1. fazhaf

    water sandwiched between dpm and vapour barrier

    Hi, I have an extension being built. Originally, DPM was put down, then 150mm Jablite EPS insulation and then steel mesh on top. The inspector said that a vapour barrier also needed to be installed ontop of the Insulation, between the steel mesh. This was put in on Monday However, in the mean...
  2. J

    Lintel issues for new patio doors

    Hello all, I have been planning to replace a current window (3m wide) and replacing this with patio doors. There is no lintel above the window currently so needed to install one. Over the weekend I removed a couple of the soldier course bricks to confirm there is no lintel. However the internal...
  3. JustAnotherJane

    Adding a section to join retaining walls

    We're joining up the 2 halves of our front sloping garden that has a path down the middle. There is a retaining wall for each section that we now want to link up. (the breeze blocks are fronted by stone which we're hoping to match up). It comes to about 70cm high and we're hoping to use the...
  4. B

    Is this ok?

    Is it acceptable to build ext. wall on upturned blocks like this to get them up to the right height? They are laid on the foundations. Dont want structural problems down the line.
  5. cwhaley

    Alternatives to Dot and Dab

    Hi all, won't be long before I'm plasterboarding my new extension. I was just looking for a few suggestions on the best alternatives to 'dot n dab'. The boards will be going on new blockwork (typical block/insulation/external brickwork). I don't want to use dot n dab. I know its tried and...
  6. A

    Foundation info

    Hi all I’m hoping somone can give me a little more info we recently bought a new house where the garden is very sloped and in need of raising. we are hoping to put a small retaining wall in front of the rear fence concrete blocks laid flat approximately 0.5m high and back fill to this to bring...
  7. A

    Pergola anchored in tall planters

    Hi, is it possible/safe to screw 4 tall planters to decking and concrete in posts for a pergola? Said pergola will be approx 2.5x4 & 2.5 tall.
  8. V

    Brickwork over External Bifold Steel beam

    Hi Experts, I need some guidance on covering an external beam which builders have installed for rear bifolds. The beam is 305x305 in the external cavity wall as shown in the attached pic. The beam is above the ceiling level of ground floor. The architect suggested that there should be a brick...
  9. I

    Bathroom conversion advise

    We are planning to chop up our large bathroom to a small bathroom incorporating the airing cabinet and to a bedroom. I have no idea where to place the toilet bowl, sink and shower or the measurements. This is going to be the main bathroom (only a wc downstairs). I am not planning to have a tub...
  10. S

    Sealing off a Lean to

    Hi all, I'm wanting some advice about a lean to off my house I'd like to seal off. We bought an 1880's cottage last year that, like all cottages, is fairly small and tight for space. We have a wonderful South Facing garden that I've really enjoyed growing food in, and I'm trying to make it...
  11. D

    Loft Conversion Dismantle / Rebuild Project

    I've started the long and hard process or demolishing a cowboy loft conversion and building a new loft conversion. my progress so far the builder of the loft that i've taken down is John Slaytor company called avoid. I've managed to salvage 65% of the parts and from the old loft and...
  12. eveares

    Planning permission for Pond 25M x 25M x 4M Deep

    This is purely theoretical, but would one need planning permission to build a natural wild life pond on their own private land that was 25M² and was 4 Meters deep? Would hypothetically be used for wild life, and private open water swimming; and no I do not have access to any such land where...
  13. ldunn

    Installing pedestrian garage door

    Hi, I'm after a bit of advice... We're purchasing a new build and one of the things I asked was a side door to be fitted in the garage, so you can access from the garden and not just through the side gate and then through the main garage door. They came back to us and said it couldn't be done...
  14. RobJames

    Building regs advice

    Hi New to the forum. Last year I bought a 1890's ish terraced house. The house came with a massive loft that had been converted to a decent (but aged) standard. The solicitor picked up that there were no building regs for the loft, however, the house wasn't being sold as the loft being a room...
  15. O

    Interior 'false' wall build

    Hi there, I'm looking to build a 'false' wall on one of my bedroom walls, and then cover it in rustic, old style painted wood. This is to hide the chip wood wallpaper (and as it's a rented property I can't strip it) and want to make minimal damage to the wall itself, so when we leave it can be...