1. D

    Partially exposed earth wire in plug

    Morning, I'm doing a project of insulating our new garden office with 25mm insulation board and 3.6mm plywood. All is going well so. We have an electrician doing the electrics and wiring a fuse board and some plugs. When i was putting on one of the plywood boards I undid one of the fascias on...
  2. J

    installing garage floodlight to 3 pin plug

    Hi, I recently bought to replace a existing floodlight that has stopped working. Original cable was just fed through a garage vent into a 3 pin plug so was going to replicate this. The new cable is a...
  3. S

    Plugging a Waste Outlet in Soil Pipe.

    I am redoing my downstairs loo. This involves moving the location of the sink so I will add a waste pipe boss behind the loo and I need to block up the old waste pipe feed into the soil pipe under the floor. I thought this would be so pulled out the existing pipe and put in a 40mm plug: The...
  4. T

    Attaching sink to plasterboard wall. Is this the wrong wall plug?

    Hello. I purchased a new sink online and plan to fit it tomorrow. It will be put on a plasterboard wall, but the fittings it arrived with look wrong. I have attached an image of what it came with, but there were zero instructions included. Is this type of fitting for a masonary wall? If it...
  5. G

    Moulded Plug on Dishwasher

    Hi All, Dishwasher was acting up, could hear drain pump spinning but wouldn’t wash which I read online can indicate that water got into the bottom of the dishwasher. Pulled the washer out and unplugged it remove the water and check the pipes and the back of the moulded 13 amp plug seems to have...
  6. C

    Sink popper won't work when stopper is on?

    Hi all, My sink popper will happily go up and down all day long with the cover bit taken off of it - however when the cover top is put on it goes down and stays down (needs to be pryed up) Images below if someone is able to diagnose this and let me know how to fix or suggest the name of the...
  7. W

    Specific Adapter not working in sockets

    Hi I was wondering if there's a reason as to why a specific adaptor plug does not work in any socket in my house. For some reason Calpol Vapour Plug In (basically an adaptor plug with a little heat plate for moist tablets - like the mosquito ones) does not work in any socket. First I thought it...
  8. Sophieo128

    Plug stuck in socket

    Hey! My kettle plug is stuck in the socket. We rent and we are unsure if this is a problem with the socket or the plug itself? Can anyone explain what is likely to have happened to cause this? We’ve had this kettle for about 2 months now. The plug is never left on after use. Thank you ☺️
  9. George Hartshorn

    Routing electrics through floor or chase into walls?

    I am purchasing a lower-ground floor flat which currently has all of the plug sockets and wiring surface mounted in trunking. I'm undertaking a renovation project on the house soon so now is the time to get them hidden! I am looking at installing a wet UFH system between a concrete slab and my...
  10. J

    How to fix shower screen to stud wall

    Hi there I need some help I’m trying to fix a shower screen (the bath type) to a plasterboard wall with splash back but I haven’t got a clue what fixing to use, I was wondering if I could just silicone the bracket let it dry and then fit the shower screen but I just don’t trust it any...
  11. A

    Ovens on plugs ?

    Hello , Il after a new oven , am I right in thinking an oven under 3kw is fine on a plug top ?? Thanks
  12. C

    Crooked Sump plug leaking oil

    I recently did an oil change on a Bandit 600cc motorbike and when i went to put the plug back on it rung. I got it retreaded but it was done crooked and now leaks. Its only slightly off but enough for a slow drip. The copper washer was not crimped whole way around. Would a thicker copper washer...
  13. D

    Is there a wall PLUG?

    Hi. I have a scheme whereby the outside sockets (used for gardening tools) will be connected to a cable that will run through the house wall in the direction of a cupboard. Inside the cupboard the idea would be to terminate that cable in a wall plug. So, when I want to use these sockets, I'd use...
  14. J

    Removing old pine skirting without damaging the wall. HELP

    Hi Everyone I'm removing my old pine skirting as part of the renovation but this is proving to be very difficult and making a lot of damage to the wall. Basically the skirting is screwed with plugs on some point and very strong nails on others. Using chisel and crowbar but when pulling the...
  15. bettz1

    Tumble Dryer Pins getting red hot

    Hi in our garage we've 2 double sockets i think the previous owner has added the socket on the right. We've noticed when taking the tumble dryer plug out of the socket on the right the pins are red hot!!! which has us worried. If we put the tumble dryer in the socket on the left its fine...
  16. bettz1

    Pop up bath plug knackered?

    Right the push down and pop up bath plug seems to be about knackered it's getting more annoying trying to get the thing to spring back up to empty the bath. If seems a bit stiff :cautious: at times. What does adjusting the little screw do? Should the the top screw off so I can get a...
  17. S

    Wall plug in wall with really thick plaster

    Hi I've got a solid brick wall that has got several sheets of plasterboard over it so that the plasterboard is about 50mm thick and this wall is tiled. I want to hang quite a heavy mirror on this wall. Would I be best get a really long wall plug like 120mm long plug fitted so that open end of...
  18. bettz1

    Removing a double socket

    Hi was made aware that the previous owner had added a double socket in the kitchen which is too close to the cooker from a post on here. Finally got round to what I thought was going to be an easy job of just disconnecting the wires from the original socket into the new socket when I found...
  19. O

    Bath plug not closing fully

    After some repairs done (twice) to prevent leaks from the bath pipes, the bath plug no longer closes properly. It was working perfectly before the 2nd leak was fixed. There was a little extra 'play' on the turn so with very slight pressure you could make sure the plug was sealed. I informed...
  20. cwhaley

    Vintage Electrics

    Been using a portable spot light for when I'm working in dark spaces or at night and never really paid attention to the plug used on it. It was given to me by my dad. Looked at the back of it and noticed "Empire Made" with "Unbreakable Rubber" written on the front. I'm guessing it's '50s to...