldest spells does it get...
  18. A

    New water main requires digging up neighbours garden

    Hi all. I had Bristol water over today to assess my lead replacement. Our water supply is shared with the neighbours (possibly 2 other houses) and is connected in front of their front garden (victorian terrace). Bristol water said we would only qualify for the free connection if we brought the...
  19. H

    Oil Boiler Stat Thermostat / overheat source replacement advice needed

    Hi! Following some ongoing problems my Boiler Thermostat has completely stopped working rendering my heating non existent! The overheat reset button is now not working at all. I also believe that the actual thermostat function has stopped working properly - for some time have been having...
  20. S

    Creda Comfortaire Replacement

    My flat is heated by a Creda Comfortaire AB Warm Air system which uses off peak electricity to heat up bricks (like a central storage heater) and then has a fan controlled via a thermostat to distribute the warm air though ducts in the flat to each room. It's a brilliant system and I'm very...