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    Enough BTUs for towel rail?

    I’ve removed an old 600 x 400 single rad from a small ensuite (3 m²) and hoping to replace it with a towel rail and wonder whether the new towel rail i’ve purchased is going to be powerful enough. Original rad spec’d at 1563 btus, but never had it turned up anywhere near maximum, but the towels...
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    Is there any problem with changing this radiator to a vertical one?

    So I have an overpowered wonky 1200 x 600 x 100mm radiator under a window and I'd like to replace it with a vertical radiator to the side of the window. I'm in a new build with double glazing and insulated cavity walls as well as floors/ceilings. The old radiator was probably about 6500BTU at...
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    Energy Saving in an Open Plan world

    We’ve an open plan kitchen/diner/social space, that, as you can see, has a lot of glass. It carries the same thermal delights as a conservatory. Scorchio in summer, freezing in winter. It measures about 8x8m. The area has WarmUp UFH covering it, but I’d have to sell a body part to fund...
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    Horizontal covered vs Vertical uncovered

    Morning all I’m looking at replacing an older rad in my lounge. At present, it’s covered by a sofa and which will be difficult to avoid with any large horizontal rad due to the size/layout of the room. Which of these options is going to heat my room better: 1. New 10,800BTU horizontal rad...
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    BTU calculation kitchen/diner/living area

    We are having an extension to create a 62m2 kitchen/diner/ living room but unsure of what btu we need for the radiators. If I use btu calculator it says 13k for a kitchen but 21k for a living room. Which one do I use or do I go for some where in the middle.
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    Vaillant d.0

    Hello, having a bit of a 'mare with this one, so though I would seek out some help. I have a Vaillant ecotech pure installed recently (the version that fits in a cupboard) around 24kw I think. It seems to be using a huge amount of energy but never quite getting the rooms warm. I'm looking into...