1. Glitchedduck

    Boiler won’t activate with Nest

    Hi all, Having some issues with Nest or boiler not sure what one is causing the issue. It’s a Biasi advanced 25c boiler with Nest 3rd gen thermostat. Basically been working fine for the 4 years it’s been installed, went to test it out a few weeks ago and it wouldn’t fire up in manual mode but...
  2. emmaj34

    Strom electric boiler

    Hello, I moved into a new flat and have an electric Strom boiler for hot water and heating. The hot water is fine, but when i switch the heating on the temperature goes up and up and when it reaches 50 it switches the whole system off. the overflow light also goes on. I usually get a few...
  3. E

    Promax FSB HE - central heating not working but hot water still fine.

    If I turn on the hot water, the boiler starts up first time and works fine, but it is completely unresponsive to me turning on the central heating. It doesn't make any sounds, no flashing lights (just power on, and flame off like it's still on standby). Is there anything obvious I should...
  4. eveares

    Plastic gas pipe to boiler!

    Not technically a disaster, but felt this was the most appropriate section of the forum. Just a story from a now retired plumber in my family. A long time ago, a plumber in my extended family (now retired) got a call from someone saying they could smell gas in their home. When he got there, he...
  5. eveares

    Vaillant Ecotec 937 plus - Flu fan constantly on, LCD dead, No heating or hot water - Common fault or not?

    Had a short power cut earlier and when the power came back on, it looks like my Vaillant Ecotec 937 plus boiler died. My educated guess is either when the power went out or when the power came back on, the PCB on my boiler died, as now it is completely unresponsive (LCD dead, no heating or hot...
  6. K

    Honeywell to Hive Thermostat Mini

    I have just brought a hive and need help with how to wire it up to my existing system can someone please tell me where to transfer the wires in the image attached : N L L A B Many Thanks
  7. M

    How can I make this boiler installation more efficient? System + tank on/off

    Hi All New house, new boiler! The set-up is: - Vaillant Ecotec Plus 637, system boiler single plan - Tank elson zircon 250zi, no immersion - Programmer Drayton LP722 (dual channel, heating and hot water) - A Salus controller, not too sure what does is used for. As you can see from the PCB...
  8. M

    Hot and cold bath tap

    our boiler pressure is dropping to 0 even after having the blender valve replaced, paid £80. Maybe 2weeks ago. This was when our pressure was at 0 and only cold water was coming out. Now my water is going hot and cold every 15/20 seconds from the bath tap. Any ideas only moved in a month ago
  9. L

    smell of gas from boiler vent

    Hello everyone. I've recently moved into a flat and it has a vokera boiler. We've noticed the smell of gas whenever we switch on water, and I've noticed it from another flat as well. We had a boiler check and the engineer didn't find anything wrong or concerning but did not comment on why I'd...
  10. M

    Boiler not firing up

    I have a Baxi system boiler in my garage which is connected to the pump and tank in my airing cupboard via Hive.. It has decided to stop firing up for some reason. I have checked the hive system and everything is working fine. The thermostat is talking to the receiver in the airing cupboard...
  11. M

    System boiler system - how does the system top up after loss of water?

    Hi all, Apologies in advance if I get any terminology incorrect. I moved into a house about a year ago with a system boiler. I've always lived in houses with a regular/conventional boiler system so I'm still getting my head around how a system boiler works. I'm looking at doing some...
  12. D

    Leaking garage roof around boiler flue

    Hi all, I would be really grateful for any thoughts or advice. Really struggling to know where to go with this next. We had a new boiler installed about a couple of years ago. It is in the garage and the new flue goes through a new hole that was cut through garage roof boards. The old flue...
  13. shabba86

    Boiler condensate pipe angled upwards

    Hey everybody I've recently moved into a new flat and have been waiting to have my gas uncapped and boiler recommissioned. The gas man is coming Friday but in the mean time I have noticed that the condensate pipe on my boiler has an uphill bits rather than consistently falling as I've read it's...
  14. M

    SALUS Model ST620RF not working, light stuck on a dim red

    I have an issue with my Salus thermostat (model ST620RF). All of the sudden, the lights on the receiver have gone blue and red (dimmed) and the heating and hot water stopped working. The thermostat has new batteries and is working fine as well. I have tried multiple times to re pair it and reset...
  15. P

    Boiler power switch melted again

    This is the second time this has happened in 10 years, I believe caused by me using the immersion heater today. Can you identify the switch for me so I can buy a new one. My best guess is a 45w cooker switch:
  16. R

    Boiler Query

    Hi. I live in a bungalow with an Ideal Classic NF40 boiler that was installed (open vented system - rear flue) when the house was built in 1994. The boiler was moved from the garage up to the loft when my garage was "converted" about 15 years ago. The boiler has been serviced every year (by BG)...
  17. J

    Main 24HE combi boiler - leak / part identification

    Hi all, I'm getting a persistent leak from my combi boiler unit. It fills a 500ml container a week, so it's not 'critical' just yet. I do not intend to fix this myself. I want to save time and identify what parts I might usefully get for whoever comes and does this repair for me. Here are a...
  18. S

    Old house with 15mm pipes. Failed to replace boiler due to piping sizing. How messy is this going to be?

    Hi, I live in an old Victorian terraced house 2bed/1bath with a 23-30y Vaillant Turbomax 242 E combi boiler that came with the house when we moved in 3 years ago. We booked a boiler replacement through an online service for today. The new boiler is a Worcester 4000 30kw (I plan to do a loft...
  19. J

    Boiler pressure dropping so it cuts off once a day

    Hi all Noticed the condenser pipe had come out of the bottom of our boiler a couple of days ago so switched the boiler off for a day and then realised it was an easy fix so pushed the pipe back into place. When I put the boiler back on again I noticed the pressure was low so opened the valves...
  20. A

    C1 Fan Error on Worcester Bosch 28 HE Boiler

    The C1 code is showing (error with fan) after I first first hear brief whirring-ticking, like the fan motor is trying to get going, so possibly more likely the motor as the display is normal until I attempt to run the boiler? I realise this is possibly down to a faulty PCB, which could have...