1. G

    Help please mould under loose bathroom tiles

    Hi, I have some loose bathroom tiles near the shower that we're actually growing mushrooms from, and they were also growing on the other side of the wall. They have been up over 20 years. Will letting the wall dry out, spraying with diluted bleach and re tiling be sufficient or should I do...
  2. bettz1

    Is this the remains of a screw? Shower bar broken

    Hi our showers slide bar has just jumped off the wall The bottom part is all rusted and I've a horrible feeling this is the remains of the screw stuck in the plug in the wall. Any idea on how I can get the screw out? I've tried pliers but it's not budging
  3. D

    Bathroom stud wall.

    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm correct. We would like to build stud wall to accommodate excased shower with pipes and possibly nieche shelf. I'm aware aquapanels should be used. However the stud wall timber if I'm correct needs to be attached to old council style brick wall. Should the wall be timber...
  4. S

    110mm Solvent Weld Reducers

    Right next to my shower tray there is a 110 mm soil pipe and i need to feed-in the 40mm waste pipe. Being in a recess, once it is connected up it is virtually inaccessible without taking the tray back out again. :-/ My question relates to the best type of reducer to go with i.e. solvent weld or...
  5. nbellyjnr

    Electric Shower Power Issue (Triton Madrid II)

    Hoping someone can help me here. Today I turned on the electric shower (Triton Madrid II) but it didn’t power on. The isolator switch light turns on initially but the light turns off when I turn the shower to any power mode. The LED power indicator on the shower does not turn on at any point...
  6. J

    Mira Sport Electric Shower drips from head

    Hello I have an ancient Mira Sport Electric Shower that drips from the shower head when not in use. It drips every ten seconds or so. Not sure if this is diagnosable from photos alone? If it's clearly something simple for a non-DIYer like me to fix then that would be ideal. Otherwise I'll look...
  7. D

    Could anyone recommend a replacement for a redring expressions 500 8.5 kWh shower

    They don't seem to make this shower anymore. Could someone recommend a like for like replacement or one that's a near fit please?
  8. B

    Advice - what size end caps do I need to isolate bar shower when removed??

    Hi All I’m wondering what size end caps I need to isolate the H and C that goes to a bar shower when removed. I’m my mind I’m thinking it might be 3/4” BSP? Or is it bigger? Plus will I not need some firm of rubber/nylon washer to put in place as well?? Thanks
  9. S

    Shower mixer getting stiff

    Hi I've got a concealed shower mixer, which has got stiffer to turn on over time. Basically to turn the shower on, you turn a handle to rotate the it by half a turn, so about 180 degrees, on the attached photo, this is the white lever pointing down. Over the last couple of years, this has got...
  10. C

    Shower diverter valve for 15mm pipe

    I have a shower with a 15mm chrome riser pipe up to a waterfall type head. I want to cut into the riser and add a diverter valve that will feed a regular shower head, because I don't want to replace the whole riser. Problem is that I can't find a diverter valve with 15mm fittings. Does such a...
  11. H

    Substrate for Multipanel

    Hi All I am looking to install a 3 sided shower enclosure using Multipanel and need some advice on what to fix to. The shower was previously tiled on 12mm marine ply on timber studwork. The tile adhesive is stuck to the ply along with the old tanking membrane. The surface is ripped from...
  12. BoudinC

    Shower tray fitting - is it proper to cut out plasterboard

    Hi, i have a 1400 wide bathroom and a 1400 x 900 tray. I have had to disassemble and replace plasterboard etc due to a leak, but the recess between 2 walls is now less than 1400! Is it possible/proper to scrape back the plasterboard to widen the recess? Any help appreciated!
  13. N

    Shower runs hot then cold then hot......

    I have an old Worcester Bosch Greenstart HE plus combi boiler. 3 months ago the shower, which has been working perfectly for last 5 years, would start off at correct temperature and then after about 2 minutes would run cold. Just as it was running cold I heard the boiler fire up and after...
  14. J

    Valiant ecoTEC pro 28

    Hi there, we would really appreciate some advice! We are looking to get a new shower for our bathroom. Our boiler is the "Valiant ecoTEC pro 28". Does anyone know if the "MIRA EVENT XS REAR-FED WHITE THERMOSTATIC POWER SHOWER" would be compatible with our boiler? This Mira shower says the...
  15. N

    Replace the waste on Mira shower tray without lifting the floor

    We have inherited a neglected shower in the en-suite with a house we bought recently. Is it possible to replace the manky peeling chrome waste on this Mira shower tray without remove the shower tray? I don't want to try and force it for fear of it coming to pieces and making work for myself...
  16. PhilFromYorkshire

    Shower lever diverter

    I have a set of bath taps with a shower diverter. The diverter operates with a lever that turns about an eighth of a turn to swap from shower to taps - see first picture. The whole bathroom including these taps were inherited from the previous owner Unfortunately the diverter leaks - when set...
  17. A


    Could anyone help identify this shower? Is it power shower? Any recommendations for an easy replacement? Thanks!
  18. L

    Recommended shower pump brand, pressure, and positioning?

    We have a gravity-fed system (well, there's no gravity about it, our water tank is in the airing cupboard). As a result, we get a mere dribble from our shower head. We want to install a shower with thermostatic mixer, with an overhead showerhead and a small hose showerhead so aware we need to...
  19. H

    Shower repair - solenoid coil replaced, now leaks.

    Hi all - i have a mira sprint electric shower. A week or two ago it stopped working, had power, but no water. After some research i found that a faulty solenoid coil could be a sensible place to start. I ordered the part from Mira, and fitted it and was very happy as water flowed again...
  20. Robotman

    Advice on System vs Combi with accumulator

    Hi, I currently have a combi boiler which drops flow rate when a second tap is turned on. I'm also looking to add a second shower. The flow rate i have is 12 ltr per min and i cannot install a blue pipe because a i have a shared mains with the neighbour. I have a couple questions: If i place...