1. M

    Shower runs hot... then cold... then hot... allegedly

    Hello folks Installed in my flat is a Triton Ivory 2 8.5 KW electric shower model number H12. I am informed by my tenant that the shower occasionally will run hot, then cold, then hot. I visited and ran the shower on my hand for 5-7 minutes. Adjusted the temperature up, then down, then back...
  2. C

    Traymate Shower Tray Drain Leak

    Hi, I have a a Traymate shower tray installed in my bathroom which seems to have started leaking. It has been installed for just under 5 years now but I have noticed a brown line on the ceiling underneath in my garage which would appear to be directly under the horizontal shower tray drain exit...
  3. F

    How best to change this bath/shower setup?

    Hello, everyone. The attached shows the shower/bath setting we inherited when we moved into our new home. The bath is a walk-in one, although I don't know whether that's relevant. As you'll see, there's a rain shower which is slightly coming loose from its fittings, and what I'd assumed was a...
  4. G

    Mira shower tray riser kit

    Hi, I recently bought a Mira flight safe tray 1000x800 mm that needs to be raised. Are Mira riser kits sturdy or wooden frames are considered to be more solid?
  5. S

    Is it ok to use two washers in a shower hose connection?

    Hi all! TL;DR - I used two washers, one on top of the other, to fix a leaking shower hose connection. Is this a good idea or not? Longer version: I just replaced my old rusty shower hose. When I fitted the new hose using a single washer for the connection to the wall, water sprayed out of that...
  6. A

    How to fix wall behind broken tile

    Hi all, Hoping you can help. I’ve been tiling my shower and was ready to grout before putting a massive scratch on one of the tiles. I went to remove the tile but it’s taken the tanking and some of the cement board with it. As it’s in a shower, I want to do what I can to make sure it’s not going...
  7. J

    No power electric shower

    Hi I have a redring glow electric shower. It’s pretty much brand new all the hoses ect the actual unit itself is too. Was fitted about half a year ago. Has been working fine. Used it half an hour ago and now all of a sudden I’ve gone to turn it on again and there’s zero power. Checked the fuse...
  8. M

    Wet Wall in Shower Cubicle

    Hi We moved in to a house with a decent Shower area. Only issue is that its a curved wall and im looking for some type of rubber/plastic sheet i could bond to the wall to stop the shower head wetting wall etc. The green area marked is where i would like to bond the sheet. Image attached best...
  9. P

    questions about cement plastering and bathroom

    Hey all! I'm new to plastering. I'm renovating some large property by myself and learning a lot of plumbing, some minor electricity, woodworking, metalworking, glasswork ext. It's going great as I'm putting 24h a day researching how to and working :) I'm getting really better at plastering...
  10. N

    Mira Select Shower Cartridge

    Hi all, Our Mira Select shower (fitted in 2003) has decided to kick the bucket and the dial will no longer turn. After taking off the front cover is seems the plastic clip on the blue cold water side has snapped and we need a new cartridge. I’m cautiously optimistic this is what we need...
  11. A

    Help fitting a concealed shower head please

    Hey! I am trying to finish off fitting this shower head but unfortunately seem to have run into issues accessing the thread. I’ve attached a couple photos of the issue. Would anyone know what would be required here? There’s tile then plasterboard, a cavity then where i have good access theres...
  12. A

    Fitting a shower spray stop valve to a pipe

    Hey! Would anyone have any tips and guidance to fit this stop valve onto this pipe, please? It is a valve for a shower spray and i’m wanting it to go right in so the chrome plate covers the tile. I’m aware that something may need to go behind the tile so anything to make that simpler would be...
  13. B

    Soil pipe cross flow between sink and shower

    Attached is a ground floor picture of the soil pipe in our home. There was originally a toilet which has now been permanently capped off and you can also see a sink waste pipe attached. My plan is to drill out one of the 50mm sockets directly opposite the current sink waste for a new 40mm...
  14. pwjmorley

    Aqualisa Quartz Digital not getting hot enough

    I've have had my Aqualisa Quartz Digital shower for about 6 years and haven't had any issues up to now. I recently turned down the Combi Boiler so to heat to the Eco setting. This turned down the heat for the shower as expected, but not warm enough so then changed the boiler back to 75 degrees...
  15. T

    Shower light cover

    Hi. Hopefully a simple one but does anyone know how I'd go about removing one of these covers from a light in a shower please? And also where I could possibly get a replacement? The cosmetic damage to it just bothers me a bit and I'm guessing they're probably cheap to replace. Cheers
  16. R

    Shower fixture

    Hi, please can someone advise the make and model of this fixture as we need to replace. Thanks.
  17. jdickinson

    Shower started leaking from here mid way through showering

    Hi everyone, first post on here, looking for some advice. My triton shower started leaking from the top of the outlet. See attached image. Circled area is the outlet bit. It is leaking where this bit attaches to the black unit. Any ideas what to do. DIY is not my specialty! I don't have a pump...
  18. G

    Help please mould under loose bathroom tiles

    Hi, I have some loose bathroom tiles near the shower that we're actually growing mushrooms from, and they were also growing on the other side of the wall. They have been up over 20 years. Will letting the wall dry out, spraying with diluted bleach and re tiling be sufficient or should I do...
  19. bettz1

    Is this the remains of a screw? Shower bar broken

    Hi our showers slide bar has just jumped off the wall The bottom part is all rusted and I've a horrible feeling this is the remains of the screw stuck in the plug in the wall. Any idea on how I can get the screw out? I've tried pliers but it's not budging
  20. D

    Bathroom stud wall.

    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm correct. We would like to build stud wall to accommodate excased shower with pipes and possibly nieche shelf. I'm aware aquapanels should be used. However the stud wall timber if I'm correct needs to be attached to old council style brick wall. Should the wall be timber...