1. thehmajeed

    Sangamo Water Heater Timer not Rotating

    Hello, I have a sangamo water heater unit, the clock is not turning. I can hear the clock ticking however it does not turn. There is mains power since when I rotate the clock manually the water heater turns on. Any idea why the clock is not turning? Thanks. Sangamo Quartz 7 Economy
  2. F

    connect boiler and nest heatlink from the same switched fused spur

    My boiler is currently powered by a switched fused spur. The spur is located 40cm underneath the boiler. I haven't checked but it is probably a 3A fuse. My boiler is an Ideal Logic combi ESP1 35 : I would...
  3. K

    Power to boiler suddenly dead

    Hi peeps, Problem with my boiler. Bit long-winded but to explain: I have a Grant Vortex Pro external oil fired boiler. It is about three years old and has been running perfectly fine until now, regularly serviced and In great condition. I was away for a few weeks and turned off all the power to...
  4. B

    Unvented cylinder - advised it may explode

    Hi - wonder if someone can give me an opinion. I am undecided whether I should pay thousands for a repair, or whether I'm just being scammed. In short - I have a solar-powered hot water system (hot solar fluid gets piped through the inside of an unvented water cylinder). When the water from the...
  5. J

    Valiant ecoTEC pro 28

    Hi there, we would really appreciate some advice! We are looking to get a new shower for our bathroom. Our boiler is the "Valiant ecoTEC pro 28". Does anyone know if the "MIRA EVENT XS REAR-FED WHITE THERMOSTATIC POWER SHOWER" would be compatible with our boiler? This Mira shower says the...
  6. G

    Unvented system - Very loud vibration when drawing hot water.

    Hi all, Moved into a property earlier this year and noticed a really strong vibrating sound coming from the cylinder room on the top floor. It happens for maybe 4-5 seconds in the morning when we're drawing hot water for the first time. Usually notice it when one of us has a shower in the...
  7. T

    Replacing Vitodens 100 PCB on my own

    I have a Viessmann Vitodens 100 WB1B without the combi plus. Currently it is throwing an FF error. This happens after 3 tries on its own to start up. It gets through the first few steps, I hear what sounds like an ignition (like when you turn your gas stove on) but it does not hit the step where...
  8. R

    Change regular to system boiler

    I'm getting a new boiler (oil). Current set up is traditional vented, expansion tank in the loft etc. I was assuming I would just replace like for like - i.e. get a new regular/heat only boiler, and leave the rest as is. One plumber has suggested I put in a system boiler instead and ditch the...
  9. A

    Don’t recognise this gas connector behind oven?

    Hello all, I couldn’t find this anywhere in the forum. I’ve just moved house and there’s an empty space in the kitchen where a range cooker would go. The house has a boiler too. I’ve not seen a gas line fixture that looks like this before, had the previous resident had it cut and sealed off or...
  10. F

    Vokera Easi Heat Plus 29C Fan running 24/7 even when heating and DHW standby off

    Hi folks. Looking for some guidance please. My Vokera boiler fan is running constantly 24/7 even with heating switched off at both boiler and Hive thermostat, and, boiler set to hot water only. Tried reset as per guidelines for this boiler, but made no difference. Switched off boiler a few...
  11. M

    Is an expansion tank needed for the heating

    Hi I'm obtaining a few quotes from different local plumbers. Do I need an expansion tank for the heating if the hot water cylinder has internal expansion and does not require one ? I’m looking at having an Ideal Logic Max Heat only 24kw boiler fitted to replace my existing one and a Halo...
  12. M

    Replacing boiler with an Ideal

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of the Ideal Logic Max Heat or the Ideal Logic+ Heat boilers. My plumber says he fits Ideal and needs to be a Heat only one due to less pipe work changes needed ? Any advice appreciated, thanks.
  13. M

    Replacing boiler from a vented to a sealed system.

    I currently have a Glow Worm Flexicom 24hx condensing boiler (13 years old) on the ground floor and a water tank and vented expansion tank in the loft. My home is a detached chalet style bungalow, ground floor and first floor with a small loft area above. It has 4 bedrooms with around 15...
  14. S

    Pressure release inside boiler

    Just added some rads to the system and when I went out to check the external boiler it was sitting in a puddle of water. I realized we must have over-pressurized the system. However when I look inside and the plumber has installed the pressure release pipe inside the boiler. As such when the...
  15. S

    Do I need the pipes replacing? Or just a clean?

    It’s not my house but my friend is doing some renovation, she mentioned it to me but she doesn’t know if to get someone out or not to look at it? It’s not owned by her but her landlord doesn’t have time to check and tell her but the she thinks they may be getting too hot and that’s why there’s...
  16. cyberdyne

    Greenstar 8000 noise

    Hello, We had a Greenstar 8000 life installed a few months ago and it’s worked flawlessly over the winter months, we’re very happy with it and have no complaints. Recently however, we’ve noticed a fairly loud humming noise coming from it periodically- maybe once per hour - when neither the hot...
  17. L

    Boiler issues. Pls Help

    Basically, My Gas turned off duebto the meter running out. I go out, put gas on the card, Put it on my meter and come back in to see this. I won't lie, I have turned the Salus box this on and off and tried to see if that fix it. It did not. Any help. Oh, And I really have no idea about this...
  18. K

    Kitchen wires help

    Hi We are renovating a small bedsit and the kitchen wires are all exposed and a bit of a maze. I have traced most them them. However, the once circled in red comes from upstairs into a black junction box and back the same way upstairs. What is even more confusing is it is wired up with the...
  19. W

    External oil boiler

    Is it possible to install an external oil boiler in an old out door store cupboard? This model does not have a sealed flue available, but then because the space only has the boiler inside it and is not air tight, is this important? I could even replace the door with a louvred door if that would...
  20. L

    System boiler has lost pressure after temporarily taking down radiator

    Hello, We recently took down a radiator temporarily for paintwork. (We have an Ideal Logic System boiler with hot and cold water tanks in the flat, if useful to know). We re-fixed the radiator this morning but now have no hot water or central heating. We have an F1 error message - all water...