1. N

    Thermecon 60/80 oil boiler, Ecoflam Minor1, Delta VM1

    Hi folks, Please go easy on a curious/desperate amateur. I've been in this chilly house for 18 years with this set-up providing plenty of heat; the boiler instruction book says 1995. The ageing radiators were flushed about 5 years ago and work fine. I got a top-up of oil just before...
  2. T

    Multifuel burner - Is there a legal requirement for space around it?

    I have bought a multi fuel burner to sit inside the chimney breast in my cottage. The manual that it comes with says there should be space around the sides, back and front. 15cm for the sides (left and right) 30cm for the back front and top. Is this an unquestionable must? If I space it 30cm...
  3. T

    Multi fuel burners - are there regs on output vs room size

    I have a small sitting room, and would like to put in a multi fuel burner. The KW calculator says I only need a 2kw burner, but I'm not sure that they even exist. Are there regulations preventing me from putting (for example) a 5kw burner in?
  4. S

    Reillo G40 burner locking out after at least an hour.

    Good afternoon Ladies and Gents, I have a customer whose boiler locks out periodically after at least one hour. My initial thought was the oil supply and checked that and the filter, replaced nozzle and oil supply hose. Ran fine, obviously I can't wait for it to not work. Pump pressure was...
  5. D

    Riello burner won't fire up

    Our Riello rdb2,2 26-33 burner won't fire up, there is no wall mounted thermostats, it is about 7 years old and our house is very thermally efficient, so there is 600 litres of oil used over a year. Two weeks ago the burner was running to heat some water without any problems. The other day when...
  6. Kingbottler

    Checking Danfoss is oil pump is working

    Would any of you kind folks help me discover why oil is not reaching my boiler's burner nozzle? Is there a surefire way to check an oil pump is functioning? Following running out of oil, I fired up boiler and it went to lockout. The fan starts, motor starts and the motor is going round as I...
  7. Rikki Frederiksen

    Tigerloop de-aerator not filling

    Dear DIY guys, It's snowing here in Denmark and we are currently freezing at home, as the oil-fired boiler is not heating. It is heated by a oil burner (Reillo RG0.R), which is preceded by an two-pipe de-aerator (Tigerloop Type T 80 I) system and an oil filter (Oventrop oilpur). About a month...
  8. R

    Riello RDB

    Hi, my boiler stopped working yesterday. Having looked at it, I noticed that it keeps trying to start but the burner never kicks in. I know a bit about car engines so I partially covered the air intake to act like a choke. This worked and the burner fired up. However, the problem has persisted...
  9. TomDJMac

    Ariston Microgenus II - fan problem?

    Any Help would be appreciated.... My boiler is 7 years old and is as above, an Ariston Microgenus II 31mmfi combi boiler (yes, I know they are cheap but it came with the house). I had to replace the PCB a few years back as the whole thing packed in and it ran fine for a while after this but...
  10. andyr123

    White Bloom on Blast tube of Kerosene Burner

    Hello. we have a Stanley 80 twin cooker with 2 burners in one for CH part, one for cooker part. I had it apart yesterday to clean out combustion chamber and noted that the blast tube on the CH burner had this white bloom on it. The boiler/cooker had a service nov 2015. Both burners on the cooker...
  11. A

    Thermecon Oil Fired Boiler Instant Lockout issue (Ecoflam Minor?)

    Hi Team, I wonder if someone may be able to help with the following issue. The Thermecon boiler is approximately 15 years and in the main performs well. Last year we had a problem with the spark generation to fire the burner. On inspection the HT leads seem to be arcing and the spark wasn't...