1. nbellyjnr

    Electric Shower Power Issue (Triton Madrid II)

    Hoping someone can help me here. Today I turned on the electric shower (Triton Madrid II) but it didn’t power on. The isolator switch light turns on initially but the light turns off when I turn the shower to any power mode. The LED power indicator on the shower does not turn on at any point...
  2. Z

    BMW G30 530e coolant pump for low temperature coolant circuit:) Missing error

    Hi I have a BMW 530e G30 2.0 Petrol Hybrid (B48B20A) with 60k mileage 2018. Whilst doing a service, I performed a diagnostic which returned 2 errors on the vehicle. - 1B830A | LIN, communication (coolant pump for low temperature coolant circuit Missing Existent: Yes - 80436C Auxiliary coolant...
  3. B

    Blown Sockets - Diagnostic Assistance Needed Pleeeeease?

    Can anyone apply some logic to what's happened? Background: We have two plug socket MCBs. Summary: Two separate kitchen appliances seem to be causing an MCB to blow (DIshwasher and Freezer) Detail: 1. A socket MCB blew. 2. With the dishwasher off, I was able to reset the MCB. - changed fuse in...
  4. 9

    Smeg Concert SUK62MX8 One Oven not switching on

    I managed to get a second hand oven for next to nothing, its a smeg concert double electric oven / gas hob , it looks to have only light use, however I was told the bottom oven did not work . Top one works just fine mind First thing I did was check the element , which was had continuity and...
  5. Jeff543

    A cracked plug socket which I use a lot for fan-heater.

    I had a new fuse-box unit installed a year ago and I use this plug socket every night for hours in the winter. Admittedly the flex and plug can get hot. As you can see the plug socket has cracked. It is about 45 years old. Should the fuse-box have cut the fuse out before it got to this...
  6. A

    Hotpoint Oven cutting electrics to entire house

    Hello all, I have a Hotpoint HAG60 Hob/Oven that is roughly from 2016, not sure exactly when but it has generally been looked after quite well. The only issue is that when turning it on at the plug, the electrics in the entire house cut out and I have to turn everything back on at the breaker...
  7. DanRobertsB

    Gas hob blows fuse and trips RCD & MCB when not in use

    Hi, Our AEG 5 burner gas hob blows its fuse (the one in its plug) and trips the RCD and MCD. The odd thing (to me, at least) is that this happens when it's not being used - e.g. it happened whilst we were on holiday. Replacing the fuse (3A) provides a temporary fix for a limited interval...
  8. EcoGirl

    Miele W820 flashing rince light, drum not turning

    Hi, I have read through this fantastic collaborative thread and my washing machine has exactly the same symptoms, but the circuits seem completely different, so I am starting a new thread. https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/miele-w828.130792/ My friend changed the dampers for me as the washing...
  9. P

    Fuse panel hot unit, smell in corridor below?

    Title says it all, really. There is a small grey plastic unit under the fuse box, as per attached photos. It is very warm and there is some blackening behind it on the wood panel it's fitted upon.What might this unit be and what should I do about it? I've no idea how long it's been like this...
  10. B

    Standanlone Electric Heater just stopped working?

    I use a standalone Electric Heater just to heat the room where I'm sitting as i'm working up in the attic/loft so its cold at this time of year! However this has suddenly stopped working for some reason? I have changed the 13A fuse as a precuation but still nothing? The heater did fall over...
  11. N

    CU 32->40a fuse upgrade

    Hi and thanks in advance to all the givers of advice here. I want to upgrade a Triton electric shower from 8.5kW to 9.5kW but would need to swap the existing 32a CU fuse for a 40a fuse. Is there a way for an idiot to safely tell what size the wiring is on that circuit as I gather I need 8mm for...
  12. eveares

    Bang! - I knock out 1/3 of power in office wing!

    About a month ago, I was in one of the office wings of the building that I work at. Went out the fire exit to enter the internal fire-escape stairwell of the wing that I was in to grab some network cables that were in a box that I needed (box of cables was in stairwell). On coming back into...
  13. K

    Shower fuse switch question

    Hello, I have a question regarding the safety of my shower. The other day, the power to the shower went off as I was just finishing using it. Then the trip switch for it at the box refused to stay in the on position. I informed my landlord and he said he would take a look, I hoped he would get...
  14. Louannet124

    Light fitting fell down from ceiling

    Hi everyone Hope someone can help... I went in to the dining room earlier to discover that the ceiling light fitting had fallen down, looks like the wire has snapped or possibly burnt? Never had an issue with it before but it’s an old house. When it fell it tripped the fuse and I haven’t...
  15. J

    Does adding a 16A MCB to a spur meet regs, or do I need a 13A fuse?

    Hi, I have a new-build with (just about) attached garage which has one double socket and one light socket installed. The double socket is connected via a spur from the ring main for the downstairs sockets using a single 2.5mm T&E cable through the wall to the main house. Downstairs sockets are...
  16. E

    Fcu problems

    Does anyone know why my fcu has supply and load as normal and an extra live for load and supply?? Ive had to re install my original fcu because I just can't get it wired properly. I have added a picture.
  17. eveares

    How to change a fuse on a plug socket

    See: https://clockwork.property/help-advice/change-fuse-plug-socket/ :ROFLMAO: Poor advice as best.
  18. T

    UK appliance in Italy / fuses

    Hi - we have recently moved to Italy and brought most of our UK appliances with us. After blowing a couple of UK-European adapters on the washing machine I realised they were most likely rated too low at 7.5A - on the second occasion one of the pins even managed to fuse itself to the connection...
  19. D

    13A Plug with indicator

    Is it possible to get a 13A plug with a built in blown fuse indicator. After having a freezer defrost due to a blown fuse recently, it struck me that if there is no external indicator on the freezer (which mine hasn't) you could have a blown fuse and not know until it was too late.
  20. A

    Vokera HE - blowing internal 2A fuse

    Hi All, New to this forum but wanted to share ... My 10 year old Vokera (28 HE model) immediately blows its internal fuse when power is connected to it. If you have the same problem you may be scratching your head wondering where the problem is. In my case, it turns out to be a faulty fan and...