1. S

    Insulating 1960's bungalow dormer bedroom and loft

    Hi, Looking for some advice and comments on insulating an old 1960's bungalow, specifically the loft area which has been split and one side converted into a dormer room. Essentially one side is the old loft area, and the other was converted and is the older style dormer room (pic attached). I...
  2. K

    Removing open fireplace in timber framed bungalow

    Hey all, I'm in the process of removing and blocking up an old open fireplace in my 1960s timber framed bungalow. Single skin brick exterior, suspended timber floors. Having dug out the fireplace, back boiler, hearth and fireback, we removed what turned out to be a 'modern' combined throat...
  3. T

    Cracks around concrete lintel

    Hi all I’m a complete novice looking for some advice after spotting some cracking around a concrete lintel on a dormer bungalow (mid 60s built). Is this something I should be concerned about? Recently spotted it although there’s no telling how long it’s been there. It can be seen both...
  4. B

    Why is my home raised, can it be fixed?

    Good afternoon folks! I have recently purchased a Bungalow and plan to renovate and extend it. However as you can see from the below picture the height of the floor is raised a good elevation. Simply put, why would this be the case? Secondly if I am about to completely gut the building, replace...
  5. C

    Cost to replace 1970s bungalow steel window lintels

    Hi, We have a 1970s bungalow, the gable end seems to have an issue with the original steel window lintels having rusted. One window has a gap in the pointing of about 12mm where the bricks have raised all the way along. The other window has a door as well so a bigger span, gap in pointing at...
  6. Matt W

    Best place to mount bell box on a bungalow?

    Hi. I have installed a few intruder alarms over the years and I have just been asked to install one for someone at a new-build bungalow, which is ground-floor only. I now have a decision to make. I can either install the bell box at ceiling height, under the eaves, at the front of the property...
  7. M

    Bungalow Alarm Sensor Placement Yale Smart Alarm

    Hi All I have just purchased a bungalow which doesn't have a alarm. I have purchased a Yale SR-320 Smart Alarm. It comes with 2 PIR and 1 door sensor. I know I need to purchase more door sensors as we have 3 points of entry but would like to know the best place to add the PIR and possibly need...
  8. 3DGECKO

    Permitted Development Bungalow

    Right here it goes. I live in a bungalow to which an upstairs with dormers was added is the 70s. There is also a rear sloped roof extension and a small flat roof extension to the rear and covering half the width. I want to knock down these smaller ones and build one back a further 7m from the...