Miele W842 Washing Machine Rinses Light Flashing

Another old Miele saved from Landfill for just £3.50 of parts from RS Components in September 2015. The orginator of this 'fuse and relay' fix should feel very proud of what they have passed on over so many years through this thread. I enjoyed getting out my 1980s desoldering suction tool untouched in decades to remove the solder from PCB to make it easier to get the old parts out.
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we have the same problems discussed in this thread. However, it is on a EZ 101 G board, ws5425 model. In this picture, i am able to identify the fuse. however, not sure which one is 6k1 relay. can anyone identify which relay is 6K1 in this picture please? i have also enclosed the wiring diagram for this machine.
I am not an expert on pcb's. If you have any further questions to answer my query, ask for your kindness to explain the query a bit more in detail please


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I would just like to thank HarryKiri and Beano1939 for starting this thread 8 years ago thanks also to incognito and others for chipping in. I followed their thread regarding rinses light flashing and I'm please to say my 15 year old W865 is now running like a dream.

Originally I replaced the bearings and put back together. I hadn't noticed the shockers were dead so when I put back together and run the machine after a few washes and loud bangs the rinse light came on. It was indeed the fuse and 6K1 relay circuit. I decided to send my board of to this guy rather than risk further damage (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Lisalooselips/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1) for repair as only charges £50 and I was more happy to spend this small amount for 12 months warranty on the repair. I received the board back within 48 hours.
Hi I have the same
Upon restarting, the rinses light began to flash and the anti crease/finish light lit up.
on my Novatronic 520

Can someone tell me where to find the pcb in question please. I have the lid off and the front panel off and the main control board out (that was a game!) but am beginning to think I am barking up the wrong tree.

Please help!! :(
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Hi Bevelsingle,
The main board your looking for sits behind the front panel dial you use to select washes. It's called EL200C or D probably. Hope this helps but if not PM back if you not sorted already.
Great find for me too.
My Machine went bang, won't spin the drum and the rinses light is flashing.
Went on to RS components - which is free post now, £3.74 on parts, thought I'd push the boat out and order the brushes too for the princely sum of £8.95.
Parts should be here Monday
Happy days
Thanks again to everyone
I can buy car parts instead now :D
This tip is the dog's danglies! Had the 'bang-stop-rinses-flashing' syndrome on our 16 year old W828. Bought relay & fuse from RS, fitted them, machine works again, job jobbed. Cost of parts used £2.46, spares in stock and wife can give up washing by hand. Happy household!
I had the same problem on my w842. I replaced the fuse and relay which did cure it for part of one wash. I replaced them again and also the shocks and motor bushes. This was great for 5 washes then it stopped with flashing lights. I'm not sure if it's worth doing the electrics again or just buy a new machine.
I've removed the pub and checked the relay and the fuse, they are both working. I don't know what to do now.
Just signed up to say thanks. Our W828 just got fixed for less than a fiver; relay and fuse from RS in a day. Brilliant!
Hi, thanks to everyone for their input on this post. 20 years of unbroken service from our W842 but now rinse light flashing as per others on this thread. Loathe to send it to landfill without trying theoptions here. Two questions please:

1) Where is the relay that needs to be changed located please? And can this be done with out a solder?
2) Where is the fuse located?

Many thanks.
Look at the beginning of this thread for the link to the original thread describing the fix. Look at HarryKiri's posts and link to his photobucket to see the parts location on the control board.

1) see above to locate. It needs de-soldering for removal and soldering to fit new. No way around this.
2) see above again. Needs soldering too.

With the above pics, any electronics repair shop could do it in 5 to 10 minutes when the board is removed/unplugged as some tohers have done. You could order the parts from RS as others have done and supply to tech person.
Thanks izzywizzy. Found the picture. Will take it to my local electronics repair shop, and replace brushes and shocks also. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed here. I'll let you know how I get on once all parts have arrived.
Many thanks to everyone on here and the original thread. Worn out rushes replaced - and shocks for good measure - and machine is back working good as new. I didn't require the replacement relay and fuse in the end! It was just down to the brushes. No need to buy another machine for the sake of a part costing £5.50! Incredible! Do feel a little let down by Miele customer service however. When I rang and explained the symptoms - flashing rinse light etc - they said it could be anything! Well, it was a good job I found you folk who pointed me straight to it! Thank you.

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