1. Matthew David Wills

    What temperature should I set my non-condensing boiler?

    Hello! I have a Worcester 28i RSF non-condensing combi boiler. I am installing a room thermostat to be used with it. What central heating temperature would you recommend I leave the boiler at considering I will have the room thermostat set to 19°C? Thank you!
  2. lmatt44

    Advice on wiring hive mini single channel

    Hello, I've recently got a hive mini to replace a Siemens RDJ10RF. I'm not the most electrically skilled person, however I thought I'd do my best and see if its possible for me to do. Any help you could provide would be great! I've attached the picture of the Siemens receiver, which looks as...
  3. S

    No Water or Heating for days

    Hi, I’m hoping if someone can help me, I’m a DIY novice! On Friday morning we woke up and both the heating and water weren't working (apart from the kitchen tap cold). The temperature on Thursday night was -7, and it hasn’t got much warmer, up to about 0 degrees. I’m assuming I have a frozen...
  4. D

    Main eco boiler leaking

    Hi could anyone tell me why this pip is leaking and what I can do to fix it . The boiler is a main elite and that white pip at the back started leaking yesterday Thanks
  5. bettz1

    Ideal Logic 15 Eco Mode

    Hi just wondered if somebody could tell me what the eco mode does on my ideal logic 15 boiler? As daft as it prob sounds will it save me money on this mode? Curiosity has got the better of me.
  6. georgien

    Loud humming/droning noise coming from boiler

    Our boiler began making a noise at the start of the year so we were meant to be getting a new boiler this year but due to shortages we’re not getting one until January. The noise stopped during the year as we weren’t hearing the house, but last night it started up again. We just want to know if...
  7. B

    Newly installed boiler - short cycling?

    Just had a 40 year old boiler replaced. Due to a future addition planned in the next few years, we installed a slightly larger boiler. (166k btu instead of 155k btu). The new boiler is a Weil-McLain CGA Series 3. The old boiler would turn on when the thermostat called for heat and the burner...
  8. J

    Worcester Bosch Combo Power Cycle / Restart Question

    Hi All, I've got a question about my Worcester-Bosch 34 CDi Classic combo boiler. If the boiler is power cycled it takes approximately 20 minutes before the central heating will work. On the boiler temperature display it alternatives between the temperature and the -| |- symbol. I've attached...
  9. G

    Vokera gas boiler possible boiler/controls issue

    Hoping someone familiar with Vokera controls and boilers can help. I have a Vokera Mynute i20 gas boiler and recently noticed that some of the time the room thermostat is calling for heat but the boiler doesn't come on. It doesn't happen all the time just intermittently, any idea what the...
  10. SpaghettiCat

    How to repressurise strange boiler?

    Hello, I have a Worcester Greenstar 25Si Combi MK IV boiler. Neither this model's manual nor all the Youtube tutorials on how to increase a boiler's pressure seem to correspond to what this boiler actually looks like: there is no slot for a filling link key, there is no keyless filling link blue...
  11. B

    Vaillant Ecofit pure display radiator symbol on when central heating off

    We have an EcoFIT pure boiler and have not yet turned on our central heating at the main control but the display on our boiler shows the radiator and tap symbols on permanently. I've never paid much attention to the boiler display before so I'm not sure if it's always been like this, but from...
  12. R

    Ecofit pure 825 and hive wiring

    Hi I have just switched an old thermostat to hive. I am not sure the old thermostat ever worked. Essentially the boiler is not responding to hive and the heating is constantly on. I have used the same wiring configuration on the old thermostat and havent touched the wiring on the boiler. Do I...
  13. W

    Professional Boiler Advice

    To those boiler installers out there, if a customer asked you to install a boiler somewhere that you knew would block as aspect of the regular service, would you do it anyway or refuse? What would the regulating body do if a complaint was made to them on this?
  14. L

    Hot water but no heating - Vaillant boiler

    Hi All, Hope someone out there can help! We have a Vaillant ecotec plus 832 and nest thermostat. Tried putting the heating on this afternoon and isn't working at all, but have still got hot water. There is no fault code showing, and pressure is fine, 1.6. I put it into service mode and...
  15. J

    Dual channel Hive into a single channel Logic boiler...

    Hey everyone, first time posting here but I am completely at a loss - looked through lots of the other posts and they all cover parts of my problem, but not the whole thing! I bought a Hive dual channel as I incorrectly thought that's what I needed - turns out I only needed a single channel...
  16. M

    Hive Not Firing Up Boiler

    Hi, I’m new so apologies if this has been asked/resolved before. I had an engineer install my Hive Heating System yesterday, however, when I try to control the heating from the app or thermostat the receiver clicks on but it does not fire up the boiler. All the lights etc area solid green...
  17. L

    Vaillant Turbomax Pro 28E - Hot water, No Heating, No Thermostat???

    Hi, I have a Turbomax Pro 28E that is not turning on the heating, I am assuming that this is a wiring is as recently I removed an old thermostat receiver as when we moved into the house there were no controls for it, as such I tried to install a Nest E that I could not get to work. Since then...
  18. N

    Loft shower controls hot water for house?!

    Hello. So I’ve recently moved into a 1900’s terraced house with a loft conversion from 2001. The shower in the loft is either scorching hot or Luke warm. It also had problems with being jammed stuck until I loosened it with WD40. However, as it’s the loft, it’s not a priority (I imagine a...
  19. L

    Range rating, modulation and manually setting the CH temperature question.

    Range rating a boiler means adjusting its output to more closely match the heat requirements of a property, while on the other hand boiler modulation also reduces the output of the boiler to match the heat requirement of the property, as it gets close to its desired temperature. Range rating...
  20. MrSaurus

    Veissman 200 Weather Sensor malfunction?

    I have had Viessman Vitoden 200 for ~6 years. Have had almost no issues with it, works brilliantly. However the central heating has stopped working in the last couple of weeks. The boiler seems fine, no fault code, green light, hot water good etc. The only problem I can actually see is that the...