1. D

    How To Wire Drayton Wiser 1-Channel Smart Hub to Ideal Logic Max Combi C35 using OpenTherm

    Last year I had a new combi boiler installed alongside the Drayton Wiser smart hub system. This is the boiler: Ideal Logic Combi Boiler This is the controller system: Drayton Wiser Kit 1 I didn't know at the the time that the installer could wire it NOT using the OpenTherm module. I want to...
  2. timmurray

    Nest wiring - ideal logic combi ESP1 35

    Hello everyone, I am looking to change my naff ESI thermostats to Nest gen 3's and wondered if someone could help me with the wiring. I have two motorised valves in the upstairs airing cupboard along with the wiring centre. I've checked the back of the facia on the wiring centre and there isn't...
  3. M

    Is an expansion tank needed for the heating

    Hi I'm obtaining a few quotes from different local plumbers. Do I need an expansion tank for the heating if the hot water cylinder has internal expansion and does not require one ? I’m looking at having an Ideal Logic Max Heat only 24kw boiler fitted to replace my existing one and a Halo...
  4. M

    Replacing boiler with an Ideal

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of the Ideal Logic Max Heat or the Ideal Logic+ Heat boilers. My plumber says he fits Ideal and needs to be a Heat only one due to less pipe work changes needed ? Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  5. M

    Replacing boiler from a vented to a sealed system.

    I currently have a Glow Worm Flexicom 24hx condensing boiler (13 years old) on the ground floor and a water tank and vented expansion tank in the loft. My home is a detached chalet style bungalow, ground floor and first floor with a small loft area above. It has 4 bedrooms with around 15...
  6. Gbaggerz

    Hive install on Ideal Vogue GEN 2

    Afternoon, I have an Ideal Vogue GEN2 c34 combi boiler with the Ideal Touch and want to remove and install the Hive. I have wired the mains into the hive, removed the red link out of the boiler ( for thermostat) wired to 1 & 3 on the hive. I have unplugged the old wireless thermostat, but my...
  7. Thorn2211

    Ideal Halo App

    Evening. Just had a new ideal boiler installed with halo. All setup, however I can't find the app on the Google Playstore, the instructions just say search for "ideal halo" and install the app. But I can't find it. Has anyone had this issue? Got a friend to check on the apple store and it...
  8. G

    Boiler Flue Tip / Exhaust Vent

    Hello all, We have the boiler serviced every year under a cover plan that we've had. Boiler is great, about 15 years old and we've lived here 4.5 years and it's not let us down at all. Every year they come to service it, every year it passes, although the person servicing it seems to insist...
  9. John Peterhead

    Ideal Esprit HE24 boiler - no hot water

    I say no hot water but ...... OK start from the beginning. (Spark to trade ... I know, I know) Was working fine until 16 months ago and we noticed we wouldnt get hot water unless the pre heat was on. If that was on, we would get hot water as normal. This became slowly less reliable until a few...
  10. S

    Ideal Logic Heat 12 and Danfoss to Hive - Install Help

    Hi everyone, I have just tried to install Hive to my CH system and that didn't go well, I have got Ideal Logic Heat 12, Danfoss TP9000 Si, Danfoss TP5000 Si and small remote room temp sensor in the hall. The heating is twin zone heating + hot water cylinder. When I replaced Danfoss TP9000 Si...
  11. P

    Ideal Isar He35 Making a clicking and clunking noise on startup

    Hi, I have kept this piece of rubbish going for quite a long time and I don't like the idea of getting defeated by it! Every year there is something new to tackle and replace. I will eventually replace it for a real one! I have now got a problem that I can't work out and was wondering if some...
  12. D

    Gap around boiler flue duct

    Hello , had the cover off the other month and saw this gap around the boiler flue duct. Just wondering what should be around it as it doesn't look correct? Should there be a gasket around it? Boiler is an Ideal W2000 Thanks in advance Daniel
  13. K

    boiler firing fails and burner flashing in HW

    My Ideal icos boiler develops to a weird problem. It works fine with heating, but if hot water is required, the boiler has 'c' stayed on and burner led begins flashing, then gone, it starts work. It seems everything normal. After 2/3 minutes, boiler firing stops suddenly and led flashing comes...
  14. S

    Ideal Icos HE24 Sytem boiler fault.

    Hi I would consider myself a competent person with a Master degree in engineering and plenty of experience with commercial equipment but I am not corgi registered. I has a 15 year old Ideal Icos HE24 that has given sterling service, it has had a new ignitor ( the wrong one was fitted during a...
  15. R

    ICOS IDEAL HE15 - Hive Install

    Morning, I have an ICOS IDEAL HE15 boiler with a seperate water tank upstairs. I'm having a few problems with my Hive install (attempted by myself). When I click the CH button on the receiver it doesn't fire the boiler up however, if I click the HW button it does. I removed my thermostat from...
  16. D

    Boiler not firing up Ideal W2000 rs30 help needed.

    Hello, I’ve got an ideal w2000 rs30 gas boiler. I’ve got a bit of an intermittent problem. When I call for either hot water or heating the boiler doesn’t fire up. Sometimes the boiler comes on but if I boost it for 30 minutes it goes off within 10 minutes. I can here the motorised valve...
  17. B

    Low boiler pressure - filling loop not working

    My Ideal Esprit Eco 24 boiler isn't working today (was working fine last night). It's just flashing F1 on the display. Pressure is under half a bar on the gauge. Everything online says I should just be able to open the blue and black valves to top up the water in the system will the filling...
  18. S

    Ideal Logic 24+ Central Heating with no Thermostat

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to call for central heating/turn central heating on without a thermostat? Reason is, I've had an electrician install a Nest for me but I'm pretty sure they've not done it correctly, as now the CH is not working - However I don't want to...
  19. G

    Solenoid valve not staying open - gas valve or PCB replacement?

    My boiler - a 15 year old Ideal FF350 - has been starting to play up: When it starts up the pilot light will ignite with a loud click, then take a long time to start the main burners, before switching off after 90 seconds or so. After another 90 seconds the sequence will start again and again...
  20. D

    Old Ideal Mexico Floor Standing Boiler - any info

    Hi there, I am hoping that one of you lovely folk can help me with some general i formation and advice regarding an old Ideal Mexico floor standing boiler please. We are interested in purchasing a house and in the old fireplace space in the kitchen is one of the boilers. Judging by the font...