1. C

    Shower diverter valve for 15mm pipe

    I have a shower with a 15mm chrome riser pipe up to a waterfall type head. I want to cut into the riser and add a diverter valve that will feed a regular shower head, because I don't want to replace the whole riser. Problem is that I can't find a diverter valve with 15mm fittings. Does such a...
  2. H

    Substrate for Multipanel

    Hi All I am looking to install a 3 sided shower enclosure using Multipanel and need some advice on what to fix to. The shower was previously tiled on 12mm marine ply on timber studwork. The tile adhesive is stuck to the ply along with the old tanking membrane. The surface is ripped from...
  3. BoudinC

    Shower tray fitting - is it proper to cut out plasterboard

    Hi, i have a 1400 wide bathroom and a 1400 x 900 tray. I have had to disassemble and replace plasterboard etc due to a leak, but the recess between 2 walls is now less than 1400! Is it possible/proper to scrape back the plasterboard to widen the recess? Any help appreciated!
  4. N

    Shower runs hot then cold then hot......

    I have an old Worcester Bosch Greenstart HE plus combi boiler. 3 months ago the shower, which has been working perfectly for last 5 years, would start off at correct temperature and then after about 2 minutes would run cold. Just as it was running cold I heard the boiler fire up and after...
  5. J

    Valiant ecoTEC pro 28

    Hi there, we would really appreciate some advice! We are looking to get a new shower for our bathroom. Our boiler is the "Valiant ecoTEC pro 28". Does anyone know if the "MIRA EVENT XS REAR-FED WHITE THERMOSTATIC POWER SHOWER" would be compatible with our boiler? This Mira shower says the...
  6. N

    Replace the waste on Mira shower tray without lifting the floor

    We have inherited a neglected shower in the en-suite with a house we bought recently. Is it possible to replace the manky peeling chrome waste on this Mira shower tray without remove the shower tray? I don't want to try and force it for fear of it coming to pieces and making work for myself...
  7. PhilFromYorkshire

    Shower lever diverter

    I have a set of bath taps with a shower diverter. The diverter operates with a lever that turns about an eighth of a turn to swap from shower to taps - see first picture. The whole bathroom including these taps were inherited from the previous owner Unfortunately the diverter leaks - when set...
  8. A


    Could anyone help identify this shower? Is it power shower? Any recommendations for an easy replacement? Thanks!
  9. L

    Recommended shower pump brand, pressure, and positioning?

    We have a gravity-fed system (well, there's no gravity about it, our water tank is in the airing cupboard). As a result, we get a mere dribble from our shower head. We want to install a shower with thermostatic mixer, with an overhead showerhead and a small hose showerhead so aware we need to...
  10. H

    Shower repair - solenoid coil replaced, now leaks.

    Hi all - i have a mira sprint electric shower. A week or two ago it stopped working, had power, but no water. After some research i found that a faulty solenoid coil could be a sensible place to start. I ordered the part from Mira, and fitted it and was very happy as water flowed again...
  11. Robotman

    Advice on System vs Combi with accumulator

    Hi, I currently have a combi boiler which drops flow rate when a second tap is turned on. I'm also looking to add a second shower. The flow rate i have is 12 ltr per min and i cannot install a blue pipe because a i have a shared mains with the neighbour. I have a couple questions: If i place...
  12. B

    Shower Cartridge - Repair/Replace?

    My shower (Triton Combi HP) is about 20 years old. Suddenly it has developed a fault - not enough hot water is coming through (hot water is fine in the rest of my flat). I can get the temp up using the rotary thingy, but if I go beyond the safety stop it gets colder again! Given its age, is it...
  13. D

    Shower hose non-return valve built in.

    I have a power shower (Triton Opal) on which I have changed the shower head and hose previously. I can't remember the source or details about the replacement hose I used, but looking at it now I can see that it has an inbuilt blue plastic diaphragm type thing about an inch in from one end, which...
  14. J

    Using a standard shower pump for the whole house

    I have a gravity fed system which consists of a cold water storage tank in the loft and a hot water tank on the ground floor in an airing cupboard. The hot water pressure on the ground floor in the kitchen and toilet is decent, which is expected as the water has a longer drop from the loft. On...
  15. A

    New Ensuite - Regs and Sloped Ceiling

    We are currently planning and designing a new en-suite in our master bedroom. This is an entirely new room as there is no ensuite already. The ceiling along the back, longest wall is sloped with the lowest point being around 5ft. Is there any regulations regarding minimum height/headspace...
  16. Rob broom

    How do I boost pressure?

    Hi there. hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction? How do I boost the water pressure of our house? We have our own private water supply from a spring and reservoir in our field. Although the water flows well, It isn’t quite enough pressure to supply an electric shower if you...
  17. KevinRussell

    Can't find cold water Isolator (stopcock)

    I am looking to replace a Power Shower at home. It's straight replacement with Power and cold water. The Power is a switch on the consumer unit. My issue is that I can't find an isolator for the cold water feed. The pipe comes out through a tile. The house is new and there are no exposed pipes...
  18. 1

    Fully enclosing a walk-in shower??

    Morning all, we’ve recently purchased a house in need of renovation, we’ve been looking at ideas for the shower room and came across this picture in a catalog, is it a good/bad idea to fully enclose a shower as seen in the picture (boxed in above the glass), if a good extractor fan is fitted...
  19. G

    Is it worth replacing the tap insides or the tap ?

    I have a dripping shower which comes from.a mixer tap. I'm wondering what's easiest to replace the washers ? Or inner thingy ? Or replace the to whole tap, looks like they cost £50.
  20. D

    Shower Skirt / end piece

    Hi I recently had a leak underneath my shower tray, the piece that covers the end (shower skirt?) was removed but has been damaged. This looks like something that has been cut to size, I've tried to find a skirt which would fit but can't find one off the shelf. The dimensions are 73x1x17cm Can...