Help - cant work out how to increase Ideal Independent C24 boiler pressure

25 Oct 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi, the water pressure on my ideal Independent C24 boiler had dropped to about 0.5 and so we have low pressure and intermittent hot water. This happened about a year ago and I managed to fix it by following a thread on here but I have no idea how I did it and haven't been able to find a thread with exactly the same photos etc.

There is only one black handle on one end of the silver loop so I cant work out what needs to be turned for water to flow into the system. I have tried nearly every combination and nothin seems to work. Please help!

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I have but most of them say to turn the black handles on each side of the silver loop however mine only has a black handle on one side
The left hand black lever on the filling loop is now open, correctly, but you now have to turn something on the other end. I see you have no lever on this - so normally there would be a screw head for you to quarter turn. As I can't see one, I suspect it might be underneath. Get a mirror to check.

If so, it might prove tricky to get to without slightly loosening the fitting to swivel it around.

Hope this makes sense - good luck!
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I've tried turning the silver screw bit on the right hand side with a wrench and I can hear some water coming through but it also makes water leak out of it and I still can't get the pressure up to 1 that way
Can't see any other screws or anything that looks like it could be turned on/around the loop
something on the other end. I see you have no lever on this

Could it be that this is a check valve and that there is no tap on that end of the flexible coupling hose. ?

The original idea of a removable flexible hose and taps at both ends was to make it possible to remove the flexible after the system had been pressurised thus ensuring it was impossible for water from the radiators to flow back into the drinking water supply. That requirement seems to have been removed from the regulations or it is being ignored by many installers.

If it is a check valve and the black tap is open and the guage is indicating 0.5 bar then either the guage is faulty or the mains supply pressure at the boiler is only 0.5 bar.
the black lever on the valve on the left in your pic with the silver hose is all you need to operate but the plastic handles are terrible for cracking as if it was in this position with the valve actually open the pressure would be too high, try removing the plastic lever and move the valve with an adjustable spanner , make sure you turn the valve back to the off position when you have enough pressure
I have a similar issue as above but I do not have the silver loop? All I have is the attached. I do have it blocked off by a wooden panel but as shown in photo there is still not silver loop behind this, can i repressurise with available knobs?


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