Fused moulded plug to IEC with no replaceable fuse!?

28 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom
Just bought a Foscam IP camera (FI9853EP) along with a Foscam PSE15 POE injector that I am going to install at my grandparents. Both items were bought from foscam.uk.com

Upon inspection of the POE injector, a couple of things seemed odd. First the manual in the box was the incorrect one and was for the bigger 8 port POE enabled Foscam PS108 switch - no big deal really.

The second and far more worrying thing was the UK moulded plug on the UK Plug to IEC C13 cable. The plug claims it's fused, but there is no visible sign of any fuse.

The wire is also 0.5mm² 3 core flex branded Shenzhen Tongyuan Industrial Co LTD. End-to-End polarity is also fine.

Now to me this is not right and that the plug is a non complaint fake Chinese piece of junk, but just wanted to check anyway. Never seen a compliant moulded plug of this type before without a replaceable fuse before, excluding power bricks/SMPS's of course.

Photo's are below:

Regards: Elliott.
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Never seen such a plug. Very suspicious.

Feel free to slice it open and send pics.
I've never seen one like that too, it is likely a fake product. The only way to find out will be to open it up
If it were me, I would be writing a strongly-worded letter to the company explaining the situation, copying it to Trading Standards.
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Use a PAT tester (or similar) to do an insulation test at 25A and see how hot the cable gets in the short time the test is running! It's Chinese junk. Cut it up, bin it and use a "proper" IEC C13 cable with a "proper" BS1363 plug incorporating a 3A (maximum) fuse.
Report them to TSO, and keep shouting, and agitating, and becoming a cannot-be-ignored-PITA until they do something.
Use a PAT tester (or similar) to do an insulation test at 25A

Not worth renting a pat tester out or getting a bench power supply to do a high current test, I know 0.5mm² is never going to handle any where near 25A in the long run.

bin it and use a "proper" IEC C13 cable with a "proper" BS1363 plug incorporating a 3A (maximum) fuse.

That was my original plan anyway. I have since opened the plug, and as guessed, there was no fuse what so ever.

Question now is do I report it, and if so, who to?

Regards: Elliott.
I guess you bought it in the UK?
Your first recourse is to the seller. A negative feedback is not want they want.
No - what is clear is that someone who alleged that there wasn't has tampered with it in an uncontrolled way.

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