20 Feb 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I have a a boiler with separate hot water tank, and a water tank in loft.. had no issue with hot water pressure for years,

Then kitchen tap (down stairs) lost hot water pressure to a very slow trickle, I put up with it for a few months but now I have issues upstairs whereby the shower will not work

( I have an electric pump supplying the shower pressure but it keeps cutting out if I try to have any heat coming through it, I suppose because the pump isn't getting the hot water feed it needs and cuts out so as to not run dry and break)

I have taken the the top fitting out of the hot water tank to check for blockage which is ok, other hot taps are ok ( not high press but ok)

My next plan is to disconnect every hot pipe i can get to in order to try and find and remove any blockage... but a plumber I am not... any advice would be very welcome
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Check that the storage cistern in the loft is full.
Could be an air lock .
If you have a mixer tap in kitchen you could force mains pressure cold back up to cylinder ,hold towel against spout tightly , open hot tap
then open cold tap to allow water to flow back ,if you check airlocks on this forum there are other ways mentioned .
Thanks for the suggestions.. tried both and no joy..

There is water in the cistern and I've pushed the cold water through from bottom tap, top taps and through shower head

What would anyone be checking or doing next?

Thanks in advance
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Its fixed!

So i shoved steel cable down any hot water and feed pipes i could... no real findings.

I then switched the cold and hot feeds on the pump to the shower (just changed which side of the pump was pumping hot and cold)

I put a slightly larger pipe on from the water tank feed in the loft to the hot water tank.

Put everything back together and the shower worked with hot water again.

The downstairs tap still dribbling, I disconnected the pipe to the tap and let run into a bucket, i had alot of milky water come out, it then had decent pressure afterwards.

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