Miele W842 Washing Machine Rinses Light Flashing

First of all thank you to everybody who contributed to this topic. I had flashing rinse light in my Miele Novotronic W963, HAD thanks to you. My problem was with the relay 6K1 and the TR5 fuse just like in case of bigredbucket.

A short list to everyone with the flashing rinsing light problem:

-Check your carbon brushes in the motor. You don't have to remove the whole motor, just remove the white plastic end on the motor. The brushes are attached in it. Don't pull the plastic too hard but fidget it. If you pull too hard and the the plastic comes of with a force the brushes may break from the impact. (This might help also help checking the brushes and in removing the plastic

-Check if your TR5 fuse is broken. I assume this is universal for every EL200 models (mine is EL200-C, it reads in the heatsink in the board). Remove the board from the machine and check if there is resistance between the fuses leads. If the resistance is not zero the fuse is broken and you should change both TR5 and 6K1 relay. (BTW, the black tube which goes trough the board can just be pulled off. Took me a while to get the courage to pull it hard enough...). The two pictures attached are not from my machine but helped me to figure out what component is what. If I have understood correctly the 6K1 relay is the 'main' one meaning it wears the most. I would at least start replacing it (I didn't have to do anything else than replace TR5 and 6K1 to get my machine working again).

New Miele would cost 1200€. Service guy visit would cost 80€. DIY repair costed me few more grey hairs and 3,5€. Totaly worth it!


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A quick update. I had the flashing rinse light issue. I replaced the brushes as a matter of course , they had not been replaced since new (12 years ago). I also had the problem on the control board, fuse was blown and the relay was shorted out. I replaced the fuse and relay and all worked fine after. My grateful thanks to previous posters (especially bigredbucket) who did all the hard work figuring out what the issue was. I have a spare fuse and relay and would be happy to repair a board if anyone needs it. Better than dumping a perfectly good washing machine in the landfill for the sake of a couple of components. DM if you need a board fixing, assuming it is just these two components that need replacing.
Hi all. Wasn't sure whether I should start a new thread or jump on this one. A lot of the info here is relevant to my situation, but I'm still stuck with a flashing Rinse light.

Mine is a Miele W8640 (also has W867 on it).
PCB is EL200 C.

The machine faulted just before I was going to UK for a few days. No time for fancy diagnostics, but after some quick research, including this thread, I ordered parts to a UK address (much cheaper for me).
I'm now back with the parts and have replaced following (since I already had them):

* Motor polarity switching relay 6K1 (the old one seemed to still be operational, not fused)
* The 6.3A radial fuse (old one was not blown, but replaced anyway)
* Motor brushes (old ones were badly worn)
* Shock absorbers (the old ones were dead)

I forgot to check motor continuity before replacing the brushes, but with the new brushes I get readings of about 6 ohms across terminals 3 and 4 on the motor. That is higher than the 3-4 ohms that seems to be mentioned by others. Is the 6 ohm reading a sign of trouble?

Having replaced all those parts I still get the flashing rinse light. There are no signs of drum movement on any of the programs, and as soon as a program comes to a point where the drum should run the rinse light starts flashing.

All else seems OK. Except that the door release solenoid no longer operates. (It did a few days ago.)

What other causes can there be for the dreaded flashing Rinse light?
UPDATE - Flashing rinse light solved. :)

I took the PCB off to double check everything. Checked continuity on both sides of the board around the relay. All seemed OK, but just to be sure I re-soldered each of the joints and waited a couple of seconds to allow for flow on the other side of the board. Reassembled the board and the washing machine now works. Not sure if it was the re-soldering that fixed it, or possibly a bad contact on a connector got fixed by disconnecting and reassembling.

BUT ... still have issue with door release. :(
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Just a note to say thanks for all the folks on this thread 18-year-old machine working fine. PCB repaired no flashing light! To stop the jumping with a heavy load that caused the problem in the first place (blown PCB fuse, 2-way relay burnt out - £5 spares from RS components) unit is back in action, checked the brushes not much wear so not replaced.
Got 3 years of excellent service after replacing shocks, brush, radial fuse and 6k1 relay. Thanks guys.

This week, miele washing machine drum would not spin in wash cycle(slow turns) but it has happy to spin in spin cycle(fast 1200rpm). So, took out the pcb and looked for any clues. To my surprise, a multimeter check showed
the transistor diodes (shown in the picture) were blown out. Do these transistors(MJD 44H11G, J117G) control the slow spin of the motor ?
I am going to replace these later this week and report back my experiences.
I have just repaired my machine for the second time with the relay and fuse. The previous repair lasted 4 years before an uneven load caused the relay to short and the fuse to blow. Note the relay part number at RS has changed and is now 6803830.
Just wanted to post here that we had the same issue with our Miele 842 washing machine, the motor stopped working and the rinse continuously flashed.
We went through this thread and the associated ones to identify the likely problem and a BIG thankyou to those who put in the work to explain all this...
We changed out the brushes first to see if that was the issue, the old ones had at least a 1/4in wear on them. That didn't solve the problem but im glad we did this as they needed doing.
We then went to the control board and replaced the motor relay (see photos) and the fuse... soldered on the new parts and everything works perfectly!!! especially as we fitted new shocks to the drum whist i was down there.

I have hopefully posted a few photos to help you see where the parts are...
The photo of the control board with the labels shows the motor relay and the fuse (the fuse is the little round black thing, the arrow is slightly off - sorry).
The photo of the relay shows the contacts were burnt out, i stripped back the orange plastic to have a look.
The fuse was blown, simple continuity test across the connections showed this.
I have added a couple of photos of the parts we ordered through RS but there are links above as well.

It was a faff, but alot cheaper than calling out an engineer and much better than see it go in the landfill.

Please dont ask me any technical questions... im good with the basics but by no means an expert on appliance repairs (just following others)

Good luck and remember.... REUSE - RECYCLE - REPAIR



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