Recommended shower pump brand, pressure, and positioning?

25 Apr 2022
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United Kingdom
We have a gravity-fed system (well, there's no gravity about it, our water tank is in the airing cupboard). As a result, we get a mere dribble from our shower head.

We want to install a shower with thermostatic mixer, with an overhead showerhead and a small hose showerhead so aware we need to get a pump but have a few questions:

1. What brands would people recommend? Salamander seems cheaper but very mixed reviews
2. Where would be best to place this? In the airing cupboard with the tanks, or behind the pipe boxing in the bathroom?
3. Would you suggest getting 2.0 pressure, or would 1.5 suffice? It's a one-bed flat and we'd only be feeding the shower/bathroom rather than the whole place. That said.... Our new showerhead is higher than the watertank so not sure if 1.5 would be enough.

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Stuart Turner monsoon universal type in your case.
Sized to meet what requirement is of you proposed shower valve.
Check your feed tank has enough capacity to cope.
Hot will need connection via some sort of flange.
Bottom of airing cupboard for position.
Struggling to find exact info on capacity of the cold water, an online calculator based on measurements tells me it's 250L

It has 227/140 written on the front?
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1. If the water tank in your airing cupboard is the only stored water you have, it is likely to be a small cold water storage cistern over a large hot water cylinder.
2. If the above is the case then it is unlikely that you will have sufficient stored water capacity to fit a pump.
3. Photograph of the hot and cold storage would be useful.
4. Otherwise, as Exedon.
Thanks, this is the hot and cold water tanks. The water storage isn't huge...


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My husband is suggesting we go for the Stuart Turner Showermate universal twin shower pump rather than the monsoon, I'm a bit unclear about the difference other than the difference in price.
1. I doubt you have the storage for a pump. Measure the width, length and height of the cold, the diameter and height of the hot, and calculate both volumes. Assume the cold is 80% full and the hot 100%.
2. The Monsoons are better made, and you can get spares for them, which you can't for the Showermates.
Looking @ the pictures you have a galvanized cistern and that mark by the writing on the side is the metal rotting through from the inside. Like a 1960's car. You need to appraise the setup before you buy a pump.(n)
It's either that or you may be able to get a mains pressure unvented cylinder installed.. That requires a fitter with a certificate for unvented installs. Doesn't necessarily mean a big firm but the cert. is like Gas Safe for instance and must be checked. Are you in a flat ? the unvented cylinder needs pipework run to the outside of the building which may not be possible.
Your going to need a pump with a negative head.
That will cost a small fortune. No pump manufacturer will honour their warranty if your pump packed up the day after you fitted it.

Upgrading the tanks will also cost a bit...

Why not look at your whole system... How old is your boiler?
If its more than 8 years old then I would look at fitting a combination boiler. If you can afford it rip it all out and replace with a system boiler with an unvented cylinder.... However you will need to have good incoming main pressure for the above.

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