hot water issues

  1. S

    Shower stopped working after plumber changed the knobs.

    Hi! So today a plumber came and changed the shower knobs. Everything seemed right until he opened the hot knob again and barely any water comes out. The cold one works as expected. He undid everything to check if something was weird or broken, but he showed us that everything looked normal. He...
  2. Nixstar

    How to use Telford Tristor Thermal store economically

    Hi, Somebody please help! I have recently moved into a home with a Telford Tristor Thermalstore used to heat the water in the flat. Problem is that after 1 and a half showers, hot water has run out. In fact, the hot water is never really that hot. A plumber has been over and changed the...
  3. R

    Nest 3rd Gen - No Hot Water Control

    Hello I managed to replace our old Honeywell ST9420C and wireless thermostat with the Nest Learning Thermostat V3 using the following wiring layout: Honeywell-Nest N-N L-L, 2 & 5 4-3 3-6 Previously, on the old Honeywell programmer there were just 4 wires - N, L, 3, 4. This is working fine...
  4. M

    Low hot water pressure

    Hi all I have a a boiler with separate hot water tank, and a water tank in loft.. had no issue with hot water pressure for years, Then kitchen tap (down stairs) lost hot water pressure to a very slow trickle, I put up with it for a few months but now I have issues upstairs whereby the shower...
  5. clolouise24

    Hot Water/Boiler Issues (Rented Flat)

    Hi there, I recently moved into a rented flat - it's a nice flat and good for the money, but it's also pretty old and has (from what I can assume) a pretty old boiler system. When I moved in I didn't have hot water, the landlord and landlady haven't actually lived in the flat so when they came...
  6. Aszaria

    Upstairs bathroom tap hot water - no pressure

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum so thanks and foremost for your help. Apologies if this is not the right place or been covered by another post. I need some help / advice with a tap in the bathroom upstairs. There is no pressure that comes out of the tap, in fact the more you open the tap...
  7. R

    Boiler fires up for H/W but not C/H

    Hello all, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to this sort of thing but as we can’t have tradesmen in the house due to shielding I’m hoping someone can give me advice to help diagnose my heating problems. We bought this house less than a year ago and starting to find that there are several...
  8. A

    Heeeelp!!! Central Heating works fine but NO hot water and the pressure gauge show high!

    Hi guys/gals I really need your help. It is now over 3 weeks I don't have hot water and I am having to boil water with the kettle for shower :-( Everything was working fine and all of a sadden everything shutdown and I reset the boiler now the boiler fires-up and I do get central heating but...
  9. P

    Hot water mystery - faulty boiler?

    I have a shower running off bath mixer taps (i.e. not an electric shower) and for the last few weeks it has been driving me insane... hot water has been intermittent and water pressure is terrible. Plumbers can't figure out what is causing the problem. What happens is this: when I turn on the...
  10. G

    Isolated hot water issue

    I have just moved into a new apartment and have the below hot water challenge. The unit installed is the Stiebel Eltron Tankless Electric Water Heater. The apartment has 3 bathrooms, each with a shower and basin. My challenge is that I can only get hot water to the kitchen basin if I turn...
  11. D

    Turbomax Plus 828e Hot Water issues

    Dear whoever can help.... I installed a full (18 feed, 4 story) radiator system into my own house 14 years ago. It’s a 1860 building ... I used the Vaillant turbomax 828e...Over the years I have replaced the pressure switch once, the fan assembly once and the PCB once due to a intruding slug...
  12. Sweetpayn

    Issue with hot water, heating controls

    Hi guys, I need some advice regarding hot water and heating thermostats.:unsure: We’ve recently moved in a new building- all electric. The hot water doesn’t go more then 1/2 bath after that is completely cold. We have a 175l Joule unvented cylinder with a aqua system.( Attached pics with...
  13. A

    Biasi M90 32

    Long shot i know but im having a problem with a Biasi m90 32. I can only have either ch or hot water and I only achive that by moving the wires on the diverter, Ive had the diverter changed and the the wiring to the diverter changed and the circuit board changed, any ideas on what it may be?
  14. D

    Combi boiler issue

    Hey :-) I wonder if anyone can offer some advice. My combi boiler isn't providing any hot water. The pressure is fine, the thermostat up. It's on, electricity is supplied and pilot lit it's only 3 years old. The gauge on the front is saying 20 degrees but doesn't go above this. Is there any...
  15. B

    Replaced Horstman 527 with Honeywell ST9400c and Hot Water will not fire

    Good morning everyone, Looking for some pointers. As the title says we replaced the old broken one with a new ST9400C. Transferring the wiring didn't seem too bad at all. I have attached a pic of the old wiring. Basically one wire for CH, one for HW and the loop from Live to 2 and 5 for...
  16. C

    Baxi Combi 80e Hot water issue

    I have a Baxi Combi 80e. I have an issue that the hot water doesn't run constantly when the tap is on and will turn to cold and then get hot again. The boiler will ignite whilst it's running hot and go out when running cold. This is actually worse when running the bath tap. Would this be...
  17. M

    (New Central Heating System Installation) How much should it cost for my requirements

    Hey Everyone, I have a 2 bedroom home (2 floors). The length of the home is 10metres by 6meteres width. Unfortunately, I was duped by a cowboy builder who installed a combi boiler (in the kitchen) and did a full central heating system installation in my home, after a few months the tradesmen...
  18. F

    worcester greenstar 28i hot water issues

    Hey guys, Having issues with a worcester 28i junior combi. Heating is fine but when the hot water is in use it stays hot for around 30 seconds to a minute than runs cold. The boiler does not lock out and the hot water does not come back on. If the taps is then closed and re opens the same...