1. R

    Baxi Duotec HE 33 CH cycling on off

    Hi Wonder if anyone can help? I’m having a problem with my combi boiler, the CH keeps cycling on/off on a three minute cycle instead of modulating at the set temperature. It will fire up and ramp up to max fire before dropping back again but then overshoots the set temperature (65degC) and...
  2. S

    Low CH Pressure in Glow Worm Betacom2 28 Boiler

    So I found this site while googling my problem - I can’t find any videos online that exactly match my boiler and since I know next to nothing about boilers, I don’t want to accidentally make the problem worse. My boiler is flashing a CH pressure of between 0.2-0.4, it’s been gradually getting...
  3. C

    Nest 3 / Easicom 28

    Hello, I’ve been going round in circles on this and could really do with some help! I have a Glowworm Easicom 28 Boiler which connects to a Glowworm thermostat in my hall. I would like to instal a Nest 3 to improve efficiency (and because the controls on the thermostat are very clunky). I think...
  4. S

    Connect Baxi Solo 2PF to hive

    Im an electrician trying to connect Hive to my Baxi solo 2PF boiler but the hive diagrams dont match the available terminals and I dont understand enough about boilers to chance guessing at it and frying the mother board. Please help! (Diagrams and boiler terminals attatched)
  5. S

    Boiler making strange intermittent noises (see video link with sound)

    I have an electric boiler which has started making noises intermittently, which sound like it could be the pump into it. See this video to illustrate the noise it makes (the sound started up at the 17 seconds mark): It seems to do this every few minutes, occasionally very often, other times...
  6. R

    Boiler service itinerary

    Hey folks, About to have my 5-year Viessmann Vitodens 100-W service. Boiler hasn't missed a beat since its installation in Feb 2019. Should I be expecting something other than a general inspection, magnetic filter and condensate trap clean? Seen lots of videos of people having burners cleaned...
  7. T

    House oil being used up faster than before

    We have an issue with our oil tank that's driving me nuts! The oil is burning faster than it did this time last year and I cannot work out why this is happening. Our setup includes: - 2500 ltr oil tank with Apollo Ultrasonic meter reader - a Camray Quartet oil boiler which has dual zone...
  8. Petewxm

    glow worm hot water connection pipe, easy to replace?

    Hello, Can anyone help, I have a leak on my boiler, which looks like its coming from the nut on the hotwater connection pipe. My question is - Is it easy to replace, looks like one end just push fits and the other is just tighten the nut? Empty the system first? Thanks Pete
  9. O

    Loft storage PIR - 5cm between rafter + 10cm between joists

    Hi, I'd like to board my loft and use it for storage and I'd like to move my combi boiler from the bedroom to the loft, to gain some space. I'd like to replace the current loft insulation with PIR to gain some height: 191cm is the highest point from the top of the joists to the rafters. I'd also...
  10. M

    keston c36 combi too hot water

    My Keston C36 combi boiler is acting up - the water's getting way too hot. It's hitting around 90 degrees when in use. And then bounces back to 40s. The led indicator for DHW also turns ON/OFF while temperatures bounces. (PFA) Any ideas what might be causing this or how I can fix it? To add...
  11. A

    Instant hot water taps vs. Combi Boiler

    Hi all, I wanted to get your thoughts on a couple of options for a small flat in a mid-terraced house. We currently have an old electric immersion heater and were looking to update. We have no gas supply and currently the heater supplies hot water to three sets of taps (kitchen, bathroom sink...
  12. I

    ideal logic combi 30

    I have ideal logic combi 30. I have put the hot water setting to maximum heat and reduced the water pressure to very low but I am still getting luke warm water. Central heating is working fine. some one told me that it could be heat exchanger plate. I don't know much about these. any help would...
  13. S

    New Boiler payment when faulty

    Hi, I had a new Ideal Vogue boiler installed a couple of days ago, when doing final testing the boiler water temperature wouldn’t go above 45°, the engineer said I needed to register a warranty claim. I’ve paid for his time and parts and the hive but have withheld the payment for the boiler...
  14. Auric

    Water dripping out of flue and into boiler - an easy fix for DIYer?

    Hi all I noticed water dripping from the bottom of my Vaillant combi boiler and found the source to be the base of the flue where it connects to the boiler (as in the photo below). I've sent pictures to the boiler installer but he's ghosting me. Is this something I can fix? Tighten up the...
  15. F

    Hot water help

    Hi, not sure if this is the right forum but I’ve just moved into a rented flat and we only seem to get hot water if we put on the boost for an hour, I have attached pictures of the boiler and just wanted to check that the hot tap was actually turned on and all the valves and things are on the...
  16. D

    Open vent boiler system with massive air bubbling issue

    Hi everyone, I've been experiencing some constant air bubbling noise on the top floor of our house. I've done some investigating and I think I know what's happening but I'm not expert so I figured it would be best to check with people in the know. I've tried to map out the system so here goes...
  17. S

    Boiler wiring /spur

    Hi all, My boiler is being replaced later this week. The old one was just plugged into a single switched socket which is obviously not ideal. I would like to create a usable plug, can I leave the switched socket and just create a fused spur off of that socket for the boiler? Do I need to use...
  18. eveares

    Do any Vaillant weather compensating controls support traditional hard wired thermostats?

    I have have a Vailant EcoTec Plus 937 boiler that is about 10 years old. During it's first few years, I had the VRC700f control with the wireless outdoor temperature sensor, that modulates the flow temperature based on the outside temperature. Unfortunately the outside weather temperature...
  19. J

    Understanding how my boiler operates

    Hi, First of all apologies for having zero knowledge about any of this… But our energy bill was through the roof this month. Both these switches by the main boiler in cupboard were on. Then there’s this other one in the kitchen. I just need some understanding of how this set up operates...
  20. H

    Boiler not firing - which valve?

    Firebird boiler isn't firing so I assume I need to bleed it, but I'm not sure where the valve is. I keep seeing different things online that say I should loosen the valve where the Allen key is, or the lower hexagonal nut. Which is it?