1. Dan76

    Vailliant boiler, Nest not turning off heating (Ed.)

    My Vailliant boiler (EcoTEC plus 937) which has a nest thermostat attached id not turning off the central heating!? We have turned off the Nest thermostat but the boiler continues to heat the radiators?
  2. J

    Buderus boiler/Hive connection

    I’m trying to connect a hive single channel wireless thermostat. I’m having a few issues on trying to get it to work with my boiler and how to wire it etc. any help would be great.
  3. B

    Is it possible to "range rate" an Ideal Icos HE15?

    I am the proud owner of an Ideal Icos HE15 that is 17 years old and somehow still functioning. I know that this boiler cannot modulate down very well, but I have got it working reasonably well and have spent a decent amount of time getting the pump speed sorted & balancing the heating system...
  4. Nat2000

    Ideal icos he24 boiler constant 'c' with banging noises

    Hi All, Our Ideal icos he24 boiler display constantly shows 'c' and the reset does not work. It heats up the water and central heating. But makes loud banging sounds when the CH demand is turning off. Then shows HA over heat error code. After few minutes goes back to 'c' and repeats. I think if...
  5. L

    Controlling return temperature of CH boilers

    We've just had a new combi installed - a budget version Worcester Bosch Greenstar 1000 30kW. This replaced an old Baxi 105E 31kW that was falling apart. The WB unit is a nice boiler overall - the DHW arrives almost instantly - but I am disappointed to find it doesn't report the return...
  6. E

    Connecting filling loop for Procombi A32 boiler

    Hi, I’m trying to top up the pressure but can’t work out how I’d go about connecting a filling loop because the valves are weirdly shaped and not what I’m used to. Any help appreciated!
  7. W

    Replace EV Flexi hose

    Hi Is it possible for a DIYer to replace the flexi hose leading to the EV on a grant vort pro boiler? I tried to reenergise the EV but it won't let any air in. The hose does look a bit twisted and knackered. What would I need to turn off and release etc.? Thanks
  8. J

    Quick fix! Boiler loss of pressure - filling tubes no valves?

    Hello I have no pressure in my boiler and know I need to open the valves of the filling loop to pressurise the system but I have no valves on it and it’s not an easy unscrew system either. Turning the valves to the top of the copper pipes does nothing either
  9. M

    Ideal Classic FF250 only running for 60-90 seconds following new HW cylinder installation

    Hi all, Here is my setup.... Ideal Classic FF250 Brand new Gledhill 250L unvented cylinder and associated pump, zone valves etc (installed 2 weeks ago) Nest Gen 3 Thermostat (installed 2 weeks ago) All radiators have been bled As mentioned above I had a new HW cylinder and Nest programmer...
  10. W

    Boiler Not Heating the Hot Water Properly

    I'm having ongoing issues with my boiler heating water... I have an Open Vented system with the Cold Water Tank and F&E Tank in the loft, the Hot Water cylinder in the Airing Cupboard and a floor standing Potterton Promax FSB 30 HE Boiler in the Kitchen. The boiler is set to come on for...
  11. Y

    Combi hot water ebbs and flows

    I have a Potterton Gold Combi 28 HE on a brand new system following full renovation. However I am unable to get a consistant flow of hot water to any outlet. The temperature holds as hot for around a minute before fluctuating between luke warm and warm. Boiler has previously been sat in dry...
  12. P

    Hot water issue - Potterton ProMax Combi 28 HE Plus

    Hi all, Hoping someone will be able to help me please. I have a Potterton ProMax Combi 28 HE Plus, and recently the hot water pressure seems to have dropped, I can get hot water on my taps but only when the demand is for hot water only, as soon as you mix it with cold water the hot water light...
  13. M

    Installed New Rad, Other Radiators Not Flowing

    I recently installed a new radiator in the upstairs bathroom to replace a beastly radiator. During the installation process, I drained and filled the system three or four times during the installation process. (The water color was typically darker but flowed.) The new radiator is working great...
  14. S

    Does this sound like delayed ignition?

    I got a brand new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 27Ri gas boiler installed in May and haven’t had any issues with it actually working, except since we started using it regularly we’ve noticed it seems to make a loud noise when igniting (I wouldn’t say like a bang but more like just a loud vibration)...
  15. S

    Central Heating Not Kicking in at night

    Hi All, Having a couple of issues with the central heating which I want to clear up before the temperatures drop. I run the CH via a thermostat. It’s set for 18.5 degrees and in the day it runs absolutely fine, if it drops below, the flame symbol comes on on the thermostat and the boiler fires...
  16. R

    Hive thermostat installation

    Hi, I've just changed from a EPH thermostat system to Hive, just wondering if anyone could help in matching the wires up for me, are they installed correctly? I've attached 2 photos showing the change I've done between them, thanks
  17. H

    Valliant boiler grinding noise

    So a couple of weeks ago we noticed the boiler making this noise (see vid), its much louder than we've known it to be, and there seems to be condensation or steam coming out of the hole in the top. Strange thing is that it only makes this noise if we run the bath, the sink taps or heating do...
  18. H

    Glow worm Flexicom - no fault codes, but burner not running with demand

    I have inherited a house with a Flexicom 30hx boiler (heat only). With a cold house and plenty of demand, it operates rather strangely, where it will run at full tilt for 30 seconds or so (up to ~80c flow) but then you can hear it stop, and it cools down for a long while, before then having a...
  19. T

    Vaillant ecofit boiler noise

    Hi, I had a Vaillant ecofit pure 830 combi installed at the beginning of the year. Flushed and new protection kit fitted, etc. Came back from a 2 week holiday and now I'm getting a horrible loud pulsing noise that vibrates through the house. Happens with both ch and hw. Have attached a short vid...
  20. A

    Boiler doesn't hold pressure after temporarily removing radiator

    So we took a radiator off the wall on the weekend in order to paint the wall. Turned off TRV and lockshield valve, drained the water from the radiator etc. Capped off the TRV but it appears that it still kept leaking through the cap (I guess the valve doesn't close properly, never seen that...