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Miele W820 flashing rince light, drum not turning

Discussion in 'Appliances' started by EcoGirl, 9 Jul 2021.

  1. EcoGirl


    2 Jun 2021
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    United Kingdom
    I have read through this fantastic collaborative thread and my washing machine has exactly the same symptoms, but the circuits seem completely different, so I am starting a new thread. https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/miele-w828.130792/

    My friend changed the dampers for me as the washing machine drum was threatening to blast through the top of the machine. He placed the machine on it's front and changed them. Once back upright, as in the thread above, the machine took in water but the rince light flashed and the drum didn't move, in either direction.

    Not knowing much about machines or electronics, I don't know a) which circuit board the others were refering to. Mine has 3. b) which are the components found faulty in the above thread, which sorted a number of machines with the same symptoms.

    Of the 2 circuit boards at the top, one is the controls and the other to the right as you face the machine. The 3rd is at the bottom of the front, on the right.

    In the thread above there was 2 main problems: a 6K1 relay was welded on one side (this relay is to change directioin of the drum I think) and also 6.3A fuse that had blown. There were some machines where the brushes on the motor also needed changing, or the cables weren't connected to the motor properly.

    As mine happened so suddenly and after the dampers being changed, the Miele engineer I spoke to thought it unlikely to be the brushes and more likely to be the circuits, which are easy to break.I believe I have checked the connections to the motor are securely connected.

    The problem I have is none of my circuit boards have the relay or the fuse I can recognise from the photos in post above.

    I have the circuit diagrame but don't understand it enough of it.

    can any one help?
    thanks, Sarah

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