1. eveares

    2 Amp round pin plug wired to trailing socket?

    Curious how one would react to/code to a 2 amp round pin plug wired to a normal UK single trailing socket, So client can use normal light fixtures fitted with a BS1363 plug connected to a 2 amp round pin socket, to allow flexibility and easy hot-swapping of light fixtures without having to wire...
  2. eveares

    20A BS1362 Fuses!

    Link's below, anyone fancy buying them and testing to see what current on average they fail at. Now I knew there were dangerous and non compliant 15A BS1362 style fuses on the market, but now we seem to have 20A rated BS1362 style fuses to! :D...
  3. agulesin

    Sale of open-ended flex fitted with plug - is it allowed?

    Hello to all Electricians out there, I was under the impression that a plug fitted with an open-ended cable was a no-no and against all the regulations in the book? correct me if I'm wrong. Therefore, how can (rather: should) these things be sold in the UK...
  4. C

    Wrong size cable.

    We have a contractor in work carrying out PAT work. He has failed an appliance which, whilst not strictly being portable in that you can carry it around, is connected via a BS1363 plug. His reason is that the 2.5mm 3 core cable is too large for this plug and the maximum diameter should be 1.5mm...
  5. eveares

    Fused moulded plug to IEC with no replaceable fuse!?

    Just bought a Foscam IP camera (FI9853EP) along with a Foscam PSE15 POE injector that I am going to install at my grandparents. Both items were bought from Upon inspection of the POE injector, a couple of things seemed odd. First the manual in the box was the incorrect one and was...
  6. eveares

    Plugging plug in backwards in a trailing socket.

    Anyone care to repeat this, guess my trailing socket and/or plug must be defective. Not that much force was applied. Socket has got PMS 9128 written on it, plug has PMS 9248 written on it if any help for identifying the brands.