1. J

    Need (hopefully simple) help!

    Hi we moved into our house last summer and it wasn’t until winter we started having problems. We couldn’t get the radiators to work until my dad came around and fiddled with loads of stuff on the boiler and the radiators. To his credit it worked but now we can’t get the radiators to go off and...
  2. L

    Earth problem from boiler tripping RCD

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice. We had a new consumer unit fitted with an RCD and when we switch the boiler/heating on it trips the RCD. The boiler is wired to the consumer unit via the ring main with a 32a fuse. We have an old boiler (ideal Mexico floor standing boiler with a separate...
  3. R

    What kind of filter do I need with underfloor heating?

    So I have a combi boiler and two zones, one is underfloor heating and the other goes around 9 radiators. There has been alot of black sludge blocking the heat exchanger the last few years. I am planning to get a filter on the system and I was recommended the Magnaclean Pro 2. However I dont...
  4. R

    Is it worth moving pipework to fit mag filter on return?

    I have a combi boiler that has no mag filter and the heat exchanger is getting full of crap from the system, which is costing me money (about £130) to get cleaned every year. I had a couple of plumbers round, one said he could fit mag filter for £300, which I assume would be on the flow, since...
  5. A

    Ideal Instinct PCB

    I am aware I am not a gas engineer btw.. So long story short, my boiler is bricked. No display, nothing. Background is that I started fitting a Drayton Wiser Hub and thermostat. While I got it wired in fine the boiler failed to light when the Wiser Hub called for heat. It was getting late and...
  6. D

    CV UFH & warm water supply system for a tiny house

    Hi all, I'm new in here. So I'm working on a tiny house for myself and currently designing the CV & warm water supply system. I'm an engineer myself, but CV, electrical and plumbing are not my core expertises, so I was trying to seek for a professional advice here in the Netherlands where I'm...
  7. I

    Potterton Powermax HE 85 CP not switching on

    I have a Potterton Powermax HE 85 boiler, which is about 15 years old. This morning I noticed the boiler was off so I checked the house electrics to make sure there was no trip switch activated - there wasn't. I am insured with Baxi who are visiting next Thursday to repair and do a service...
  8. T

    Alpha combi boiler - power flush or replace?

    Help me please! Moved into this house last year, it hasn't been looked after at all. Gas combi boiler (Alpha InTec 25XE) has always just about worked. It's only ever given us constantly hot water if the tap or shower is turned on to a very low pressure. Even half pressure and it'll run hot for...
  9. S

    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I’ve just bought the Hive Mini and I’m trying to switch the receivers My current one is a Honeywell wired up as seen here…. Can some please tell me where exactly each wire goes in the hive receiver as that is marked N L 1234 not NLL ABC Thank you
  10. M

    Keston C36 Combi boiler - E03 error daily

    This error code appears daily when the shower is in use in main bathroom (and abruptly stops hot water) It works fine if I use shower in second (ensuite) bathroom. On the website it says "E03: Overheated boiler". (It might be true as the water in main bathroom comes out real hot! Even if I...
  11. T

    Upgrade analogue thermostat to Worcester Easy Control

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can help please. I have what I believe to be an S plan central heating system, consisting of: Worcester Greenstar 27Ri boiler Horstmann h37xl programmer British Gas RS1 room thermostat Danfoss zone valves x2 Honeywell wiring centre Telford stainless sealed hot water...
  12. E

    Noisy Radiator Clicking

    Have recently moved into a new house and the radiator in our master bedroom clicks like hell when heating up and cooling down. Searched on here and tried everything below but nothings worked. I’ve traced the sound as best as I can, and whilst I can hear/feel it mostly from the TRV pipe side it’s...
  13. C

    Boiler flue extension DIY?

    Hi all, I have a boiler flue exiting my house wall. Hot gases from the flue are continually setting off the security light PIR which was recently installed by a (clearly somewhat dopey) electrician. See photos attached. I have considered moving the light (or the PIR), but the gases would...
  14. Matthew David Wills

    What temperature should I set my non-condensing boiler?

    Hello! I have a Worcester 28i RSF non-condensing combi boiler. I am installing a room thermostat to be used with it. What central heating temperature would you recommend I leave the boiler at considering I will have the room thermostat set to 19°C? Thank you!
  15. lmatt44

    Advice on wiring hive mini single channel

    Hello, I've recently got a hive mini to replace a Siemens RDJ10RF. I'm not the most electrically skilled person, however I thought I'd do my best and see if its possible for me to do. Any help you could provide would be great! I've attached the picture of the Siemens receiver, which looks as...
  16. S

    No Water or Heating for days

    Hi, I’m hoping if someone can help me, I’m a DIY novice! On Friday morning we woke up and both the heating and water weren't working (apart from the kitchen tap cold). The temperature on Thursday night was -7, and it hasn’t got much warmer, up to about 0 degrees. I’m assuming I have a frozen...
  17. D

    Main eco boiler leaking

    Hi could anyone tell me why this pip is leaking and what I can do to fix it . The boiler is a main elite and that white pip at the back started leaking yesterday Thanks
  18. bettz1

    Ideal Logic 15 Eco Mode

    Hi just wondered if somebody could tell me what the eco mode does on my ideal logic 15 boiler? As daft as it prob sounds will it save me money on this mode? Curiosity has got the better of me.
  19. georgien

    Loud humming/droning noise coming from boiler

    Our boiler began making a noise at the start of the year so we were meant to be getting a new boiler this year but due to shortages we’re not getting one until January. The noise stopped during the year as we weren’t hearing the house, but last night it started up again. We just want to know if...
  20. B

    Newly installed boiler - short cycling?

    Just had a 40 year old boiler replaced. Due to a future addition planned in the next few years, we installed a slightly larger boiler. (166k btu instead of 155k btu). The new boiler is a Weil-McLain CGA Series 3. The old boiler would turn on when the thermostat called for heat and the burner...