water pressure

  1. S

    Low water pressure - only in kitchen

    Hi all, I’ve recently moved into a flat - about 5 years old. It has a dishwasher in the kitchen below the sink, as well as a bathroom. The water pressure on the bathroom taps is fine, but the water pressure on the kitchen tap is so low. It’s practically a trickle. And the dishwasher won’t...
  2. L

    Recommended shower pump brand, pressure, and positioning?

    We have a gravity-fed system (well, there's no gravity about it, our water tank is in the airing cupboard). As a result, we get a mere dribble from our shower head. We want to install a shower with thermostatic mixer, with an overhead showerhead and a small hose showerhead so aware we need to...
  3. Rob broom

    How do I boost pressure?

    Hi there. hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction? How do I boost the water pressure of our house? We have our own private water supply from a spring and reservoir in our field. Although the water flows well, It isn’t quite enough pressure to supply an electric shower if you...
  4. M

    Worcester Greenstar 15ri pressure gauge

    Hi all My tenant has a Worcester Greenstar 15ri pressure gauge that isn't heating well (was serviced not long ago) and the symptoms sounded a little like low pressure. However, there's no pressure gauge on the unit itself nor an obvious water pressure valve / key. I found some online manuals...
  5. P

    Cannot open the tap head top cap

    Hi, I have an old tap on the bath. Please see the attached image. Recently the water pressure is very low and flow is very slow. I cleaned the aerator. It is clean. The next step is to check the washer in the cartridge. But, I cannot open the top cap of the tap. How do I remove the tap cap...
  6. N

    Water pressure measured but what does it tell me?

    We moved about a year and a half ago and after initially having an issue with the internal stop tap (it was very stiff and took a while to fully open up). Even now however we can’t run a second tap without a dramatic drop in pressure. A friend suggested getting the pressure and flow checked at...
  7. M

    Water pressure apartment building

    Hi, I have recently moved into a new build apartment block (the building was completed in 2018). I live on a fifth floor and the water pressure here is pretty bad. The block has a communal central boiler and all apartments have water pressure valves/gauges on the main cold water pipe marked as...
  8. 7

    Please help! Reaching out to all plumbers..

    Hello, Firstly, if you’ve come this far, thank you! Today my family and I woke up to a few rather large wet patches in the ceiling of our kitchen and living room (both dripping slowly in to the rooms). I traced the leak up a floor in to our airing cupboard which has the boiler in. In here I...
  9. M

    Low hot water pressure

    Hi all I have a a boiler with separate hot water tank, and a water tank in loft.. had no issue with hot water pressure for years, Then kitchen tap (down stairs) lost hot water pressure to a very slow trickle, I put up with it for a few months but now I have issues upstairs whereby the shower...
  10. G

    Gainsborough shower not heating

    Hi, I am getting no hot water from a gainsborough 9.5 electric shower in a flat, I tested it in another flat with a seperate water supply and it works fine there ! Im thinking that points to low water pressure ? is that correct ? thanks
  11. T

    New stopcock causes reduced flow and new leak?

    Bit of a long saga*, but today the water company came out and fitted a new stopcock at the roadside, because they said the old one might be leaking. The chap said it would be much better to have a new stopcock anyway because the new kind are much easier to turn on/off than the old ones. Anyway...
  12. B

    Water pressure to showers and bath

    Hello and thank you for reading this message. No manuals to go with the hot water cylinder and pressure vessels, so I do not know how to increase the pressure in the system. Please see two photos. At present, pressure ok with showers but when bath runs there is no pressure, not even to toilet...
  13. G

    Water pressure drop to loft with unvented cylinder

    Hi all. We are having trouble with water pressure from our unvented hot water cylinder tank (a.k.a megaflo/megaflow). Over time, the pressure has reduced so much that we can't get any decent flow rate from the taps in the loft. Ground floor and first floor are very powerful as you can see on the...
  14. N

    shower pump nightmare

    Hi all, first things first i had a concealed mixer shower installed and my shower pump did not kick in unless i dropped the shower head below the level of my tap heights. The bathroom installers were baffled, so they suggested uprating my shower pump which was a salamander 1.5 bar to a 3.0 bar...
  15. M

    Shower Pump to powerful???

    Hi I recently had my bathrooms refitted (main bathroom, en-suite and downstairs toilet). I have a gravity fed system, and based on the size of the showerheads (8 inches wide) I was advised to get a 3bar shower pump (by Salamander), however now I find the pressure is really high water is really...
  16. M

    (New Central Heating System Installation) How much should it cost for my requirements

    Hey Everyone, I have a 2 bedroom home (2 floors). The length of the home is 10metres by 6meteres width. Unfortunately, I was duped by a cowboy builder who installed a combi boiler (in the kitchen) and did a full central heating system installation in my home, after a few months the tradesmen...
  17. C

    What pipe sizes for completely new hot and cold water system?

    I'm renovating an old victorian 3 floor terraced house with the usual hellish mish-mash of pipework running in bizarre and ugly locations. I want to replace all that with new pipework while I have the floorboards up. My question is, what pipe sizes should I use for the different bits? The...
  18. B

    Question about boiler/shower combo

    Hello I've got a Ferroli combi boiler, a Modena 80. I would like to convert a bedroom into a second bathroom. The first bathroom has an electric shower that obviously runs from the cold feed. I was hoping to run the new shower in the second bathroom from the boiler, so a mains fed shower...
  19. M

    Hot water tap not firing/igniting boiler (central heating still works)

    Apologies if this issue has been covered. I searched but couldn't find anything specific. I've got a Sime Format 80c Combi boiler, not sure when installed (previous owner) but at least 4/5 years old, that's developed a strange fault in the past couple of weeks. Whenever I switch any of my hot...
  20. G

    Power shower

    I'm due to have an un vented hot water cylinder installed but have a power shower already. Will the extra pressure blow up my shower? What if I just turn the dial to the lowest setting will it be ok then?