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    Strange boiler pressure loss scenario

    Hi there. We have a Vaillant system boiler which has recently had a new expansion vessel and PRV. However, we still have some kind of pressure issue. The pressure remains pretty constant with daily checks and similar usage patterns (typically 1.4 or 1.5 bar) for about 4 weeks, but then suddenly...
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    Unvented central heating losing pressure only in winter

    Hello there Can expert help me with the problem of unvented hot water( mega flow) with two expansion valves and pressure gauge losing pressure only during winter when I turn on the central heating. I have got gas boiler Worcester installed. I could see two radiators always have gas or no water...
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    Expansion vessel full of water

    Hi Sorry for another expansion vessel question but I can find this asked previously Had my boiler service yesterday and the engineer said it is full of water and it needs to be drained. He didn't mention anything about having popped. I pressed the valve and zero water came out. I replaced the...
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    Mains Water Pressure Halved - Water Board says no change?

    Hoping someone might have some ideas on this one. Apolgies for the long first post! Moved into our house in May this year, water pressure has been good since we moved in (And also when checked at viewings 3-6months beforehand). But in the last 3 weeks the mains pressure has dropped out to half...
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    Baxi boilder pressure drop and then returns to normal?

    Hi, I have a baxi duo tec 24 and its started having some weird behaviour. When I run the hot tap the pressure drops and it making a really quiet high pitch whistling sound. The sort of sound that would drive teenagers and dogs mad. No error codes and all work fine. Just want to know what checks...
  6. M

    Boiler losing pressure but can’t find leak!!

    Hi, We’ve had an issue with the boiler losing pressure that needs refilling once a week. We’ve had 3 different leak detection companies and they could never find a leak. We’ve had multiple boiler engineers and they can never find an issue with the boiler. Recently, a gas engineer suggested...
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    Boiler Loosing pressure everyday and leak

    Hello All I would really appreciate your help if someone can. I have Main Elite ECO 30 Combi boiler. It looses pressure everyday and every morning I have to top up the system a little bit in order to clear low pressure alarm E119. I noticed a small leak on the left corner on a plastic thing...
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    How to Repressure Boiler (Performa 24) after having bled radiator

    Hi, I just lost all pressure in my boiler after I bled all the radiators in my flat. I have a Potterton Performa 24 boiler, and am in a flat on the 3rd floor in a building with quite a few other flats. I've attached pictures of the valves and pipes I have in the boiler. Please could...
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    Water pressure apartment building

    Hi, I have recently moved into a new build apartment block (the building was completed in 2018). I live on a fifth floor and the water pressure here is pretty bad. The block has a communal central boiler and all apartments have water pressure valves/gauges on the main cold water pipe marked as...
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    Low hot water pressure

    Hi all I have a a boiler with separate hot water tank, and a water tank in loft.. had no issue with hot water pressure for years, Then kitchen tap (down stairs) lost hot water pressure to a very slow trickle, I put up with it for a few months but now I have issues upstairs whereby the shower...
  11. Denean

    vaillant ecotec pro 28 f22 error

    My boiler screen is showing an f22 error and the pressure is low. Could the two things below be the bits that I need to turn?
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    Megaflo - low pressure from shower after bubble recharge

    Hi I recharged the air bubble in our megaflo a few weeks ago. Since then the pressure coming from our shower seems lower than normal (and temperature of water lower too). I normally let the megaflo gurgle for 30-60mins when recharging, before I get bored. But this time I let it go for a...
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    CH can't raise pressure above 1 bar when cold, okay when warm

    I think I got a leak somewhere in the CH system that I can't locate. It seems to be leaking when the pipework is cold, not when sufficiently warm. This morning the combi boiler, Baxi 830 installed in February, did not come on due to pressure drop, to about 0.5 bar. I tried to top up, initially...
  14. V

    Do systems lose pressure after refilling?

    Hi I recently drained my combi boiler to fit a new radiator. After the refill everything is working fine and I can find no leaks, but the pressure has been dropping 0.1 bar overnight when it's cold. Is this normal for the first day or two? I read that these boilers have an air vent, so perhaps...
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    Boiler not Igniting 24

    Hi Can someone please help, my Worcester Junior 24i boiler is not Igniting. The pressure did drop before I noticed and I've fixed that. Now there's no green light but I hear a lot of ticking after I reset it. I think the pressure dropped because we turned on a rad that was off for a long...
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    Boiler pressure top-up tap leaks when in use, and we use it frequently

    Hi All, Over the past few years, I've had to top up my boiler pressure monthly.
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    Boiler dropping pressure

    Hello all, Just moved into a new house and was met with a nasty surprise. The boiler (Ferroli DOMICOMPACT F30D or F24D) is losing pressure within a span of 4 hours or so. It goes from 2.0bar down to 0.8 - 1.0 bar. The boiler itself appears to be working fine and heats the house up withouth a...
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    Boiler loses pressure after heat comes on

    I have a pretty old combi boiler (glow-worm 24ci), it's at least as old as 2007 when I bought my house. I've had to have a repair done about every two years or so as it will lose pressure repeatedly. This usually happens after I've turned the thermostat down while I'm on holiday. In the past I...
  19. A

    baxi duo tec keeps dropping pressure?

    Hi, I have a baxi duo tec 28 HE which keeps dropping pressure and return E119 error code. In the last month it's had to be topped up 3 times and I topped up again early this week to 2 bar and today the pressure has dropped to below 1 bar. I've checked all the radiator valves for leaks but...
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    Boiler pressure keeps dropping

    Hi, The pressure in my boiler keeps dropping. I've had to repressurise once or twice a day for the past few days. Obviously this isn't right so I'm looking for advice on what the issue could be. The boiler itself is new and was only installed around 6 months ago so I don't think it is that. It...