pressure drop

  1. J

    Boiler pressure

    Hi everyone, I need some advice on my boiler (Baxi Main Eco Elite) When the boiler is running the central heating, the boiler pressure gauge slowly drops about 0.5 bar of pressure. When the central heating turns off using the timer, it bounces back up 0.5 bar...Is this normal? There are no...
  2. J

    Glow worm betacom 24A pressurise

    Hi we have moved into a new house snd one of the radiators needed bleeding.. i have bled the radiator but the the pressure has dropped to 0.4 , i have searched for a video or instructions on this model but ive had no joy. can any body shed some light .. i think its the black one but i wanted to...
  3. aehope1991

    Help - cant work out how to increase Ideal Independent C24 boiler pressure

    Hi, the water pressure on my ideal Independent C24 boiler had dropped to about 0.5 and so we have low pressure and intermittent hot water. This happened about a year ago and I managed to fix it by following a thread on here but I have no idea how I did it and haven't been able to find a thread...
  4. M

    Boiler pressue

    Hi, we had our boiler serviced over the summer with no issues. Hot water has been fine. We put the heating on for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it was fine but when it came to the following day we realised the pressure had dropped (no hot water). We sorted this and all well again but did...
  5. LuigiXL

    Combi Boiler.. Under pressure!

    Hi all! I live in a flat on the first floor of a converted house. About six months ago i had a combi boiler installed to replace an old failing boiler. Recently the boiler will occasionally fail to fire up to due to the pressure dropping to 0.. This normally happens if I am away for a night or...