1. J

    Summer house/ workshop with C16 timber instead of c24 any good?

    Due of timber cost going mad day by day I was thinking to use c16 4x2 timber to make a garden summer house/ workshop in conjunction with 18mm plywood. Would you use c16 as main structure for the walls and what is the real cons against the c24? Thanks
  2. S

    Independent c24 to a new wireless thermistat

    Hi all, Firstly i want to thank you all for reading this, I'm pretty stuck so any help would be amazing. I currently have an Independent c24 combi boiler. This boiler has never had a thermostat fitted so had the original red cable connection, the boiler has only ever had the timer switch...
  3. T

    Loft Boarding - Clear Insulation or Crush it?

    Ive just moved into a 12 year old home. It has roughly 200mm of insulation (2 sheets of 100mm), but suffers from the "modern house syndrome" of only having 38x75mm joists. This means my insulation sits very proud. I'm looking to board it out. Now, conscious that the existing joists aren't the...
  4. T

    Repressurise Ideal C24 boiler

    This question has come up before in this forum but my setup seems different. Can anyone please help? How do I go about repressurising my C24? Images attached. Thank you.
  5. S

    Ideal Independent C24 F2 fault code.

    Hello All, I am in need of some help. I very recently had a combi boiler fitted, few weeks ago. The problem is it only works without a facia plate on, I am reffering to the big white plate that has the dial names and legend etc. As soon as I put the facia plate back on again it makes a loud...
  6. S

    Boiler Issue, video inside.

    Not a video inside the boiler, I mean a video of the boiler problem inside this post. Sorry for the confusion. Anyway, I wonder if any of you would be kind enough to watch the video of my boiler problem in the hope you could give me an idea of what the issue might be. The symptoms of which...
  7. aehope1991

    Help - cant work out how to increase Ideal Independent C24 boiler pressure

    Hi, the water pressure on my ideal Independent C24 boiler had dropped to about 0.5 and so we have low pressure and intermittent hot water. This happened about a year ago and I managed to fix it by following a thread on here but I have no idea how I did it and haven't been able to find a thread...
  8. T

    Ideal 24 independent boiler pressure

    Hi all, this question has come up before but unfortunately I couldn't solve my issue from reading it! My pressure is down and I don't know how to repressurise. The manual helpfully simply tells you to do it. All YouTube videos refer to the filling loop which as far as I can see I don't have as...