1. A

    Boiler dropping pressure when heating turned off

    Hi just after some advice or if there is anything I can do before calling an engineer out. We have been in our home 2 years and the boiler is about 10 years old baxi duo tec 33 boiler I believe and never had an issue. We are having a problem now where as when the heating is on its perfectly...
  2. GrumpyBadger

    Boiler pressure issue

    Hi, I've got a Main combi eco 25. When CH is running a lot, the pressure reaches 3 bar and the PRV seems to kick in as I can see a slow dribble from the outside pipe. I think what happens next is when CH is off for a while, the temp drops and the pressure also drops low enough so that the...
  3. J

    Brown water leaking from boiler

    I have a potterton boiler that’s leaking water from under the control panel. Just seems to be a few drops every few days. It seems to be working otherwise. Worried it’s on its last legs. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. J

    hand held boiler temperature controller not interacting with the boiler

    i have a SALUS RT500RF hand held controller and a VAILLANT combi-boiler. i recently had to change the batteries in the hand held unit and since then it doesn't actually control the boiler. both red and green lights are on on the receiver unit but even if the flame is showing on the controller...
  5. C

    Boiler repressurise question

    Hi. I have a Vaillant EcoTec Pro boiler. I've just tried to repressurise it as it's down to 0.5 bar. I seem to have only one valve for the filling loop though and when I turn it, water starts leaking out. (I quickly closed it again.) Should I be worried? I didn't wait a long time after turning...
  6. S

    Salus Timeguard not controlling boiler

    I've recently moved into a new flat. I have a Timeguard NTT04 (timer, not thermostat) plugged into the mains to control our Worcester Greenstar Compact boiler. I've plugged all the timings into the Timeguard and the green light comes on when it's supposed to start the heating but the boiler...
  7. SYW

    Add water to boiler Valliant 182e

    Hello, I have a Valliant 182e boiler which I need to top up with water as pressure is too low. I cannot find the 2 valves on the filling loop though. Maybe there's another way to do this, but I am afraid to break something. These photos show the pipes bottom to top. Please help!
  8. D

    No heating since boiler move but hot water fine

    Hi, We had our approximately 7 year old logic combi 30 boiler moved earlier this week. It was only along the wall about 6 foot so no major pipe changes and this was done by a registered gas safe engineer. The following night we tried to turn our central heating on. The first two in the chain...
  9. V

    new baxi boiler noisy

    desperately needing help, I had a new baxi boiler 800 combi fitted last week and its constantly making a whining humming noise, it no sooner stops and it starts again. The plumber came back and drained the radiators but its still the same. my friend and neighbour both have the same boiler and...
  10. L

    Saunier Duval - cutting in and out

    Hi there - just joined today. Does anyone have any idea what causes this? I have had three boiler engineers round and they all say different things... Any guidance much appreciated!
  11. S

    Hive/boiler help!

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice if anyone can help. I have an ideal logic 30 combi boiler and have fitting hive smart thermostat. I wired up the receiver correctly (I think) but the receiver doesn’t fire the boiler up when requested. The boiler currently only has a dial type timer fitting in the...
  12. M

    Extending boiler flue

    Hello everyone, I know nothing about boiler and there regulations but I’ve got what appears to be a simple job that I can’t seem to get done. I have a potterton promax HE boiler and the flue comes straight out of the top and angles 90 degrees thru my wall and vents outside into my garden. I’m...
  13. C

    Glow Worm Betacom 24C Heating Issues

    Hi all, I have a Glow Worm Betacom 24C and a Boss TPSRF31 wireless thermostat and receiver. My issue is this: with the heating switch in the on position on the boiler and the thermostat set well below the ambient temperature (at time of writing ambient is 22 degrees and thermostat set down to...
  14. M

    Losing pressure...

    Hi all. Short version: I have a combi boiler which is losing pressure. Long version: Boiler was losing pressure since around June/July. Put a bucket under the overflow and worked out that we were losing 1/2 pint per day. Boiler was serviced and fitted a new pressure relief valve on 11th...
  15. P

    Adding tee on feed pipe to drain system

    Hi, I have a two-pipe fully pumped S plan open vented system. When I drained it last time, I had the impression there is some sludge or dirt around it. I therefore am going to drain it again to install a magnetic filter. I was thinking of taking this chance to add a tee on the feed pipe (the...
  16. rjt1988

    replace losr ideal logic thermostat

    Hi ive lost/misplaced remote thermostat for my ideal combi logic 24 boiler. What is the cheapest way to get a new thermostat for it? I.e. can i buy any thermostat from screwfix or will i need a specific one to pair it with, cant seem to find info online about it. Thanks
  17. A

    Turned wrong tap accidentally when repressurising boiler

    Hi all Unfamiliar boiler and was told over the phone how to top up the pressure, however the boiler in question is a Vokera Compact HE and the taps/valves underneath the boiler are arranged as follows: Yellow (Left), Black screw valve marked 'Vokera Adjustable Stopcock' (Right). Following...
  18. Audronius

    New Home Struggle - Vaillant Ecotec + Drayton Digistat

    Hello, Recently moved into a new rental place, struggling with the heating equipment. I'm not a plumber or heating expert, did the troubleshoot I could think of with no success so seeking help from more knowledgeable people here. Equipment: Vaillant EcoTec Pro 24 boiler plus Drayton Digistat+...
  19. K

    Plastering before or after radiators?

    Hi, our boiler packed in and we're having a new one installed in a couple of weeks, along with new radiators. One of the walls with an existing radiator needs replastering, and more replastering will need to be done around the old back boiler site once it's been removed. I'd far rather get the...
  20. Winglet

    What could I replace this system with?

    Hi everyone, I recently moved into a detached house that is about 20 years old and has the original boiler. The boiler is in the kitchen and then upstairs I have a cupboard with a hot water tank. There is also a cold water tank in the loft. I had the boiler serviced and it works but not...